Bits & Pieces – August 5th

Tomorrow I start work again. My vacation is over. 4 weeks just flew by! I do have some more time off though, that I will use up in September when me and Sumarrós and my mother visit New York City for 8 days. Anyone out there reading that lives there or visits often and has good tips on what to do with teenagers in NYC? Any advice is appreciated!

This weekend me and the man and Karítas went for a little road trip around Snæfellsnes peninsula and stopped here and there for a little adventure. Here are some snaps from the past week and this weekend.

All wrapped up in #crochet ❤
Karítas all wrapped up in my crochet. Makes my heart swell up!

Dog love!
Playdate with Rósa and her girls and their awesome dog, Funi.

Me and my friend Neal.

We met this super friendly cat yesterday while caring for another cat
The friendliest cat in Kópavogur. The girls wanted to take him home with us.

I found this yarngraffiti close to Arnarstapi. Woohoo!

Helgi and Karítas
Excited about visiting Rauðfeldsgjá (I recommend this link, it is a panorama of inside the crack, super cool!)

Sometimes it is fun to be young and light and let someone stronger hold you over the slippery rocks.

The view from the opening of Rauðfeldsgjá
The view from the opening of Rauðfeldsgjá is pretty spectacular.

Helgi and Karítas, skipping peddles
Djúpalónssandur. Skipping peddles on the ocean.

There are many photos from the weekend, so I made a set on flickr.

#yarngraffiti #yarnstorm #yarnbomb #crochet #iceland #
I yarnstormed this sign close to my grandfathers cabin in Skorradalur.

And while driving home, we decided to drive Hvalfjörður instead of taking the tunnel and I also did some yarnstorming there.

Laxá í Kjós, you have been yarnstormed!

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