Bits & Pieces – May 19th

It just came to my attention, as I was typing in the header for this blogpost, that tomorrow is a holiday and I have the day off! OH THE JOY! I have been busy with the camera on my iPhone this past week, so here are some shots.

"Wake up, human!" #cat
Monday morning, Emma is trying to wake me up way before I have to be up.

Happy Hour @sverrir80
Monday after work. Happy Hour with my very good friends Sverrir, Lilja and Pálmi.

Quick stop at the #yarnstore before heading home #yarn @brooklyntweed #loft
A quick stop at the yarnstore before going home from work. This is Storkurinn, located on Laugavegur.
And yes, that is Loft by Brooklyn Tweed you see hanging there. *drool*

Lunch @oddurmagg
Lunch outside with another good friend in the lovely weather.

Hverfisgata/Laugavegur for @lilliendahl
Walk from Hverfisgata, between those houses there and enter on Laugavegur almost straight infront of my office.

New awesome running socks! Thank you, @svelgur ❤
New running socks from my man.They are awesome.

Cousins ❤
My nephew Adrían got to spend the night here last night. Here are him and Karítas in my bed trying to stop talking and fall asleep. That happened eventually, only for Adrían to wake up at 4something am and waking up both me and Karítas, refusing to go to bed again. So we watched cartoons in the living room while the rest of the family members slept.


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4 responses to “Bits & Pieces – May 19th

  1. Now THAT is a yarn store!

  2. Lovely pictures – what a gorgeous blue sky in the urban landscape, and the yarn store looks absolutely wonderful.

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