Bits & Pieces

Sunday again! Another busy week, another Sunday. I have tomorrow and Tuesday off from work since the girls have winter break in their school. And since I still have some vacation days, I decided to enjoy some time off with them. We have nothing planned. Just the way I like it!

Here is my week in photos.

Funi is taking care of me today and keeping my feet warm. #dog
Funi, my friends dog came for a visit and took very good care of me. I love that dog!

Two #color sequences done on my #crochet #blanket
The blanket is coming along. I now have two color sequences done and have started the third.

Go Felix!
Did you watch Felix jump? Gah! It was so exciting. I was almost screaming here in my living room!

#dinner a la @svelgur

#reykjavik #iceland #hallgrímskirkja #skólavörðuholt
Hallgrímskirkja during a walk in the middle of the evening.

Good morning #reykjavik #iceland
With my back turned to the church the morning after, this is the view. Looking down Skólavörðustígur.

Went out wearing a scarf, came home wearing a completely different scarf. Soooooo beautyful! Thanks @alexanderkirchner ❤
My mom took me out for dinner on Thursday. I ran into a friend of mine who is making these awesome scarfs and he put one around my neck. I love it!

Adorable #cat visiting #geysirstore
Adorable cat visiting the store that I work for. It was cold so I guess the kitty just wanted to get warm.

Nice saturday evening. #crochet and a movie
I am back to working on Karítas’s blanket.

I want! #cat #ragdoll
I want one! How amazing are his eyes? I will get a Ragdoll cat one of these days!

Preparing #dinner #marbella #chicken
Preparing dinner for tonight. Marbella chicken. So good!


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2 responses to “Bits & Pieces

  1. Mmmmm. The food looks delish! I love the photos of the ‘out and about’ town in Reykjavik. Makes me miss it!

  2. I always enjoy your weekly photo post – love that scarf made by your friend!

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