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Bits & Pieces – August 27th

Hey, it’s my birthday!
I am officially 35 years old today, yay! The day started with hugs and kisses from my daughters and man, and then off course the daily routine, get everyone ready for work and school.

Karítas gave me this #necklace she made for my #birthday ❤
And then my sweet little Karítas gave me this necklace she made for me.

The past week was very eventful.

#bulsuparty #prinspóló
I went to a garden party with live music and great food!

There was also a hammock!

Yarn hair!
I tried out a new hair style with yarn.

I was in the newspaper.

#menningarnott #hlemmur #mayor #jóngnarr #yarnbomb #yarnstorm #yarngraffiti
And I yarnstormed with my group and the Mayor of Reykjavík, Jón Gnarr.

#hlemmur #menningarnott #mnott #yarnbomb #yarnstorm #yarngraffiti
Look! So pretty!

Sumarrós and Karítas
My daughters even yarnstormed!

For more info, check out Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers.

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Bits & Pieces – August 11th

The first week back at work happened without much effort. It is actually good being back, my office was painted while I was gone and everyone welcomed me back. I like my job, I can’t deny that.

we got some sponsorship for our next project #ruy #menningarnótt2013 #hlemmur #yarnbomb #yarnstorm #yarngraffiti
My yarngraffiti group got some well earned money support from the Culture Night fund at Landsbankinn. We are doing THIS on Culture Night this year. Please come!

Happy #gaypride everyone ❤
Gay Pride started this week. I love Gay Pride week!

Happy #gaypride #reykjavík
Yesterday we went to the Gay Pride parade. This little girl dressed up accordingly.

#gaypride #yarnbomb #yarnstorm #yarngraffiti #reykjavík #iceland
And this big girl yarnstormed to support all the LGBT people that I know and love. And for those who are still to this day hurt, beaten up, murdered and silenced for loving whom they love. This needs to stop! Out with hate, in with LOVE!

#gaypride #yarnbomb #yarnstorm #yarngraffiti #reykjavík #iceland
Yay! More Gay Pride support in the form of yarn!

Finally! #pállóskar #gaypride #reykjavík #iceland
And Karítas finally met Páll Óskar, her favorite musician and artist. We love him and would like to thank him for everything he has done for the LGBT community in Iceland and all over the world.

Also, check out more Gay Pride yarngraffiti work by my group of talented and loving people at Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers.

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Bits & Pieces – August 5th

Tomorrow I start work again. My vacation is over. 4 weeks just flew by! I do have some more time off though, that I will use up in September when me and Sumarrós and my mother visit New York City for 8 days. Anyone out there reading that lives there or visits often and has good tips on what to do with teenagers in NYC? Any advice is appreciated!

This weekend me and the man and Karítas went for a little road trip around Snæfellsnes peninsula and stopped here and there for a little adventure. Here are some snaps from the past week and this weekend.

All wrapped up in #crochet ❤
Karítas all wrapped up in my crochet. Makes my heart swell up!

Dog love!
Playdate with Rósa and her girls and their awesome dog, Funi.

Me and my friend Neal.

We met this super friendly cat yesterday while caring for another cat
The friendliest cat in Kópavogur. The girls wanted to take him home with us.

I found this yarngraffiti close to Arnarstapi. Woohoo!

Helgi and Karítas
Excited about visiting Rauðfeldsgjá (I recommend this link, it is a panorama of inside the crack, super cool!)

Sometimes it is fun to be young and light and let someone stronger hold you over the slippery rocks.

The view from the opening of Rauðfeldsgjá
The view from the opening of Rauðfeldsgjá is pretty spectacular.

Helgi and Karítas, skipping peddles
Djúpalónssandur. Skipping peddles on the ocean.

There are many photos from the weekend, so I made a set on flickr.

#yarngraffiti #yarnstorm #yarnbomb #crochet #iceland #
I yarnstormed this sign close to my grandfathers cabin in Skorradalur.

And while driving home, we decided to drive Hvalfjörður instead of taking the tunnel and I also did some yarnstorming there.

Laxá í Kjós, you have been yarnstormed!

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