Bits & Pieces

Sunday, sweet Sunday.
It has been a really strange year so far, weather wise. It has been almost snow free and rather warm for January and February. Almost feels like spring is here already, but I know better. I am guessing we will have a rather miserable March, but I do hope I am wrong.

This way, mom!
Last Monday, we had a bit of snow.

Winter Festival in #reykjavik

Winter Festival in #reykjavik
Winter Festival in Reykjavík started last Thursday and ends tonight. We went to see the opening show, and it was absolutely breathtaking. The photos do not do it any justice. The piece is called Pixel Cloud and is by Marcos Zotes, a very talented architect that lives here in Iceland. Check out his website, and check out this video (Facebook link) from the opening night.

Tiny little cute and adorable skein of yarn
I went shopping yesterday with my mom and my daughters, buying some clothes for them and off course a little bit of yarn, and I found these tiny skeins. They come in many colors, are cotton, and are just so cute!

Little charmer ❤
Karítas. Always so happy!

This! #sunday #pancakes #getinmybelly
Today I made American pancakes and brownies. So good!


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2 responses to “Bits & Pieces

  1. litla-krútt-dokka! 🙂 mmmm… nú langar mig í nýtt garn (afþví að mig bráðvantar svo meira), amerískar pönnsur og brownies!

  2. Sonja Richter

    Karítas þegar komin með báðar fullorðins framtennurnar! Ása (sem er rétt 3 mán. eldri) er ekki ennþá komin með þær. Búin að vera með skarð ansi lengi. En þetta er allt að koma. 😉

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