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Bits & Pieces – And a new cardigan

The girls are on winter break from school and since I still have some vacation time at work, I decided to take this time off with them. We are off until Wednesday and have just been having a relaxing time and those are our only plans for the rest of the vacation.

I suddenly got bitten by the knitting bug again, which I really enjoy as I have almost only been crocheting lately. So I dug through my UFO pile and dug out a cardigan that was very close to being finished. And now it is finished!





Pattern: Same Same but different (contiguous Walnuss) by ANKESTRICK
Yarn: Geilsk 3 ply Bomuld og uld
Needles: 3.5mm
Ravelry link

I absolutely love this cardigan. I love the shoulder pleads especially. I did loads of changes. I did not do any of the side or sleeve pleads as I did not care for them. I wanted full length sleeves and ribbing on the end of both the sleeves and the cardigan.

I am very happy with the outcome, love the colour and the fit and the yarn and just all of it.

And here are some snaps from the past week.

Riddles and brunch
Riddles over the mans birthday brunch yesterday.

Me and my girls.
Me and my girls.

Autumn colours everywhere.



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Bit’s & Pieces and Birthday – October 7th

Such busy days. Work is absolutely crazy as summer is high season so the months following are super busy as we try to get everything done that we did not get done over the summer, work through everything that did not get sorted while we were on vacation, and prepare for the end of the year so that we can do inventory and financial statements. Phew. Busy!

#yarnpadc catch up, Day 20: Favorite Tool - #scissors I love them!
Some of my scissors. I LOVE scissors and have collected them for some years.

New toy, oh the joy!
I got a belated birthday gift from the man. I have already had loads of fun with my new lens!

#yarnpadc catch up: Mirror
Working in our store in Haukadalur.

#yarnpadc catch up, Day 28: Needles
Double pointed needles and crochet hooks

#yarnpadc Day 30: Leaves
It’s autumn and the colors are crazy

About 6 weeks later, almost everything is still here #hlemmur #yarngraffiti #yarnstorming #ruy
6 weeks later, and our latest yarnstorming project is almost all still there

We finally celebrated Karítas’s birthday yesterday with the family.

Karítas blowing out her 8 candles. Why do kids grow up so fast?
Blowing out 8 candles.

2013-10-06 13.33.08-1
A new favorite cake. Cheese cake with fresh strawberries and white chocolate

2013-10-06 15.09.58
A very tired me

2013-10-06 15.13.38
Happy Karítas

2013-10-06 15.14.42-2
Mom and me

2013-10-06 15.17.01

2013-10-06 15.18.25-2

2013-10-06 15.25.42-1
Karítas with her dad and step mom (and the soon to come new baby! yay!)

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Bits & Pieces – September 29th, 2013

I have so much catching up to do. Here, at home, at work, and with my passion projects. Oh well, it will all fall into place. If there is one thing I am learning, it is not to stress too much about things. Well, slowly I am learning this, and often fall of track and start to freak out about things I have no control over.

Birthday girl with her grandmother. Karítas is 8 years old today ❤
On September 14th, this amazing human turned 8 years old. She is incredible. Always happy. Easy to please. Always thankful, outspoken, opinionated and passionate. I can’t wait to watch her grow and mature more. I love you, Karítas Árný!

#yarnpadc catch up, Day 4: Stitches on a sock that still needs a parter #secondsocksyndrome
This sock is lonely and needs it’s partner. I also need to go through my WIP and UFO cabinet (yes, it is a cabinet and yes, it is full) and make a list of things I need and want to finish and frog the rest.

Record sunday
We finally got a record player! OH THE JOY!

Adrían came over and had pizza
My nephew, Adrían. Every time he comes over he wants something to eat. And every time he is oh so very happy to eat.

When I am sick, I get to use my Karítas as a pillow. That's love!
I was very sick this past weekend and am still trying to get rid of a bad cold. Karítas would be a great nurse and lets me use her as a pillow when I am feeling like crap.

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Bits & Pieces – August 27th

Hey, it’s my birthday!
I am officially 35 years old today, yay! The day started with hugs and kisses from my daughters and man, and then off course the daily routine, get everyone ready for work and school.

Karítas gave me this #necklace she made for my #birthday ❤
And then my sweet little Karítas gave me this necklace she made for me.

The past week was very eventful.

#bulsuparty #prinspóló
I went to a garden party with live music and great food!

There was also a hammock!

Yarn hair!
I tried out a new hair style with yarn.

I was in the newspaper.

#menningarnott #hlemmur #mayor #jóngnarr #yarnbomb #yarnstorm #yarngraffiti
And I yarnstormed with my group and the Mayor of Reykjavík, Jón Gnarr.

#hlemmur #menningarnott #mnott #yarnbomb #yarnstorm #yarngraffiti
Look! So pretty!

Sumarrós and Karítas
My daughters even yarnstormed!

For more info, check out Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers.

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Bits & Pieces – August 11th

The first week back at work happened without much effort. It is actually good being back, my office was painted while I was gone and everyone welcomed me back. I like my job, I can’t deny that.

we got some sponsorship for our next project #ruy #menningarnótt2013 #hlemmur #yarnbomb #yarnstorm #yarngraffiti
My yarngraffiti group got some well earned money support from the Culture Night fund at Landsbankinn. We are doing THIS on Culture Night this year. Please come!

Happy #gaypride everyone ❤
Gay Pride started this week. I love Gay Pride week!

Happy #gaypride #reykjavík
Yesterday we went to the Gay Pride parade. This little girl dressed up accordingly.

#gaypride #yarnbomb #yarnstorm #yarngraffiti #reykjavík #iceland
And this big girl yarnstormed to support all the LGBT people that I know and love. And for those who are still to this day hurt, beaten up, murdered and silenced for loving whom they love. This needs to stop! Out with hate, in with LOVE!

#gaypride #yarnbomb #yarnstorm #yarngraffiti #reykjavík #iceland
Yay! More Gay Pride support in the form of yarn!

Finally! #pállóskar #gaypride #reykjavík #iceland
And Karítas finally met Páll Óskar, her favorite musician and artist. We love him and would like to thank him for everything he has done for the LGBT community in Iceland and all over the world.

Also, check out more Gay Pride yarngraffiti work by my group of talented and loving people at Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers.

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Bits & Pieces – August 5th

Tomorrow I start work again. My vacation is over. 4 weeks just flew by! I do have some more time off though, that I will use up in September when me and Sumarrós and my mother visit New York City for 8 days. Anyone out there reading that lives there or visits often and has good tips on what to do with teenagers in NYC? Any advice is appreciated!

This weekend me and the man and Karítas went for a little road trip around Snæfellsnes peninsula and stopped here and there for a little adventure. Here are some snaps from the past week and this weekend.

All wrapped up in #crochet ❤
Karítas all wrapped up in my crochet. Makes my heart swell up!

Dog love!
Playdate with Rósa and her girls and their awesome dog, Funi.

Me and my friend Neal.

We met this super friendly cat yesterday while caring for another cat
The friendliest cat in Kópavogur. The girls wanted to take him home with us.

I found this yarngraffiti close to Arnarstapi. Woohoo!

Helgi and Karítas
Excited about visiting Rauðfeldsgjá (I recommend this link, it is a panorama of inside the crack, super cool!)

Sometimes it is fun to be young and light and let someone stronger hold you over the slippery rocks.

The view from the opening of Rauðfeldsgjá
The view from the opening of Rauðfeldsgjá is pretty spectacular.

Helgi and Karítas, skipping peddles
Djúpalónssandur. Skipping peddles on the ocean.

There are many photos from the weekend, so I made a set on flickr.

#yarngraffiti #yarnstorm #yarnbomb #crochet #iceland #
I yarnstormed this sign close to my grandfathers cabin in Skorradalur.

And while driving home, we decided to drive Hvalfjörður instead of taking the tunnel and I also did some yarnstorming there.

Laxá í Kjós, you have been yarnstormed!

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Bits & Pieces – July 28th

I only have 8 days left of my vacation. E I G H T days! Gah! Where does time go and why does it go by so quickly? We finally got some summer this week. High temps (for Iceland), sun and calm weather. It has been amazing and I have some new freckles to prove it. We have been swimming, walking, biking, jogging and just enjoying.

Cindi Brumpton asked me a question and featured my answer on her blog. ‘What have you learned from knitting?’

Here are some snaps from the past few days.

Karítas is back! We missed you! ❤
First of all, Karítas came back home! Oh how we missed her and LOVE having her back with us!

My grandparents with my mom and her siblings.
Top row from left: Hulda, Atli and Rósa (my mother)
Bottom row from left: My grandmother Kamma, Berglind, Svala and my grandfather Guðlaugur.

1st attempt at a #crochet #stone @rodprjonar
My first attempt at a crochet stone.

Mother & Daughter
“Mom, take a photo of us together in the mirror!”
And I did and I love that photo!

#slutwalk #drusluganga #reykjavík #iceland
Slut Walk in Reykjavík yesterday.

#laugadalur #iceland
Part of my running path in Laugardalur. So beautiful.


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Bits & Pieces – July 21st

I am on vacation. And finally it feels like I am on vacation as I am finally relaxed enough. I always have a hard time getting into the right mindset for not waking up in the morning and going to work. Guess I am a creature that likes routine. Thankfully, I also like relaxing, I just take my time getting used to it.

BOOM! #yarnstorm #yarnbombing #yarngraffiti #yarnstorming #crochet #iceland #hespa #borgarfjörður
I did a little yarngraffiti on my way to visit Hespuhúsið, where you can buy the most amazing herb dyed Icelandic wool.

#hespa #herbdyedwool
See! Amazing, isn’t it?

My favorite showed up at the cabin @deibpia
Me and Sumarrós and my mom went to my grandfathers cabin in Skorradalur and stayed for 5 days. My friend Rósa came for a visit.

Foli Sindri wearing the sweater I knitted for him
I finished this sweater for my friend Óli. The pattern is Grettir by Jared Flood. The pattern is amazingly well written and I highly recommend it. I did some changes though, like opening it up and added a zipper and a hood to it.

So tired of the #rain #selfie
It has been raining almost all summer. I am very tired of it, but the forecast says that next week might be better. I hope it comes true.

Preperation for #menningarnótt2013 #yarnstorm #yarnbombing #yarngraffiti #hlemmur
Preparing for the next yarnstorm project. You are invited!

2013-07-20 15.09.51
Yesterday, me and my friend Rod went for a drive to Snæfellsnes to visit a rocky beach called Djúpalónssandur. It was absolutely amazing and fun and beautiful. This part of Iceland is so beautiful it makes my heart swell up.

#djúpalónssandur #snæfellsnes #iceland #ocean #rocks

2013-07-20 17.17.51
We also visited Rauðfeldargjá. Amazing!

Me. Photo by Rod.

Tomorrow Karítas comes home after 4 weeks away! I CAN NOT WAIT! Hugs and kisses galore!


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Bits & Pieces – July 7th

The past two weeks have been extremely busy as they were the last days at the office for some time. I am now officially on summer vacation for the next 4 weeks! Yes! I start working again on August 6th. A much needed vacation for me and I am super excited about it.

I have some projects to work on, one for my yarnstorming group that is super exciting and then off course my own personal knitting and crochet projects. I am going to my grandfathers summer house next week and am just making small plans here and there to fill up the 4 weeks. I don’t want to be too busy though, I really need to relax also.

Sumarrós wearing the #Gir suit she and her grandmother made together
Sumarrós and my mother made this Gir (from Invader Zim) suit for her.

French feast in my backyard ❤
Last Sunday, my friend Claire from France was here for a visit and she cooked us this beautiful French cousine feast. The weather was nice so we ate in my garden.

Lunch with my parents
Lunch with my parents. We went to Grillmarkaðurinn for the best burgers in Iceland. Amazing!

#stones #skorradalur
Stones in Skorradalur.

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Bits & Pieces – June 25th

Only 10 days until I start my summer vacation. Can.Not.Wait.
I do not have much planned other than relaxing and hopefully some camping trips. Sun has been out for some days lately, but now it is grey and raining again. I hope summer will turn out better than it has started. I need it after the boring winter we had.

Happy Womens Rights Day! #málumbæinnbleikan #yarngraffiti #yarnstorming #yarnbombing #crochet #pink #girlpower for all the amazing women I know
I did a little yarnstorming on June 19th. It was 98 years ago that women over the age of 40 got the right to vote and the theme for the day was “Paint the City Pink”. So a little bit of pink yarn was used for decoration.

#málumbæinnbleikan #yarnbombing #yarngraffiti #yarnstorming #pink #reykjavík #iceland
Girl Power!

Summer time, finally!
Friday was lovely! White win on the balcony at the office with the sun shining.

Neighborhood #cat
One of the many cats that live on my street. This one is very friendly.

Hólavallakirkjugarður – The biggest cemetery since the 1800’s

Karítas went traveling with her father this morning. I will not see her for 4 weeks. Miss you, Karítas! Safe travels and have fun!
Karítas left Monday morning for a 4 week vacation with her father and his GF. I miss her already, but I know she will have so much fun!

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Bits & Pieces – June 2nd

It’s June people! How did that happen? It was Christmas just a week ago, or so it seems.

Just found the leftovers from last years #bus #yarngraffiti adventure. Now I need to find a place to put this up. Anyone want to join in on the fun?
While cleaning out my outdoor storage room, I found the leftovers from the Yarngraffiti Bus me and my crew did last summer. Now I am thinking of where to put this up as it is just a shame to keep them in a bag in my storage.

Rain, #rain, go away! I am so ready for summer!
Rain, rain, go away! It has been raining almost the entire week. I am so tired of it. I am hoping this is just the world watering the plants well before the sun comes out full force.

After swimming
Me, the man and Karítas went swimming in a new pool in a different town yesterday. There are so many good pools here in Iceland. Check them out if you ever come over (and call me to have a cup of coffee or a glass of beer).

Pillow house chilling.
She likes building pillow houses and cuddling in them. Can’t blame her!

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Bits & Pieces – May 26th

Are you using flickr to host your images? I have been for years and have always been happy with it, but I am not sure what I think about the newest update and interface. I guess I just have to get used to it.

Selfie in a bus mirror, a la @lilliendahl
Selfie in a bus mirror. My friend has a thing for these pictures and takes them all the time, so when I realized I was sitting right across from a mirror, I decided to steal her idea and take one of myself.

#reykjavik #iceland #art
On my way from my bus stop to my office, I cross a space between Hverfisgata and Laugavegur. It is mostly parking lots and backyards for the surrounding houses. And in one corner I find this. I love it. I have a set on flickr for wall decorations that I find awesome and snap pictures of it. You can check it out here.

Last school dance of the year. My daughter looked beautiful ❤
Sumarrós went to the final school dance of the year. She looked so beautiful!

Last Friday we had a BBQ and drinks and an auction at my office. Here is my boss wearing his patriotic apron, serving wine. I love my job.

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Bits & Pieces

It’s Sunday again!
It has been a quiet weekend. On Friday I was working a little for my grandfather in Hafnarfjörður so I visited my favorite yarnstore and got a little treat for myself.

#tulip #crochethooks
Tulip crochet hook set. These are, hands down, the BEST crochet hooks I have ever used. Expensive, but the best!

My beautiful #daughter Summarrós going to a friends confirmation.
Sumarrós going to a friends confirmation last Sunday. I can’t stop looking at this photo. Did I really create all this beauty?

Kópavogur #youcantmakethisshitup
One of the weirdest things I have seen. Back part of a car, attached to a wall with graffiti around it. Hah!

@lilliendahl in a window, take 2
Hildur in a window.

@pallih in a window
Palli in a window.

#coffee #cup #barbamama
My day started with coffee. Now I am going to get some more and do a little bit more knitting on my secret knitting project. Off course I will share pictures once it is completed and has been given away!

Hope you are having a relaxing sunday.


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Bits & Pieces

Once again I have not been updating once a week. Easter came and went and the biological calendar and clock got messed up due to too much chocolate, good food and being way too lazy. I had a good Easter, I hope you did also.

#søstrenegrenes #cotton #yarn such pretty colors!

New #crochet #blanket it is confirmed that I have an obsession.
I have started yet another blanket. Yes, I am fully aware that this is madness, but I like it. This one will be for my little nephew, Adrían. He absolutely loves the blanket I gave to my sister, his mother and takes it away from her all the time. So I decided he definitely needed one of his own.

#cat #love ❤
Kitty cat getting some love.

Cabinet got a fresh coat of paint and a little make over.
This cabinet looked like this before. I was so tired of how boring it looked. I gave it a fresh color and a little make over. Love it now!

Prepping #yarn #yarngraffiti #yarnbombing
Prepping a little yarn graffiti with a stitching twist. Stay tuned for more.

#latergram #confetti #dolly
Confetti! YAY!

My sister and her love bird @fanneye87
My sister and her Love Bird. So sweet!

Good morning #reykjavik #iceland
Spring morning skies are the best. The BEST!

In love with a #scarf @lxndrkrchnr ❤
I am in love with this scarf.

#reykjavik #iceland #austurvöllur #alþingi
Alþingi – national parliament (the big stone building on the left. Austurvöllur is the small park across from it that is a very popular hang out on sunny summer days.

They caught the beast! @svalaeiriks @soleyosk90
Kiddos and the cat Flóki.


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Bits & Pieces

Cold, but beautiful day in #reykjavik #iceland
The past 10 days or so have absolutely flown by. 10 days ago it was horribly cold, but bright and the sun was out. You can feel the spring coming slowly, the days are getting longer and it is slowly getting warmer.

#þingvellir #iceland
We took a drive to visit friends in the countryside and drove through Þingvellir. It is always so beautiful there.

Good morning #reykjavik #iceland
Early morning in Reykjavík.

A walk by the #pond #reykjavik #iceland
Same day, afternoon by the Pond.

I need this floor lamp!
I went out for a great lunch with my man and saw this lamp in the restaurant. I want it!

School dance
My beautiful daughter, Sumarrós.

Cousins ❤
Karítas and her cousin (my sisters son) Adrían. They are the cutest and so good together.

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