Bits & Pieces – July 28th

I only have 8 days left of my vacation. E I G H T days! Gah! Where does time go and why does it go by so quickly? We finally got some summer this week. High temps (for Iceland), sun and calm weather. It has been amazing and I have some new freckles to prove it. We have been swimming, walking, biking, jogging and just enjoying.

Cindi Brumpton asked me a question and featured my answer on her blog. ‘What have you learned from knitting?’

Here are some snaps from the past few days.

Karítas is back! We missed you! ❤
First of all, Karítas came back home! Oh how we missed her and LOVE having her back with us!

My grandparents with my mom and her siblings.
Top row from left: Hulda, Atli and Rósa (my mother)
Bottom row from left: My grandmother Kamma, Berglind, Svala and my grandfather Guðlaugur.

1st attempt at a #crochet #stone @rodprjonar
My first attempt at a crochet stone.

Mother & Daughter
“Mom, take a photo of us together in the mirror!”
And I did and I love that photo!

#slutwalk #drusluganga #reykjavík #iceland
Slut Walk in Reykjavík yesterday.

#laugadalur #iceland
Part of my running path in Laugardalur. So beautiful.


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4 responses to “Bits & Pieces – July 28th

  1. Great pictures again – I like the crochet stone, it’s so pretty.

  2. Anne R

    Great pictures as always – I don’t often comment but now I have to ask: What on EARTH is “Slut walk”???

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