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Bits & Pieces, November 10th

Another week has flown by. I was busy both at work and at home, did a good deal of knitting and some crochet, along with everything else one has to do on a day to day basis.

Turn a Square

Turn a Square
The man got a new hat for winter.
Pattern: Turn a Square by Jared Flood
Yarn: Cascade 220 and 7 Veljestä Raita for the stripes
Needle: 4mm

New knitting book that I won, woohoo!
I got a new knitting book that I surprisingly won in a game on Facebook I did not even enter myself, but was nominated by a friend.

Japanese knitting magazine, all about Icelandic lopi! Thanks, Yuka!
My friend Yuka from Japan gave me this really cool Japanese knitting magazine that is all about Icelandic Wool.

The best Joe I've ever known
My favorite Joe in the world was visiting Iceland.

2013-11-10 15.46.05
I started a new cardigan for myself. I am using one ply of Plötulopi (un-spun Icelandic Wool) and one ply of Isager Spinni Tweed. I love how those two very different types of wool come together and can’t wait to see the outcome once I have finished the cardigan.


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Bits & Pieces

It is Sunday again! The weeks seem to fly by and I don’t remember time ever passing so quickly before. The week has been busy again, but I am back with some photos.

#autumn #fall #tree #trees #green #red #reykjavik #iceland #yellow
Another autumn picture. I took this one on day while walking home with Karítas from school. It has been raining a lot this week and all the pretty colored leaves are falling of the trees now.

New #crochet project. #collar #cotton #pan
I got this beautiful cotton yarn as a gift from my friend Rodrigo (check out his blog, he is incredibly talented).

Fail of the week. Realising you forgot your work computer at home after you show up at work. #epicfail
Epic fail of the week. Showing up to work and realizing you forgot your work computer at home! Thankfully that was sorted out pretty quickly. What a way to start a Friday!

Favorite #book #iceland #old #pattern #stitching
While waiting for my computer to arrive at the office, I spent the time opening the mail, cleaning up, and going through this amazing book of old Icelandic patterns. The book is huge and and so beautiful and inspiring.

Mmmm! Noodle Station!
Yesterday was spent at home starting a new crochet project with my friend Rósa. We had noodle soup from Noodle Station. A favorite dish of ours and something that we had both been craving for a while. Oh so good!

New #crochet #blanket start. #yarn
The yarn for my new crochet blanket. We are doing it as a CAL (Crochet A Long) project over at my Icelandic crochet group on Facebook.

The new #crochet #blanket now has one row of every #color #black #gray #green #purple
Here is my start of the blanket with one row of each color added to it. The project is called Vintage Crocheted Throw & Afghan by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas and you can buy the pattern for $5 on Ravelry.

Today I plan on doing more crochet, Rósa is coming over again and we are both working on our blankets. I hope your week was good and that next week is even better.

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Gifts given

My grandfather and his wife, Ása, both turned 80 years old this summer. They held a huge party for all their friends and families. It was wonderful day. Since I was extremely busy with work, I only finished my grandfathers gift on time and it felt wrong to show up with just his gift and nothing for her so I decided to finish her gift at my own pace, and pay them a visit when it was finished.

I finished her gift last weekend and today, me and my mom and my daughter Karítas went to visit them in their lovely home with their gifts.

Ása & Gulli
My grandfather and his wife Ása.

June Bunnies
Pattern: June Bunnies by Inese Andzane.
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk
Needles: 3mm

Pattern: Órói by Védís Jónsdóttir from Lopi #27
Yarn: Ístex Álafoss Lopi
Needles: 4.5mm and 6mm

My grandfather is one of the most incredible humans I know. He is full of patience and kindness and incredible talent. He is a bookbinder and always smells like old books (or, I say old books smell like him, and this is my favorite smell in the world). He loves telling stories and is full of them. He is always willing to help, he loves having his family around, he is always positive and playful. Even at eighty, his spirits are still high and being around him, you don’t notice his age at all. All those things can be said about his wife also. They have been together for 20+ years and are perfect for each other. Visiting them is something that I always enjoy, but never seem to do enough of. I am going to do more of it in the future, that’s for sure.


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Random bits & pieces

I am trying to get back into the swing with this blog. I made a decision on Friday that I would blog every Sunday for now, and whenever I feel like it, but at least every Sunday. Even if I don’t have some knitting/stitching/crochet to share, I will always have some pictures since I am always taking them, at least with my iPhone and the Instagram app.

So here is a little something, some of my favorites, from the past week or so. If you want to follow me on Instagram, my username is litlaskvis.

New #crochet project. #blanket for Karítas.
A crochet bed spread I am making for Karítas. She picked the pink and off white one and I picked the grey and brown one. I love this color combo and this is the perfect project while watching a movie.

Birthday balloons!
Karítas with some balloons. Don’t balloons make everyone happy?

Hallgrímskirkja. One of the most famous landmarks here in Reykjavík.

Work and home work
Me working, the girls doing home work for school. Sometimes it is amazing to be able to take work home when I need to.

Cousins ❤
My cousin Adrían and my daughter Sumarrós. They adore each other and are such good friends.

#autumn #color #red #yellow #tree #iceland #reykjavik

#red #reykjavik #autumn #white #fence #iceland #fall

#autumn #fall #red #tree #reykjavik #yellow #green #iceland #path
Autumn has arrived with it’s amazing colors. I love this season!

Mini me ❤
Sumarrós. Who is looking more and more like me every day.

A visit to one of my favorite #yarnstore in #reykjavik #iceland #yarn #knitting #crochet
I visited one of my favorite yarn stores this week, Litla Prjónabúðin. Such pretty yarns and the customer service is amazing.

A little something for myself after a very productive day #book #crochet
Off course I did not walk out empty handed. I love that book! And the hand lotion is incredible and a must for the cold weather and dry hands that I seem to suffer from as soon as the weather gets colder.

I do have two new knitting finishes, but they are gifts and I will post photos when I have gifted them. Until later.

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2009 Project list

This was probably the worst stitching year since I started stitching! LOL! That is both good and bad. Bad because, well, I wanted to get more done, but good because I also did some knitting, and I did so much else that was absolutely fabulous. And like they say, you can’t do everything, a girl has to pick and choose! So, without further introduction, here are two lists, one for stitching and the other for knitting.

Stitching 2009

1) Spiral Lbre – freebie in pink
2) Spiral Lbre – freebie in green
3) Santa ornament – Prairie Schooler
4) Noel Ornament – freebie
5) Flea Market Souvenir – Blackbird Designs
6) Home Of A Needleworker (Too!) – Little House Needleworks
7) Set of smalls in orange for my dad’s sister – Various freebie designs
8) Notebook – part of LHN’s The Rain Fell
9) Purple Set of Smalls – Various Freebie Designs
10) Small Token – Blackbird Designs
11) Red Set of Smalls for Svala – Various freebie designs
12) Purple set of smalls for Birgitta – Various freebie designs

Knitting 2009

1) Ebony Cape – Design by Helga Isager
2) Gryffindor Scarf – Design by me
3) Frost – Design by Védís Jónsdóttir
4) Knúpur – Design Védís Jónsdóttir
5) Cheers – Design by Cheryl Niamath
6) Lopi 156 – Design Álafoss

7) Neckwarmer for Fanney – Design Susan Chang

I am not making any stitching or knitting resolutions for the new year. There is only one thing I am going to follow: ENJOY WHAT I AM DOING!

May the year 2010 bring you and your family joy and love in every aspect of your life. Thank you for the friendship in 2009.

Linda, Sumarrós and Karítas Árný


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Back home – photo heavy post

Hello everyone. I got home on the 28th of December, late in the night, so I got my girls back home yesterday after my first day back at the office after the holiday. It was amazing to get my girls back. Even if I had a fantastic time in England with Ben and everyone, I sure missed my girls.

On the 23rd of December I got a new title. I am now an auntie! My sister Gyða and her boyfriend Dominik had their first child, a son named Adrian who was almost 6 weeks early into this world and is still in the hospital. He is doing great, just a little lazy when it comes to nursing so he will be able to go home as soon as he starts drinking more. I am going to the hospital today to see him and can not wait! I did a whole lot of shopping for them while I was in England and last night I gave them a huge bag full of clothes for their little son.

My sister Gyða with her son Adrian
My sister Gyða and her son Adrian.



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Anyone remember me?

Oh it has been long. Way too long. Sorry I went MIA, but sometimes life just gets in the way of things. Everything is good though, I have just been really busy with, yeah, life. So it has been good and fun 🙂

I got an e-mail from Jennifer who won my bloggaversary draw telling me that she got the package that I sent her. You can see pictures of the goodies over at her blog.

I am however going to show you some detailed pictures of the first notebook that I finished and was a part of the gift to her. I am absolutely in love with how it turned out and it was very hard to give up, but Jennifer tells me that she loves it so I know it went to the right place. I am definitely going to be using this finishing technique more!

Notebook cover

Pattern is from LHN’s The Rain Fell. I changed it a lot to fit my ideas.
Fabric: Lakeside Linens River Willow 32ct
Threads: CCC and DMC

Notebook - inside view

Notebook  back

Sumarrós with the notebook

I added some pearl buttons to the back and a small charm. I wanted the book to be simple and plain and I think I managed that. I also love that fabric, it is just so beautiful!

I have finished knitting my cape! I just sewed the buttons on today and wore it. It is just awesome! I will post pictures soon hopefully, I just need someone to come over and take pictures of me wearing it. I am sure that will happen soon. I have started another knitting project, a very simple scarf for a friend in Gryffindor colors. Oh, speaking of Harry Potter, have you seen the trailer for the new movie? I am oh so excited about it! Can’t wait!

Well. I am going to get comfy on my sofa and stitch a little. I haven’t been stitching at all really, and I need to finish up one thing that is a gift.

Oh, one more thing. Next Saturday we are getting a new member to our family.


We haven’t decided on a name yet, we need to get to know her a little first I think. I can’t wait, I really miss having a cat!


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A visit to an antique store

I had to go out and do some shopping today. The fridge was basically empty and there were lots of other necessities that were needed. So since I was going out I decided to stop at an antique store that one of my stitching friends mentioned last weekend. She told me they had lots of buttons and other stuff so I just had to go and check it out. I used to be a regular at that place, but I never saw anything that I could use for my stitching there. But today I found some great treasures.

Buttons, lace and old pattern books

I found two old pattern books. They are not even dated so I have no clue how old they are. But there are some beautiful patterns in them, and even if they didn’t have any patterns that I thought were pretty, I would have gotten them anyway. I just love love LOVE old pattern books and am somewhat of a collector, especially of the old Icelandic ones.


These buttons were also screaming my name. I am going back to search in the thousands of buttons that are there when I have more time and energy. These were just some cute ones I found quickly.

Antique Lace

Lace. There were drawers full of them. It was a bit of a mess to go through so again, I am going back when I have more time and energy to go through everything. I am sure there are more treasures there that just really need a new home.

I love going to places like this one. There were 3 old sewing machines that I really really wanted and I would have gotten them all if I had a bigger place and a room to display them in. There was so much furniture there that I wanted. Oh, and old HUGE tin cookie boxes and just name it. The place is beautiful and full of all kinds of great stuff. I am going to be a regular there I think.

Oh, and I got a cute new hat! I just have to share a picture of yours truly wearing it. It is purple and sparkly! Oh so me!

Tonight I plan on taking it easy and watching a movie. I also have a new project to start for a birthday in my family that is coming up. I finally found the perfect thread to go with the fabric I had already picked out. Thanks to my mom for having a great eye for color and patterns! I had been looking through all my stash and had picked out some threads that I thought would work but wasn’t sure about anything. My mom comes over and finds something that I didn’t even consider and bamm! It is the perfect color! LOL! Gotta love her 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!


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Finishing for a friend.

My friend Brenda claims to be finishing challenged (her words, not mine! LOL!) so when I offered her to mail me some pieces and do the finishing for her on them, she jumped at the offer and this week I got an envelope from her with these beautiful pieces stitched by her and two books that she had and wanted to give me (Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden and Fool me Once by Fern Michaels).

Stitched by Brenda

Now I am trying to decide what to finish them into. This is what I have in mind at the moment.

The blue tall flower piece – bookmark
Sunflower piece – a pillow
Cottage Garden Piece – a pinkeep
The green/purple piece on top – no clue! LOL! It would look great as a biscornu, but it is a little too big for one and I don’t have the same backing fabric (that could be fixed easily though). But I think it is a tad to big for a biscornu though.

Any ideas? Please share 🙂

I haven’t done much stitching during the week. I have done a little on Flea Market Souvenir and will probably do more stitching on it today and tonight. So I might have an updated picture later in the week.


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