Bits & Pieces

Hello! The weekend completely flew by me, so I did not update on Sunday like I try to do. My little sister turned 26 on Sunday so we had brunch at my parents house that was absolutely amazing.

Here are some photos for ya!

It's late, but #winter finally arrived to #reykjavik #iceland

Office view. Or no view.
Winter decided to visit us here in Reykjavík for 2 days last week. It left as soon as it came. This has been the strangest winter I have ever experienced.

Friday = pizza!
Every other Friday night, when the girls are home, we make pizza. Karítas loves to help out and puts the toppings on the pizza for her and her sister.

#crochet #blanket #afghan i love how it looks on her bed. And the fact that it is big enough for her to enjoy for a very long time
Karítas’s bed made with her wave blanket. I love it.

#rainbow #crochet #socks
I started a crocheted sock! One down, one to go. Pictures to follow when I finish the second one.

Confirmation photo @elmarfreyr @joigudlaugs
My confirmation photo. This was 20 years ago, thank you very much!

January 2011 SAL
And surprise! I have a stitching finish. I decided to start UFO Tuesdays back again at my Icelandic stitching group since most of us are doing much more knitting and/or crochet these days than stitching. So some of us are dedicating Tuesdays to working on our very neglected UFO’s. I finished this cute freebie from TraLaLa into a pincushion last night. Cute, isn’t it?


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6 responses to “Bits & Pieces

  1. Nice to see you again 🙂
    I love the Confirmation Photo – you do look gorgeous and so innocent!
    Thanks for sharing photos of your fascinating country – so different to Australia in every way….
    Love the finish – very cute, love how you made the hearts pink.

  2. That’s a really pretty finish – love the colours! As always, I really enjoyed your pictures. Those with “winter” in them really give the idea.

  3. Teresa C

    Very Cute. If you sew thread diagonal across each of the 4 corners on the inside of the frame, you can place a photo there. The threads will hold the 4 corners of the photo.

  4. When I was a little kid, always prayed for snow… We do have some here in Venezuela, in Los Andes, but I’m far, and though I live in a mountainous region, the most we get is hail. Maybe I’ll have it in a future life lol

    That confirmation picture is a lovely one. You look pretty with that hair do.

    The pincushion is adorable! Tra la la is one of my favorites, I will check if I have that chart, why is it so that the charts don’t look so sweet as the real deals? Was it made in honor of Emma? Sure reminds me of her 🙂

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