Bits & Pieces 29/4/2013

Oh yes, another week has passed, and it was a very sweet and relaxed one. I had both Thursday (first day of summer here in Iceland) and Friday off from work, so I have had a long weekend and enjoyed every minute of it.

On Wednesday I went to a friend’s birthday. His girlfriend had asked me to knit him a sweater for his birthday, and off course I did.

I knitted a sweater for the birthday boy! #knitting #lopi #plötulopi #einband #cardigan
Pattern: From my head. It is basically a mix of about 5 different designs that I have seen around and I mixed and matched to get the outcome that I wanted. I am thinking of trying to write it down at some point.
Yarn: Plötulopi double (brown) and Einband single (grey)
Needles: 5.5mm

We had some beers and played GIANT cards

Karítas as Garfield, her first stage performance. I see many more in her future!
Karítas has been taking acting classes all winter and on Thursday she had her first stage performance as Garfield. She did great!

We both have today off from work. #date @svelgur
On Friday, me and the man both had the day off from work so we went out and had lunch at Grillmarkaðurinn.

We then went to the graduation show for the Art University, had coffe and pancakes and had home made lobster pizza in the evening. It was a perfect day!

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One response to “Bits & Pieces 29/4/2013

  1. That’s a gorgeous cardigan for your friend, well done. Lovely pics of your loved ones too.

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