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Bits & Pieces – May 26th

Are you using flickr to host your images? I have been for years and have always been happy with it, but I am not sure what I think about the newest update and interface. I guess I just have to get used to it.

Selfie in a bus mirror, a la @lilliendahl
Selfie in a bus mirror. My friend has a thing for these pictures and takes them all the time, so when I realized I was sitting right across from a mirror, I decided to steal her idea and take one of myself.

#reykjavik #iceland #art
On my way from my bus stop to my office, I cross a space between Hverfisgata and Laugavegur. It is mostly parking lots and backyards for the surrounding houses. And in one corner I find this. I love it. I have a set on flickr for wall decorations that I find awesome and snap pictures of it. You can check it out here.

Last school dance of the year. My daughter looked beautiful ❤
Sumarrós went to the final school dance of the year. She looked so beautiful!

Last Friday we had a BBQ and drinks and an auction at my office. Here is my boss wearing his patriotic apron, serving wine. I love my job.

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Bits & Pieces – May 19th

It just came to my attention, as I was typing in the header for this blogpost, that tomorrow is a holiday and I have the day off! OH THE JOY! I have been busy with the camera on my iPhone this past week, so here are some shots.

"Wake up, human!" #cat
Monday morning, Emma is trying to wake me up way before I have to be up.

Happy Hour @sverrir80
Monday after work. Happy Hour with my very good friends Sverrir, Lilja and Pálmi.

Quick stop at the #yarnstore before heading home #yarn @brooklyntweed #loft
A quick stop at the yarnstore before going home from work. This is Storkurinn, located on Laugavegur.
And yes, that is Loft by Brooklyn Tweed you see hanging there. *drool*

Lunch @oddurmagg
Lunch outside with another good friend in the lovely weather.

Hverfisgata/Laugavegur for @lilliendahl
Walk from Hverfisgata, between those houses there and enter on Laugavegur almost straight infront of my office.

New awesome running socks! Thank you, @svelgur ❤
New running socks from my man.They are awesome.

Cousins ❤
My nephew Adrían got to spend the night here last night. Here are him and Karítas in my bed trying to stop talking and fall asleep. That happened eventually, only for Adrían to wake up at 4something am and waking up both me and Karítas, refusing to go to bed again. So we watched cartoons in the living room while the rest of the family members slept.


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Bits & Pieces – Mother’s Day

Two weeks since my last post, so now you will get quite a few pictures. Things have been good, the weather is slowly getting warmer, the days longer and the mood lighter. Oh spring!

My amazing daughters made this for me ❤ everything is cut out and glued on the paper so it looks like it's in 3D!
My amazing and talented daughters made this for me. All the figures are cut out and clued on the blue paper, so it looks like it is in 3D. It is awesome!

This happened! #c25k #running
I started running again! C25K – first week is done! Tomorrow I start week two.

Laugavegur #reykjavík #iceland
Getting to work sure is easier when this is the sight you see when walking to the office. Laugavegur, the main shopping street in Reykjavík is getting ready for the summer traffic. I can’t wait for them to close it for car traffic.

New things for the kitchen make me happy. Finally I can stop using shot glasses for eggs!
New kitchen items. Egg cups (I was using shot glasses before, haha!), great knife, Chop2Pot folding cutting board and measuring spoons. New colorful kitchen things make me happy.

Sumarrós. Getting bigger and more beautiful every day. Such an amazing young woman.

Happy Mothers Day! Me and my sisters are spoiling our wonderful mom today ❤
Me, my mother Rósa, my sister Fanney and my sister Gyða. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!
We went out for brunch, disco bowling and a drive around the town my mother grew up in. It was perfect and amazing and wonderful!

Disco bowling!
Mom and my sisters bowling. YAY!

I got flowers
And I got flowers from my daughters. Best. Ever.

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