Bits & Pieces

Cold, but beautiful day in #reykjavik #iceland
The past 10 days or so have absolutely flown by. 10 days ago it was horribly cold, but bright and the sun was out. You can feel the spring coming slowly, the days are getting longer and it is slowly getting warmer.

#þingvellir #iceland
We took a drive to visit friends in the countryside and drove through Þingvellir. It is always so beautiful there.

Good morning #reykjavik #iceland
Early morning in Reykjavík.

A walk by the #pond #reykjavik #iceland
Same day, afternoon by the Pond.

I need this floor lamp!
I went out for a great lunch with my man and saw this lamp in the restaurant. I want it!

School dance
My beautiful daughter, Sumarrós.

Cousins ❤
Karítas and her cousin (my sisters son) Adrían. They are the cutest and so good together.

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One response to “Bits & Pieces

  1. Lovely pictures! I’m really enjoying the longer days, even if our weather doesn’t look like spring yet.

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