Bits & Pieces

I had a very busy week, but it ended just perfectly as on Friday I went out of the city to a cabin in the country side with my man. Just perfect. We just got back home and I really wish we were still there, in the hot tub, watching the Northern Lights and the stars with a glass of bubbly.

Where is Wally? @emmnielsen
My co-worker trying on a hat we got to the office. Reminded me of ‘Where is Wally?’

New #crochet #blanket started!
Started a new blanket, this one is for Sumarrós.

Morning bus ride to the office
Self portrait at the bus, riding to the office in the morning.

Friday evening, we arrive at the cabin.

The bed is made! #barbapapa #barbafamily #bedsheets
My favorite bed sheets for the bed!

#wip #crochet #blanket #afghan
My Vintage Crocheted Throw & Afghan by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas is coming along nicely.

#hraunfossar #iceland @worldplaces #worldplaces
Just a short drive away from the cabin you can find Hraunfossar. Absolutely breathtaking.

Insanely good beef ramen made by @svelgur ❤
Dinner on Saturday, cooked by the man. Delicious!

#wip #crochet #blanket for Sumarrós
More progress on the blanket for Sumarrós. I love the colors!


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6 responses to “Bits & Pieces

  1. Love your blankets – such nice colour combinations. And any man who can cook a dinner like that is a keeper 🙂

  2. fallegir litir í teppunum hjá þér – sérstaklega CAL 🙂 Heppin ertu að eiga mann sem kann að elda svona flottan man í kósí-sumó-ferð!

  3. Kósí sumarbústaðaferð 🙂 By the way, hvaða notaðirðu í Vintage teppið?

    • Hæ, Auður.

      Ég notaði Trysil Garn Dalia sem fékkst í Europris. Ég man ekki hvort BYKO sé með það núna, mig minnir ekki.
      Garnið er 50/50 akrýl og bambus. Ofsalega fallegt.

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