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Bits & Pieces

It is a lazy and cold and wet Sunday here in Reykjavík. The whole weekend has been lazy and slow, but the week was hectic and busy, both at work and at home.

Sumarrós with her new haircut ❤
Sumarrós got a new haircut this week. I think it looks amazing on her and she is so happy with it.

#yarn #scraps
I weaved in the ends of Sumarrós’s blanket while watching the documentary ‘Help Me Love My Baby’ the other night. I highly recommend that movie. Very eye opening. Painful to watch at times, but worth it.
I like weaving in the ends as I go along with the project because I HATE having all of them left to do when the project is done.

#ommnomm #cake #chocolate @svelgur
I baked chesse cake brownies. So good!

#crochet wash cloth for Karítas
I needed a quick project that would finish up quickly so I made wash cloths for my girls. They got to pick the colors and this one is for Karítas.

#crochet wash cloth for Sumarrós
And this one is for Sumarrós.

I hope your past week and weekend were good!


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Bits & Pieces

I had a very busy week, but it ended just perfectly as on Friday I went out of the city to a cabin in the country side with my man. Just perfect. We just got back home and I really wish we were still there, in the hot tub, watching the Northern Lights and the stars with a glass of bubbly.

Where is Wally? @emmnielsen
My co-worker trying on a hat we got to the office. Reminded me of ‘Where is Wally?’

New #crochet #blanket started!
Started a new blanket, this one is for Sumarrós.

Morning bus ride to the office
Self portrait at the bus, riding to the office in the morning.

Friday evening, we arrive at the cabin.

The bed is made! #barbapapa #barbafamily #bedsheets
My favorite bed sheets for the bed!

#wip #crochet #blanket #afghan
My Vintage Crocheted Throw & Afghan by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas is coming along nicely.

#hraunfossar #iceland @worldplaces #worldplaces
Just a short drive away from the cabin you can find Hraunfossar. Absolutely breathtaking.

Insanely good beef ramen made by @svelgur ❤
Dinner on Saturday, cooked by the man. Delicious!

#wip #crochet #blanket for Sumarrós
More progress on the blanket for Sumarrós. I love the colors!


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Bits & Pieces

First bits & pieces post of the new year. It is going to be a bit of the best from since I last posted a bits & pieces post since there are so many pictures I have taken since then. If you want to see them all, you can always check out my Instagram set og Flickr.

#crochet #jar
Some crochet covered jars that I gave away for Christmas. They look really good with candles in them, or you can store your knitting needles, crochet hooks, cookies, straws or whatever in them!

#jólavættir #santa #light #reykjavik #iceland #christmas
One of the Christmas spirits around Reykjavík. Find them all!

New and enviroment friendly #shopping #bag at #geysirstore #reykjavik #iceland I love mine!
Our environmental friendly shopping bags. I love mine and use it all the time!

#christmas #tree is up with #hama #beaded #snowflakes
Our Christmas tree, decorated with home made HAMA beaded snow flakes.

Gift wrapping. My favorite part of the holidays
I love wrapping gifts. I do something different each year and I love the wrapping I did this year. Simple, but beautiful.

The Christmas Tree at my parents house is always so beautiful.

Mmmm, smoothie!
I got a mixer from my parents. Smoothies for everyone!

Mom, dad & me! How cute are we?
My parents and me in 1982 or 1983. I love this photo!

They are baking chocolate chip cookies
My man and Karítas baked chocolate chip cookies. So good!

Grandfather and nephew watching the fireworks
My grandfather and my nephew watching the fireworks on New Years Eve.

Lunch pick nick durring inventory @svelgur @emmnielsen
Back to work after a great and much needed Christmas vacation. Inventory lunch break!

Sumarrós was drawing
Some of Sumarrós’s drawing. She is so talented!

Ready for a wedding.
I went to a wedding yesterday. This is a before shot of my hair and make up.

After wedding hair
After the wedding hair. Brushing my teeth, ready for bed.


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I have my first finish for 2013!
I started this blanket for my daughter, Karítas, on August 28th last year and finished it January 6th. So basically it is a 2012 almostfinish.

This is my first real crochet finish. I mean, something bigger than just swatches or small-ish item like a shawl. I really enjoyed making this, it is simple yet interesting. And I do love the finished piece and Karítas is absolutely thrilled with it.

The blanket for Karítas is finished! #crochet #blanket #finished #happydance #white #pink #brown #gray
Name: Wave blanket
Pattern from: Þóra heklbók
Needle: 4mm
Yarn: Trysil Superwash wool in pinke, grey, brown and off-white
Skeins used: 29,4
Weighs: 1470 gramms
Width: About 120cm
Length: About 200cm

The set-up of how I changed the colors was inspired by Lucy from Attic24. I love this set-up. It is not too cluttered, yet keeps it interesting. Lucy’s blanket is amazing, and much more colorful than mine. One day I might do another one with more colors than the four I choose this time. I see one in rainbow, or a red/pink/purple theme.

Karítas super happy and warm with her new #crochet #blanket

She was so happy to snuggle up in her bed last night with her blanket. And I was super happy to be able to wrap her up in it as she went to bed.

And now, Sumarrós wants a blanket also, off course! We haven’t picked a design, or yarn, or colors, or anything as of yet. But we are going to brainstorm over the weekend and check out some designs and see what she has in mind, and what I am up for doing! Now I am focusing on my Vintage Crochet Throw & Afghan. The picture below was taken when I had 3 color sequences done, but I am on my 7th color sequence today. I want to get it finished soon-ish as it is meant as a gift for a special someone.

Three #color sequenses done #crochet #blanket


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2012 – Finishes

Another year has ended. So weird how time speeds up year after year. Will a year feel like a week when I am 80?
It was over all a very good, but very busy year for me. New job, new challenges, new friends, new appreciations, new food, new goals. And off course, new knitting/crochet finishes. I do not have a single stitching finish though. Oh how the time change.

Knitting finishes:
Olearia by Georgie Hallam
Kalajoki by Tiina Seppälä
Cardigan for Valdi
Órói by Védís Jónsdóttir from Lopi #27
June Bunnies by Inese Andzane

Crochet finishes:
Various pieces for the Statue Yarnstorming
My Gay Pride piece.
Various pieces for the Yarn Bus.
A boob for Breast Cancer Awareness.

And a whoooooooole lot of organizing and brainstorming and other much smaller knitting or crochet projects that have not yet been published in their future form. I have some big ideas for this year, so stay tuned 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone! ⛄❄

Happy new year to you and yours. Thanks for reading in 2012 and I hope you will continue to visit in 2013.


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