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Bits & Pieces

I completely missed last Sunday’s update. I was sick as a dog on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Still felt a little crappy on Wednesday and Thursday. All better now though.
This has been an easy week, work wise. Sickness and then there is winter break in the girls school so I took some vacation time to stay home with them on Thursday and Friday so I only went to the office on Wednesday. We have been cooking and baking and off course I have been doing loads of crochet.

Karítas as Claudine from Monster High
Karítas as Claudine from Monster High on Ash Wednesday

Sumarrós the zombie geek
Sumarrós as a zombie geek on Ash Wednesday

Just dancing with Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, former president of #iceland #lunchbeat #unwomen #onebillionrising
Lunch Beat, One Million Rising against violence against women. This is the first female president in the world and former president of Iceland, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir and me, dancing for a good and worthy cause.

The #sky was gorgeous this morning #reykjavik #iceland #clouds #sunrise
Mornings are getting brighter and sometimes the sky is on fire.

#sonarreykjavik #gusgus #latergram
I went to a music festival last weekend. Well, on Friday I did but I missed Saturday because I woke up so sick that day. I did see Gus-Gus on Friday. I have seen them so many times, but they always, always deliver. It was a great show!

Finished! #blanket #afghan #crochet #þóraheklbók #bugða
I finished he blanket for my daughter Sumarrós! She loves it and so do I!

Trying to pick a neon color to go with the gray one for a blanket.
Off course I started a new blanket right away, this one will be for my bed. Stone gray and bright NEON colors here and there. Very excited about this project.

All wrapped up in her #crochet #blanket I made for her ❤
Wrapping your loved ones in your own creation is some kind of wonderful!

#retro #crochet #blanket is growing
Oh yes, another blanket! This will be a baby blanket though, not a full size afghan.

I did finish the Vintage Crocheted Throw & Afghan last night. No pictures yet as it is in the washer. Pictures to come when it is all dry and ready. It is SO beautiful!


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Bits & Pieces

Sunday, sweet Sunday.
It has been a really strange year so far, weather wise. It has been almost snow free and rather warm for January and February. Almost feels like spring is here already, but I know better. I am guessing we will have a rather miserable March, but I do hope I am wrong.

This way, mom!
Last Monday, we had a bit of snow.

Winter Festival in #reykjavik

Winter Festival in #reykjavik
Winter Festival in Reykjavík started last Thursday and ends tonight. We went to see the opening show, and it was absolutely breathtaking. The photos do not do it any justice. The piece is called Pixel Cloud and is by Marcos Zotes, a very talented architect that lives here in Iceland. Check out his website, and check out this video (Facebook link) from the opening night.

Tiny little cute and adorable skein of yarn
I went shopping yesterday with my mom and my daughters, buying some clothes for them and off course a little bit of yarn, and I found these tiny skeins. They come in many colors, are cotton, and are just so cute!

Little charmer ❤
Karítas. Always so happy!

This! #sunday #pancakes #getinmybelly
Today I made American pancakes and brownies. So good!


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Bits & Pieces

Another week has passed, and January came and went. I fell like it was Christmas yesterday. Sometimes I really need a pause button on life. I had a pretty busy week at work so there are not that many pictures from the past week, but here are some.

#reykjavik #frakkarstígur
Frakkarstígur, looking down towards the ocean and Mt.Esja. We are finally getting a little daylight and the days are slowly but surely getting longer. Thankfully. I was getting pretty miserable with the darkness.

It is growing! #crochet #blanket #pink #blue #black #green
I have made lots of progress on Sumarrós’s blanket. It is a super fast project!

TGIF. Self on a Friday morning.
Self portrait on a Friday morning just before running out the door to catch the bus to work.

@svelgur studying, me in an ongoing #crochet marathon
Last night. Me working on some crochet and the man doing home work. It was a nice evening.

In my CAL group. we decided to have a ‘focus on the project’ weekend. We posted pictures og what our projects looked like on Friday. Here is what mine looked like then, just over 7 sequences done:

#wip #crochet #blanket #afghan

I worked on it on Saturday and on Sunday. Managed to do about 35 rows and complete about 4 sequences! WOO!

4 sequences, 35 rows completed on saturday and sunday. #crochet #blanket

The pattern says to complete sequences 1-8 and repeat sequences 1 and 2 and then end with the main color. Well. I am repeating all of the 8 sequences since I want a bigger blanket. Then there is a simple boarder on the edges also.
I have sequence 4-8 to complete + boarder and then it will be finished!
But first I need to weave in a bunch of ends from the marathon crochet this weekend as I do not want to have them all left when I finish the piece! That might be tonight’s mission.

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