Bits & Pieces

Another week has passed, and January came and went. I fell like it was Christmas yesterday. Sometimes I really need a pause button on life. I had a pretty busy week at work so there are not that many pictures from the past week, but here are some.

#reykjavik #frakkarstígur
Frakkarstígur, looking down towards the ocean and Mt.Esja. We are finally getting a little daylight and the days are slowly but surely getting longer. Thankfully. I was getting pretty miserable with the darkness.

It is growing! #crochet #blanket #pink #blue #black #green
I have made lots of progress on Sumarrós’s blanket. It is a super fast project!

TGIF. Self on a Friday morning.
Self portrait on a Friday morning just before running out the door to catch the bus to work.

@svelgur studying, me in an ongoing #crochet marathon
Last night. Me working on some crochet and the man doing home work. It was a nice evening.

In my CAL group. we decided to have a ‘focus on the project’ weekend. We posted pictures og what our projects looked like on Friday. Here is what mine looked like then, just over 7 sequences done:

#wip #crochet #blanket #afghan

I worked on it on Saturday and on Sunday. Managed to do about 35 rows and complete about 4 sequences! WOO!

4 sequences, 35 rows completed on saturday and sunday. #crochet #blanket

The pattern says to complete sequences 1-8 and repeat sequences 1 and 2 and then end with the main color. Well. I am repeating all of the 8 sequences since I want a bigger blanket. Then there is a simple boarder on the edges also.
I have sequence 4-8 to complete + boarder and then it will be finished!
But first I need to weave in a bunch of ends from the marathon crochet this weekend as I do not want to have them all left when I finish the piece! That might be tonight’s mission.

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  1. I too am so glad the days are getting longer. Your crochet is great, so colourful.

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