Bit’s & Pieces and a new shawl

The knitting bug is still with me, please stay for as long as you can old friend.
So I finished this shawl that has been on my needles since the end of January 2012. I love getting projects done that have been with me this long, and I especially love this one. This shawl is huge and warm and I absolutely love it.



Pattern: Camomille by Helga Isager
Yarn: Plötulopi and Drops Alpaca
Needle: 3.5 and 3mm

It is knitted with single strand of un-spun Icelandic wool and the alpaca together and then just the alpaca, that gives it great drape and warmth and a very nice texture. And I love the tassels. I wasn’t sure about adding them, but once I did I was super happy with them.

New #knitting project! Safety Scarf by @westknits yarn from @purlsoho and #litlaprjónabúðin
So as a reward for finishing 2 old projects, I started a new one off course! Safety Scarf by Stephen West. I am finished with parts 1 and 2 out of 6.

Mother and daughter ❤️
I visited my friend Sigurlaug and her beautiful 7 weeks old baby girl.

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One response to “Bit’s & Pieces and a new shawl

  1. That’s a beautiful shawl! What a cute baby! I can’t believe she’s only 7 weeks in the photo!

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