Bits & Pieces

On a Monday! I had a busy Sunday and wasn’t home until late, so I didn’t manage to do my weekly update. I saw Skyfall, the new Bond movie yesterday and quite enjoyed it. I thought I was over Bond. But, Javier Bardem is just oh so good!
Here are a few snaps from the past week.

Three #color sequenses done #crochet #blanket
Three color sequences done! I’m loving it.

Creepy teeth!
My charming daughter Karítas. She thinks this fake teeth thing is the funniest thing ever invented.

I have a #crochet breast in my lap. Now, where to put it up?
I made a giant crocheted breast for October Breast Cancer Awareness.

#crochet boob hanging out at #kaffibarinn #reykjavik #iceland having a few #beers
And now it is hanging in Kaffibarinn, my favorite pub.

New #shoes
I got new shoes for winter! Woo! I have huge boots since last year that I wear while walking outside, but they are too big for the office and running around the city center so I needed something a bit lighter. These were a great price and just what I had been looking for.

My grandfather, almost 2 years old. Way too cute!
My grandfather, almost 2 years old. So cute!

#hlemmur #bus #busstop #reykjavik #iceland
Hlemmur, bus stop. The weather was so nice yesterday, even if it was cold.

And you there across the pond. Stay safe durring that awful storm! Thinking of you all.


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2 responses to “Bits & Pieces

  1. Love the colors on the blanket. And I’m still loving those boots!

  2. The crocheted breast is a hoot – what a great idea! Love your new boots too.

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