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Bits & Pieces 29/4/2013

Oh yes, another week has passed, and it was a very sweet and relaxed one. I had both Thursday (first day of summer here in Iceland) and Friday off from work, so I have had a long weekend and enjoyed every minute of it.

On Wednesday I went to a friend’s birthday. His girlfriend had asked me to knit him a sweater for his birthday, and off course I did.

I knitted a sweater for the birthday boy! #knitting #lopi #plötulopi #einband #cardigan
Pattern: From my head. It is basically a mix of about 5 different designs that I have seen around and I mixed and matched to get the outcome that I wanted. I am thinking of trying to write it down at some point.
Yarn: Plötulopi double (brown) and Einband single (grey)
Needles: 5.5mm

We had some beers and played GIANT cards

Karítas as Garfield, her first stage performance. I see many more in her future!
Karítas has been taking acting classes all winter and on Thursday she had her first stage performance as Garfield. She did great!

We both have today off from work. #date @svelgur
On Friday, me and the man both had the day off from work so we went out and had lunch at Grillmarkaðurinn.

We then went to the graduation show for the Art University, had coffe and pancakes and had home made lobster pizza in the evening. It was a perfect day!

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Bits & Pieces

Can you believe April is almost over? No wonder I feel like I hardly have any time on my hands since time is escaping me faster than ever.
I had a busy week and a lovely weekend away with my mom and my daughters at my grandfathers cabin in Skorradalur. So here are some shots.

Monday at the office. Merci, @emmnielsen ❤
Sometimes on Mondays you just need a little pick me up. My co-worker made pop corn. It made my day!

Emma, posing.

New favorite!
I can’t get enough of this.

Hello working #nintendo #gameboy !!!
Blast from the past! Nintendo Game Boy – still works perfectly. I had a lot of fun with this over the weekend!

Hot tub nice!
My daughters had a lot of fun in the hot tub and stayed there for the majority of the weekend. No matter if it was raining or snowing or if the sun was out.

Half way there. Time to mirror the color setup. #crochet #blanket
I made great progress on the blanket I am working on for my little nephew!

Skessunef #mountain #iceland #skorradalur
Skessuhorn in Skorradalur, Iceland.

#bjössaróló #borgarnes #iceland
Bjössaróló in Borgarnes, Iceland. Built by a man out of material that was supposed to be thrown away anyway. He did it all by himself, started in 1979 and maintained it himself, continually adding to it until he was well into his seventies.

Me & mom at #bjössaróló
Me and my mom having a swing!


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Bits & Pieces

It’s Sunday again!
It has been a quiet weekend. On Friday I was working a little for my grandfather in Hafnarfjörður so I visited my favorite yarnstore and got a little treat for myself.

#tulip #crochethooks
Tulip crochet hook set. These are, hands down, the BEST crochet hooks I have ever used. Expensive, but the best!

My beautiful #daughter Summarrós going to a friends confirmation.
Sumarrós going to a friends confirmation last Sunday. I can’t stop looking at this photo. Did I really create all this beauty?

Kópavogur #youcantmakethisshitup
One of the weirdest things I have seen. Back part of a car, attached to a wall with graffiti around it. Hah!

@lilliendahl in a window, take 2
Hildur in a window.

@pallih in a window
Palli in a window.

#coffee #cup #barbamama
My day started with coffee. Now I am going to get some more and do a little bit more knitting on my secret knitting project. Off course I will share pictures once it is completed and has been given away!

Hope you are having a relaxing sunday.


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Bits & Pieces

Once again I have not been updating once a week. Easter came and went and the biological calendar and clock got messed up due to too much chocolate, good food and being way too lazy. I had a good Easter, I hope you did also.

#søstrenegrenes #cotton #yarn such pretty colors!

New #crochet #blanket it is confirmed that I have an obsession.
I have started yet another blanket. Yes, I am fully aware that this is madness, but I like it. This one will be for my little nephew, Adrían. He absolutely loves the blanket I gave to my sister, his mother and takes it away from her all the time. So I decided he definitely needed one of his own.

#cat #love ❤
Kitty cat getting some love.

Cabinet got a fresh coat of paint and a little make over.
This cabinet looked like this before. I was so tired of how boring it looked. I gave it a fresh color and a little make over. Love it now!

Prepping #yarn #yarngraffiti #yarnbombing
Prepping a little yarn graffiti with a stitching twist. Stay tuned for more.

#latergram #confetti #dolly
Confetti! YAY!

My sister and her love bird @fanneye87
My sister and her Love Bird. So sweet!

Good morning #reykjavik #iceland
Spring morning skies are the best. The BEST!

In love with a #scarf @lxndrkrchnr ❤
I am in love with this scarf.

#reykjavik #iceland #austurvöllur #alþingi
Alþingi – national parliament (the big stone building on the left. Austurvöllur is the small park across from it that is a very popular hang out on sunny summer days.

They caught the beast! @svalaeiriks @soleyosk90
Kiddos and the cat Flóki.


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