Bits & Pieces

It is a lazy and cold and wet Sunday here in Reykjavík. The whole weekend has been lazy and slow, but the week was hectic and busy, both at work and at home.

Sumarrós with her new haircut ❤
Sumarrós got a new haircut this week. I think it looks amazing on her and she is so happy with it.

#yarn #scraps
I weaved in the ends of Sumarrós’s blanket while watching the documentary ‘Help Me Love My Baby’ the other night. I highly recommend that movie. Very eye opening. Painful to watch at times, but worth it.
I like weaving in the ends as I go along with the project because I HATE having all of them left to do when the project is done.

#ommnomm #cake #chocolate @svelgur
I baked chesse cake brownies. So good!

#crochet wash cloth for Karítas
I needed a quick project that would finish up quickly so I made wash cloths for my girls. They got to pick the colors and this one is for Karítas.

#crochet wash cloth for Sumarrós
And this one is for Sumarrós.

I hope your past week and weekend were good!


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4 responses to “Bits & Pieces

  1. You are right, your daughter’s haircut is really gorgeous. And the brownies look so yummy…

  2. Þessi heimildamynd er svaka góð. Ég horfði á hana þegar ég var nýbúin að eiga og vorkenndi skelfilega þessari konur og litlu stelpunni sem hún var ekki að tengjast. Fannst svo frábært að sjá að hún fékk hjálp og góða hjálp.

    p.s. tengi með endana.

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