April showers?

April is so far pretty cold and winter like. I woke up to snow on the ground this morning, but it seems to be melting away as the day goes along. I am craving spring and warmer weather. They are saying that this summer will be just as bad as the summer we had last year. I really do hope that is wrong. I need my yellow friend in the sky to bring me some Vitamin D after this dreadful winter we have had.

So the winter themed knitting is still going strong. I have been making shawls and hats recently. I have made the same hat 3 times. The first one was for myself, then Sumarrós wanted one. And then when Karítas saw the one for Sumarrós, she wanted one also.

2015-03-23 13.52.23-2

I have had enough of snow. The understatement of the year.
Pattern: Kertalogi by G. Dagbjört Guðmundsdóttir
Yarn: Snaeldan Nappað tógv 3tr (3-ply)
Needles: 3.5mm & 4mm

2015-03-23 13.51.17
Pattern: Kertalogi by G. Dagbjört Guðmundsdóttir
Yarn: Snaeldan Nappað tógv 5tr (5-ply)
Needles: 4mm & 5mm

I still haven’t taken a photo of the one I knitted for Karítas, but I will when she gets back from her Easter holiday with her dad and their family.

Emilý Rósa wearing the hat and sweater I knitted for her ❤️ #knitting #camillababe #lark #quinceandco #litlaprjónabúðin
I visited my sister and her daughter the other day and we got a picture of her wearing the Camilla Babe sweater I knitted for her. So adorable!

Cousins being cute ❤️I love seeing my daughters interact with their cousins and siblings. Melts my heart.

I decided to participate in Romi Hill’s new Mystery Knit-A-Long. I loved the shawl last year and even ended up making two of them. One for myself and the other one for my MIL.
It seems like this years shawl will be different, it starts as a half circular one. I am excited, I have never done a shawl with that shape before. And off course, Romi’s designs are wonderful, her charts are perfect and the end results incredibly beautiful.

I decided to use up some stash for this project and found that I do have plenty of orange leftovers in different shades. Mixing and matching gave me a beautiful gradient, using 4 different types of yarns with enough yardage. I am super excited to see how it will turn out. I finished the first clue this weekend.

MjvkOPattern: Romi’s Mystery Shawl 2015
Yarn: for this clue I am using Hedgehog Fibers Sock
Needles: 3.5mm

Other yarns that will be used are: Yaku, Fjara and Madelinetosh Light. All are leftovers except for Fjara, that was meant for another project, but I ended up using another color for that in the end, so I still have that pretty burnt orange shade that will come to good use now. Win Win!

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