Bits & Pieces

Another busy week! I am knackered, so I will let the pictures speak for now. I am about to curl up on the couch and do a little crochet and writing.

#puffin attack at the office!
Puffin attack at the office!

New #crochet #shawl finish #einband #kría #þóraheklbók #black #gray #brown
Crochet happy dance!
Pattern: Kría by Tinna Þórudóttir Þorvaldsdóttir
Yarn: Einband from my stash, one hand dyed by me.

#lunchbeat @olofsaraa #reykjavik #iceland
On Thursday I went to Lunch Beat with a co-worker. Lunch Beat is so great. You go out for your lunch break and dance for an hour. Definitely the best way to spend your lunch hour!

#lunchbeat #reykjavik #iceland
Lunch Beat Reykjavík at Dolly.

Best #wallpaper ever! I want it!
The wallpaper at Dolly is awesome! I want it!

Happy Birthday #kaffibarinn ❤
Yesterday, my favorite bar, Kaffibarinn, turned 19! Drinks and people and dance and fun!

Happy Birthday #kaffibarinn
The Male Choir sang a few songs. Happy Birthday, Kaffibarinn!


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6 responses to “Bits & Pieces

  1. I’m sure there must be a reasonable explanation for the puffins 😀
    Nice shawl, and I love your shot of the wallpaper.

  2. I wish we had lunchtime dancing. I can’t stay up late any more! LOL

  3. Um. I’m sorry, but could you go back to that puffin picture and explain? !?!??!?! That is too weird of a picture to not tell me what the hell is going on over there!!! 😉

    • These are taxidermied (sp?)/mounted puffins that are sold, mostly to tourists. The meat is sold in restaurants around the city.

      • AhHA. My hubby has eaten puffin but I have yet to try it. Thanks – it’s such an awesome pic. We were just lamenting that we can’t afford to fly over this year. We are wishing we could get one of those weekend deals on Icelandair. You’re photos just make us yearn all the more. We’re missing all the fun!
        Happy Holidays.

    • I have eaten puffin many times and it is one of my favorite meat to eat.
      Oh man, I wish you could come over. Hopefully soon! And, again, then we must get together! Would love to have you over 🙂

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