Wavelike and Verur

A long overdue update. I have been super busy. Both my girls have finished school and summer is upon us. I have 17 workdays to go until I start my summer vacation. I can not wait. It was a long and hard winter, both because of the weather and mentally due to personal stuff. We are now really enjoying the sun and longer days even though the summer seems to be a cold one, like last year. At least it is bright. We were all getting very sick of the grey, gloomy days.

I finished Wavelike last Friday. When I saw this pattern as a part of Stephen West’s Westknits Spring Scarf KAL I was immediately interested. Then my friend Rósa made one and when I saw her version, I knew that I wanted to make one in one colour but different shades of it. So I went through my stash and came up with enough yarn to make it, short of one skein of colour B as the pattern calls for so much of it. I got another skein of it and started.

New start. Wavelike by @westknits #westknitsssk

Wavelike by Stephen West

Wavelike by Stephen WestPattern: Wavelike by Stephen West
Yarn: Colour A: Madelinetosh Coquette
Colour B: EngleUld 14/32078
Colour C: EngleUld 16/32082
Colour D: EngleUld 17/32083
Colour E: Koigu 1155 Malibu
Needles: 4mm

The play and texture between the Madelinetosh and EngleUld is so fun and beautiful. It has become one of my favorite yarn combo. The subtle changes in Tosh play so well with the solids in EngleUld. I just adore it. And I think the neon pink Koigu really ties it all together with the i-cord bind-off. I am super happy with it!

I also got an order for a Lopapeysa for a friends son. He has red hair and his favorite colour is lime green so I picked two shades of green, one grey and one brown. I love the outcome.

2015-06-20 12.01.38-2Pattern: Verur by Védís Jónsdóttir
Yarn: Lamauld
Needles: 4.5 and 5mm

I went to Brighton for a long weekend in May. It was a suprise trip, thanks to my wonderful friends who surprised me with giving me a ticket back and forth. It was exactly what I needed and I enjoyed it so much! While there I relaxed, walked a lot, had great food and hung out with friends. I also visited YAK, and picked up some yarn.

My new #yarn friends 😍Walk Collection, The Uncommon Thread, Julie Asselin and Yorkshire Spinners.

We love colouring books

So relaxing and fun

I got some adult colouring books through Amazon (and bought one in Brighton) and me and my girls really enjoy sitting down and relaxing while colouring. I used to do a lot of colouring as a kid, and these are just perfect, they feel like visiting an old friend.

Sweet sixteen today 🎉❤️💋👍
Sumarrós turned 16 on June 14th. I can’t believe how grown up she is!


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2 responses to “Wavelike and Verur

  1. Love the pinks on the shawl, and I’m enamoured of the pop of green in the Lopi sweater. I just received a coloring book but haven’t had the colored pencils out yet. Maybe for our long weekend…

    • Thank you. The little boy that is getting the sweater has red hair, I am sure he is going to look very handsome in it!

      I recommend the colouring book, so very relaxing. I just ordered new pencils on Amazon (and another book) and am expecting them to arrive early next week.

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