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Bits & Pieces

On a Monday! I had a busy Sunday and wasn’t home until late, so I didn’t manage to do my weekly update. I saw Skyfall, the new Bond movie yesterday and quite enjoyed it. I thought I was over Bond. But, Javier Bardem is just oh so good!
Here are a few snaps from the past week.

Three #color sequenses done #crochet #blanket
Three color sequences done! I’m loving it.

Creepy teeth!
My charming daughter Karítas. She thinks this fake teeth thing is the funniest thing ever invented.

I have a #crochet breast in my lap. Now, where to put it up?
I made a giant crocheted breast for October Breast Cancer Awareness.

#crochet boob hanging out at #kaffibarinn #reykjavik #iceland having a few #beers
And now it is hanging in Kaffibarinn, my favorite pub.

New #shoes
I got new shoes for winter! Woo! I have huge boots since last year that I wear while walking outside, but they are too big for the office and running around the city center so I needed something a bit lighter. These were a great price and just what I had been looking for.

My grandfather, almost 2 years old. Way too cute!
My grandfather, almost 2 years old. So cute!

#hlemmur #bus #busstop #reykjavik #iceland
Hlemmur, bus stop. The weather was so nice yesterday, even if it was cold.

And you there across the pond. Stay safe durring that awful storm! Thinking of you all.


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Bits & Pieces

Sunday again! Another busy week, another Sunday. I have tomorrow and Tuesday off from work since the girls have winter break in their school. And since I still have some vacation days, I decided to enjoy some time off with them. We have nothing planned. Just the way I like it!

Here is my week in photos.

Funi is taking care of me today and keeping my feet warm. #dog
Funi, my friends dog came for a visit and took very good care of me. I love that dog!

Two #color sequences done on my #crochet #blanket
The blanket is coming along. I now have two color sequences done and have started the third.

Go Felix!
Did you watch Felix jump? Gah! It was so exciting. I was almost screaming here in my living room!

#dinner a la @svelgur

#reykjavik #iceland #hallgrímskirkja #skólavörðuholt
Hallgrímskirkja during a walk in the middle of the evening.

Good morning #reykjavik #iceland
With my back turned to the church the morning after, this is the view. Looking down Skólavörðustígur.

Went out wearing a scarf, came home wearing a completely different scarf. Soooooo beautyful! Thanks @alexanderkirchner ❤
My mom took me out for dinner on Thursday. I ran into a friend of mine who is making these awesome scarfs and he put one around my neck. I love it!

Adorable #cat visiting #geysirstore
Adorable cat visiting the store that I work for. It was cold so I guess the kitty just wanted to get warm.

Nice saturday evening. #crochet and a movie
I am back to working on Karítas’s blanket.

I want! #cat #ragdoll
I want one! How amazing are his eyes? I will get a Ragdoll cat one of these days!

Preparing #dinner #marbella #chicken
Preparing dinner for tonight. Marbella chicken. So good!


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Bits & Pieces

It is Sunday again! The weeks seem to fly by and I don’t remember time ever passing so quickly before. The week has been busy again, but I am back with some photos.

#autumn #fall #tree #trees #green #red #reykjavik #iceland #yellow
Another autumn picture. I took this one on day while walking home with Karítas from school. It has been raining a lot this week and all the pretty colored leaves are falling of the trees now.

New #crochet project. #collar #cotton #pan
I got this beautiful cotton yarn as a gift from my friend Rodrigo (check out his blog, he is incredibly talented).

Fail of the week. Realising you forgot your work computer at home after you show up at work. #epicfail
Epic fail of the week. Showing up to work and realizing you forgot your work computer at home! Thankfully that was sorted out pretty quickly. What a way to start a Friday!

Favorite #book #iceland #old #pattern #stitching
While waiting for my computer to arrive at the office, I spent the time opening the mail, cleaning up, and going through this amazing book of old Icelandic patterns. The book is huge and and so beautiful and inspiring.

Mmmm! Noodle Station!
Yesterday was spent at home starting a new crochet project with my friend Rósa. We had noodle soup from Noodle Station. A favorite dish of ours and something that we had both been craving for a while. Oh so good!

New #crochet #blanket start. #yarn
The yarn for my new crochet blanket. We are doing it as a CAL (Crochet A Long) project over at my Icelandic crochet group on Facebook.

The new #crochet #blanket now has one row of every #color #black #gray #green #purple
Here is my start of the blanket with one row of each color added to it. The project is called Vintage Crocheted Throw & Afghan by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas and you can buy the pattern for $5 on Ravelry.

Today I plan on doing more crochet, Rósa is coming over again and we are both working on our blankets. I hope your week was good and that next week is even better.

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Bits & Pieces

Sunday is here again. This week has been super busy and has flown by. Work has been busy, lots of things to plan and do around the house, knitting, crochet, brainstorming, meetings etc.
I posted yesterday about my two latest knitting finishes and the amazing human that my grandfather is. So here is a sum up of my week, in pictures.

Got these great photos taken of my daughter Sumarrós today for her first bank card.
My daughter Sumarrós is getting her first bank card, so we had her picture taken. I love how these turned out. When and how did she grow up? Incredible how time flies!

Mornin! #reykjavik #iceland #morning #sun #laugavegur
Early morning brightness in autumn is just the best. This is on Laugavegur, the main shopping street in Iceland, outside my office. The light was so pretty that I just had to snap a shot before I walked in the door to start my workday.

#esja sleeping under a #blanket of #clouds #reykjavik #iceland
Mountain Esja covered with clouds.

The #blanket for my daughter is growing #crochet #pink #gray #brown #white
The blanket for Karítas is growing. It measures about 68cm in length now.

#yellow #autumn #tree
More pretty autumn colors. I seem to stop to take pictures of trees a lot.

Redwine time. Happy Friday.
Friday night after baking and eating pizza (a tradition we have here in this house) and with a very busy week behind me, I had a glass of red. Aaaah.

#crochet #jar cover finished
Crochet jar cover finish. This was super fast and easy! Only took about an hour or so and I love how it turned out. I am thinking about making a few for gifts to have on hand. The light and shadows that come from it when you put a candle in it is just so pretty. If you want to do your own, there is a tutorial here.

Earlier today I blogged about Breast Cancer Awareness yarnstorming over at the Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers blog. Check it out!


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Gifts given

My grandfather and his wife, Ása, both turned 80 years old this summer. They held a huge party for all their friends and families. It was wonderful day. Since I was extremely busy with work, I only finished my grandfathers gift on time and it felt wrong to show up with just his gift and nothing for her so I decided to finish her gift at my own pace, and pay them a visit when it was finished.

I finished her gift last weekend and today, me and my mom and my daughter Karítas went to visit them in their lovely home with their gifts.

Ása & Gulli
My grandfather and his wife Ása.

June Bunnies
Pattern: June Bunnies by Inese Andzane.
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk
Needles: 3mm

Pattern: Órói by Védís Jónsdóttir from Lopi #27
Yarn: Ístex Álafoss Lopi
Needles: 4.5mm and 6mm

My grandfather is one of the most incredible humans I know. He is full of patience and kindness and incredible talent. He is a bookbinder and always smells like old books (or, I say old books smell like him, and this is my favorite smell in the world). He loves telling stories and is full of them. He is always willing to help, he loves having his family around, he is always positive and playful. Even at eighty, his spirits are still high and being around him, you don’t notice his age at all. All those things can be said about his wife also. They have been together for 20+ years and are perfect for each other. Visiting them is something that I always enjoy, but never seem to do enough of. I am going to do more of it in the future, that’s for sure.


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