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Busy, ornament finish and other things.

Yes, yes. I am still here. Still alive for the most part. This would be the reason for me being a little quiet lately.

My desk at work

Yes, this is my desk at work. We are working very hard to balance everything that belongs to the year 2008 and we are getting there. But this means a little longer hours, a little work on the weekends etc. Nothing that is killing me, just a little more busy than usually. Fun thing that has been happening at work. These geese (there are three pictures of them) have been visiting us almost every day for about two weeks now. I love them! They are so cute and I just think it is fun that they come almost every day. Well off course they do since people feed them when they are there. So one day I ran down stairs and outside since I had my camera with me and snapped some shots of them.

So, the stitching part of this post! I have been working on this ornament lately. It has taken much longer than it was supposed to since I have been so busy. But I finished the stitching and the finishing tonight and I love how it turned out.

Prairie Schooler Santa ornament

TGOSM Issue 34 November 2008
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Fabric: 28ct Lugana
Threads: DMC
Beads: Mill Hill
Jingles from my stash

I have also worked a little more on Flea Market Souvenir and some other projects, but nothing work showing yet. The busy time at work will be over soon so then I will have more time to stitch and finish things. I have already started to think about a good time for my finishing weekend that I mentioned some posts ago. I think it will be fun!

Well, must get the kids in bed. I am going to stitch a little tonight. Not sure what though.


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Another weekend away.

A part of my stitching group went away last weekend to the same cabin that we have been to twice before. As always, it was great to get away in good company and have good food and do a bunch of stitching! Sleep late, eat candy and have a little wine. Top of the world. Guðbjörg made great soup on Friday night for dinner, and I made great lasagne on Saturday night. We bought cheesecake for desert, but we forgot to eat it! LOL! All of my pictures can be viewed here.

I spent most of the weekend working on Flea Market Souvenir Sampler by Blackbird Designs. I had done a little stitching on it before I left, but had hardly had the time to do much stitching in the past few weeks. But this is how my project looks like today after the weekend. I am doing this as a SAL with Rósa and the wonderful Anna Stitch Bitch.

Flea Market Souvenir Sampler
Flea Market Souvenir – Blackbird designs
Threads: GAST & WDW as recommended
Fabric: R&R 30ct La Crosse Blend and Kansas City Blend

I have also finished the knitting of the neck warmer and just need to finish off the ends and do the crochet part. I am going do do it a little different from the pattern though. I always have to change things to my liking.

I also started a HAED project! HELP! LOL! It is all Rósa’s fault. She showed me a pattern and then my daughter Sumarrós saw it and she kept begging me to stitch it for her and I ended up saying yes. You can see a picture of what I have done here.

My new WIP
Threads: DMC
Fabric: 28ct Rose Lugana

Well. I have company so I am going to go and stitch some more on my Flea Market Souvenir.

One more thing. While driving to the cabin, we passed this house. It reminded me so much of the houses in the LHN charts that I just had to drive up to it and snap a picture of it! It is now officially my dream house!



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Two new starts!

I hope you are all enjoying the new year. And thank you for the wonderful comments on my last posts! I am very happy about my finishes! I went through some of the unfinished ones yesterday and thought about ways of possible finishing. At least I have some ideas now for some of them, now to just find the time.

I have been discussing the option of a ‘Finishing Weekend’ in my Icelandic stitching group. The idea is that each person brings a finished stitching project and all the supplies needed to do the finishing on it that she has in mind (I will send them a list of what they need for each kind of finishing, at least the basics). And they come here and get the help they need to get their project finished. Off course I do not know every finishing technique in the book, but with the help of the internet and the blogging world I have gotten some great ideas and help in doing my own finishing lately. There are quite a few members in my stitch group that are excited about this idea and so am I so now I just need to find the perfect time for it. This would also inspire me to do some finishing on my own projects. I am thinking about having an open house for a whole weekend so people can just show up whenever and stay for as long as they want. I can even house about 2-3 people if someone is coming from far away and want to have the option of spending the night 🙂

Well. This post was supposed to be about my two new starts, got a little side tracked there! Since I finished two projects I decided to start two new projects. These were both projects that I didn’t need to buy anything for and I had everything in my stash so all is good.

Trousse aux Fleurs Bleues
Design: Trousee aux Fleurs Bleues by C’mon Monde
Fabric: 32ct Off white linen from my stash
Threads: DMC

Come Tarry
Design: Come Tarry by Shepherd’s Bush
Fabric: 32ct Dark Espresso Linen
Threads: Threadgatherer, Soie D’Alger and Gloriana Silk

I am thinking about going to a knitting store today because I want to buy some yarn for this project. I haven’t knitted in a LONG time and I miss it. I often get the urge to knit something in January/February and I love this project. It is so me!


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Ornament from Guðbjörg, and another made by me.

Two days ago, my wonderful friend Guðbjörg came over with the ornament she made for me in the ornament exchange in our Icelandic stitching group. She stitched this beautiful Prairie Schooler ornament and it is just gorgeous. The photo does not do it justice since taking pictures these days is really hard because of the constant darkness. We only get about 2-3 hours of daylight these days, and we have loads of snow. So yeah, pictures are a bit dark and heavy, but the beauty is there, promise 🙂

Ornament exchange from Guðbjörg

She also gave me some chocolates. Thank you so much Guðbjörg! I really love my ornament, it is the perfect addition to my slowly growing collection of stitched ornaments.

The last two days I have been working on a little gift for a package exchange at work that took place today. I decided to stitch this fun little snowman ornament and managed to finish it late last night.

Snow - Snjór
Design: Let it Snow by Barbara Ana
Threads: DMC
Fabric: Blue hand dyed opalescent in 28ct from my stash

I translated Snow to Snjór in Icelandic and added a button for the snowflake in the top corner. I am very happy with the outcome and Sigrún, the co worker who got my package, was thrilled with it 🙂

I also want to thank Dovile for the wonderful Christmas card that arrived today!

I think I might be getting sick. I have a stuffy nose and a sore throat and am taking turns in being very hot and very cold. Ugh. I do not have time for this! My sister is graduating next Saturday and then I have to do all my shopping, gift wrapping, cleaning etc. Oh well, Christmas will come no matter what 🙂 I hope you are all feeling good and that you are getting ready for the Holiday, however you choose to spend it 🙂


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Ornament Exchange for Fanný Margrét

I just got a word that Fanný got the package that I sent to her last week with the ornament exchange in our Icelandic stitching group ‘Allt í Kross’. I decided to stitch her a small biscornu and make an ornament out of it. When looking through my patterns, this simple but beautiful design jumped at me.

Christmas Biscornu

Design: Holly Berries Mini Biscornu by Cherished Stitches. Featured in JCS Ornament issue 2008.
Fabric: 32ct Vintage Belfast – Country Mocha
Threads: DMC 4045 and 4210
Beads, button and Jingles from my stash

I am trying very hard to finish up some presents but it is not going very well. I completely lost my stitching mojo and I can’t seem to find it again. The only thing I haven’t done to try to find it again is to start something new. I might do just that tonight, and see if the stitching spirit will visit me again. I really really miss stitching and feel just horrible looking at all my stash and not wanting to play with it 😦

What do you do when you just do not feel like stitching? What usually does the trick for you and gets you stitching again?


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London, Christmas etc.

Hi everyone. I have been a bad girl about my stitching. I went into a stitching slump and haven’t stitched anything since I finished ‘Reading’ a while ago. Last night my friend Rósa came over and gave me a stitching boost and what do you know, I started and finished the stitching on for an exchange in my Icelandic stitching group. I hope I will be able to do the finishing tonight. Thanks so much Rósa for your visit and your inspiration! *kisses*

My cousin Bjarki and me @ Regent's Park

London was loads of fun! Me and my cousin Bjarki are both very happy that we went and we had so much fun just walking around and enjoying ourselfs. We didn’t do much shopping, understandably because of the economy, but we did buy a little of this and that and then off course food. I took some pictures and you can see them here.

Gingerbread cookie cutters

This weekend was spent with my daughters preparing a little for Christmas. We went to my parents house on Saturday and baked and decorated gingerbread cookies with my mom and sisters. The girls had so much fun! I really enjoyed it too. I usually do not do a lot of baking for Christmas, but this is a tradition that we try to do every year as a family. I went to the theater with my friend Aisté on Saturday night and had a lot of fun.

Decorated cookies

On Sunday I cleaned and decorated my apartment with my two little helpers. The girls go so into decorating that we ended up decorating more than usually. The apartment looks nice and I will try to take some snaps around and show you guys some pictures from our Christmas preparation as it goes on. I made a new Set on Flickr called Christmas 2008 and I plan on adding to it as December goes on.


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Some finishes!

Yesterday at noon, me, my mother, my friend Rósa and my daughter Karítas went to a cabin in the countryside to meet even more stitching friends from my stitching group for a small get-a-way. It was so nice to get out of the city and unwind a little before yet another stressful week at work. We went to the same cabin that we visited in August and you can see my post about that here. This time it was colder off course, but just as nice, and off course the company was great. We usually try to have these weekends without our kids since it is a time to get away and recharge our batteries and relax. But since my mom decided to join us and none of the other wonderful ladies had anything against it, my little girl Karítas was allowed to join us also. She was a super nice baby the whole time and seemed to enjoy herself with all those talented ladies and liked to admire the stitching. She even got a private knitting lesson from my mom.

My mom and Karitas
That was really funny. Have any of you tried to teach a three year old to knit? We had yarn ALL OVER the cabin! She just took the yarn and ran with it! LOL! But it made her very happy and it wasn’t a hard mess to clean up.
Karitas the knitter

There is a great hot tub at the cabin and Karítas loves to go swimming so her and my mother went for a soak yesterday in the cold.
Karitas and my mom in the hot tub

I had not one, but two finishes! I finally finished my series of Mini Cottages 1-4 by Michael Powell!

Mini Cottages 4

Mini Cottages 1-4
Mini Cottages 1-4 by Michael Powell
DMC threads and 28ct Natural Linen

Folk Heart Needle Roll
Folk Heart Needleroll
Kit by Shepherd’s Bush

Thanks ladies for a wonderful weekend! I hope that we will be able to do it again as soon as possible!


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Lots to share

Thank you all so much for the support about my last post. Also, I want to send out all my best to all of you. I am fully aware that this is a world wide problem and that there are more people that are really worried out there. Take care everyone, we will survive!

Now, lets get to some stitching! Man I have missed sharing my stitching with you guys. I hope that this post makes up for it! I participated in a Mattress Pincushion exchange in my Icelandic Stitching Group ‘Allt Í Kross’ and Edda was my partner. She e-mailed me and told me that she got my package so now I can share what I made for her.

Mattress Pincushion for Edda
Mattress Pincushion for Edda
Pattern: Alphabet Tree – Blue Ribbon Designs (freebie)
Fabric: 36ct Summer Khaki linen
Thread: Plush Plum – Belle Soie Silk

I loved stitching this and had been wanting to stitch this pattern for a long time. And the Belle Soie silk was so wonderful to stitch with. And I love the final result and Edda says that she likes it also 🙂

I have also been working a little on my stocking and here is a progress picture.

Stitchers Stocking
Design: Stitchers Studio stocking from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts Magazine July/August ’89

Also, Mini Cottages. I am soooo close to being done. Here is a picture I took on September 28th, before I started working on this project again.

Mini Cottages 1, 2, 3 and the start of 4

And here is how it looks today.
Mini Cottages 4

It is sooooo close to being done. I only have to fill in the black of the windows and do the outlines. I can’t wait to get it done!

I have also decided to do some Pink Stitching to show my support for Breast Cancer Awareness. This is a free design from Romy in Austria. I plan on finishing it as a biscornu once the stitching is done.

Stitch Pink
Fabic: Silvery Moon 32ct Belfast Linen by Silkweavers
Threads: 3607 and 3689 DMC

Well. It is Sunday and my little Karítas is a little sick. She got a high temp yesterday and today it has gone down a bit so she is a little better, but still sick. We plan on taking it very easy today. I will probably try to stitch some more on my Pink project 🙂

I hope you all had a great weekend!


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Mattress Pincushion Exchange – From Aisté

We are having a Mattress Pincushion Exchange in my Icelandic stitching group. Names were sent out on Thursday. Last night my friend Aisté came over and gave me this beautiful Mattress Pincushion for the exchange. She finished it in just one day! She is the fastest stitcher I know! Isn’t it just gorgeous?

Mattress Pincushion Exchange
Mattress Pincushion Exchange
From Aisté to Linda
Buzzzz by Bent Creek

I have wanted to stitch this design again for myself ever since I made the Pinkeep for a drawing I had here on my blog but now I don’t have to 🙂 Thank you so much Aisté! And for all the Reeses Peanutbutter Cups! They are my favorite!

Me, Aisté and Rósa went shopping today. I didn’t buy much. But I did find these glorious shell buttons that I have been searching for everywhere! I have a plan for those. So I know what my next project will be. It is going to be Trousse Fleurs Bleues By C Mon Monde. I have had the pattern in my stash for a long time, I just didn’t want to do all the stitching and then not be able to do the finishing. Yeah, I could have used whatever buttons, but I have always had a thing for the shell buttons. They are so beautiful!

Shell Buttons

Well. I have made great progress on the Mattress Pincushion I am making for my partner so I am going to try to get most of it finished today and this evening. Have a great stitchy weekend everyone!


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I celebrated my birthday early with my stitching group Allt í Kross last night. What a fantastic night it was! About 22 people showed up! That was incredible! I was so happy to have so many talented ladies together in my tiny place. I had a great time and I was showered with incredible gifts! I don’t know how I can ever thank them. The group all got together and gave me this incredible PINK money tree!

Me with my money tree!
Yes, it is decorated with folded money!
Money tree

I have no clue how much is on there, and honestly don’t really care! I don’t know how I am going to bring myself to take the money off, it is just so cool!
I got lots of other gifts and took some pictures and you can see all of them here. I got jewelry, silk floss, Barbapapa themed stuff and other things. Check out the pictures!

And as promised, here is a picture of my Little House Neighborhood.
Little House Neighborhood
Little House Neighborhood
The fourth house was stitched with GAST threads Wood Smoke and Sable. I love how it turned out.

Now I have to finish cleaning up after the party last night, and bake a cake to bring to work tomorrow for my big day! Thanks, from the bottom of my heart to everyone who showed up last night, and to the ones who didn’t make it. You girls make our group very special. Love you guys!


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Results after a stitchy weekend!

I spent most of my weekend on my couch with my stitching in my hands. And I did manage to get a lot done. On Friday, three women from my Icelandic stitching group came over and we stitched and chatted throughout the evening. Thank you Aisté, Sissú and Guðbjörg for a great evening!
On Saturday I went to the mall for about an hour and bought myself two new shoes. One are pink, the others are green. They are adorable! Then I came home and then another woman from my stitching group, Hafrún, came over and we stitched. Then Aisté showed up again and the three of us ended up having dinner together that I cooked and after dinner we sat down again and stitched some more. I gave Hafrún the small set I finished some time ago as her PIF gift. So now I only have two PIF left to do, one for Guðbjörg and one for Sveina. I finished ‘The Rain Fell’ on Saturday and started another project.

The Rain Fell
The Rain Fell
‘The Rain Fell’ by Little House Needleworks – Finished July 12th.
Stitched with Crescent Colors and DMC threads on 30ct Americana Blend Linen from R&R Reproductions.

The other project I started after finishing The Rain Fell I managed to finish last night. It is a scissor case and a scissor fob for my friend Brenda. I have been making her lots of biscornus because she loves them, but I was getting a little bored and running out of ideas (now I have lots of new patterns for them, haha!) so I asked if it would be OK to make her some other things as well. She said yes and since then I have made her a pinkeep and now this scissor case and fob.

Scissor Case and Fob for Brenda

Front of fob and scissor case. The pattern is a freebie found here (Thanks Nina for pointing me in the right dirrection!)
Threads: DMC #3750 and #932
Fabric: 28ct Jobelan Forget-me-not blue

Scissor Case and Fob for Brenda
The back of the scissor case.
Scissor Case and Fob for Brenda
Open view. I used regular cotton quilting fabric for the inside.

Hope you like it Brenda!

I have this week off from work so I plan on having fun with my daughters, even go camping if it stops raining, do some stitching, and a little cleaning. Just try to enjoy the little vacation I get this summer 🙂 I hope you all had a great weekend!


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Pinkeep exchange from Erla Björk!

Yesterday afternoon, while I was at work, my cell phone rang. It was Erla Björk and she asked if I could go outside just for a little while. I did and she handed me a package with this beautiful pinkeep. She has never made a pinkeep before, this is her first, and I am very happy to be the owner of it. It is perfect!

Pinkeep from Erla Björk

The fabric you can see is the backing fabric she used. Thank you so much Erla! I love my pinkeep!

And. Even more stash arrived yesterday!

From Down Sunshine Lane

Little House Needleworks – Home Of A Needleworker (Too!) (and the CC threads)
Little House Needleworks – Wool Needlebook and Fob
Little House Needleworks – My Needle’s Work (and the CC threads)
And two new scissors!


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Pinkeep Exchange for Erla Björk

One of the things that I mailed yesterday made it to its recipent today. Me and Rósa started a pinkeep exchange in my Icelandic stitching group and my partner (or at least the one I was supposed to make a pinkeep for) was Erla Björk. Following are the pictures I took of the pinkeep I stitched and made for her:
Pinkeep Exchange
Pinkeep Exchange

Pinkeep Exchange

Fabric: 40ct Antique White Linen
Thread: Garnet silk from Vikki Clayton
Pattern: Freebie from A Mon Amie Pierre – ‘Stitcher Hornbook’

I am so glad to hear that you like it Erla! Enjoy! My pictures might be a little dark, but there is a better picture on Erla’s blog (link above). Now I can’t wait to see who is stitching for me!



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Happy Summer!

Today is the first day of summer here in Iceland. I know, it is really weird to have the first day of summer this early in this part of the world, but hey, I don’t make the rules 😉 It is not very nice out there so I am not sure if me and the girls will be going out much today, but I do have a craving for going out for a short drive and maybe buy some ice cream or something. We will see what the day brings.

My friend Brenda sent me a package with fabrics and floss this week (I stitch for her in return and make her biscornus etc.) and this is what I got:

Stash From Brenda

WDW threads – White Lightning, Whiskey and Turkish Red
GAST threads – Copper, Buttercrunch and Sweet Petunia
32ct Belfast – Raw, Cafe Mocha and Country Mocha
Thanks Brenda, I love everything you send!

And here is my progress on ‘Quaker Christmas’ I absolutely love this piece! Here is my earlier update with the info about what threads/fabric I am using etc.

Quaker Christmas

I got sent my partner for the Pinkeep Exchange in my Icelandic stitching group and I have narrowed my choises down to two charts. Now I just need to decide which one to stitch and pick out some lovely threads and fabric. I have almost decided on the fabric, but I am still trying to decide what thread to use. I am leaning towards a beautiful silk from Vikky Clayton I just need to pull it out and see how it goes with the fabric I have in mind! Oh, I love picking threads and fabric for a new project!

ATTN! Judy and Barbie – I sent out your prizes yesterday. Please let me know when you get them!


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Faith – Finish!

I just got back home from another stitching night with my Icelandic stitching group. Thanks for the evening ladies, I had loads of fun!
I finished this while I was there, started it on Saturday evening.

Little House Needleworks - Faith

Little House Needleworks – Faith
28ct Gingham Natural/Cream Linen
Crescent Color threads

I really like how it turned out on this fabric. I wasn’t so sure about it when I started, but the more I stitched and the more colors I added the more I liked it. Well, it is getting late and I have to get up in the morning so I am heading to bed!


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