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It is Sunday again! The weeks seem to fly by and I don’t remember time ever passing so quickly before. The week has been busy again, but I am back with some photos.

#autumn #fall #tree #trees #green #red #reykjavik #iceland #yellow
Another autumn picture. I took this one on day while walking home with Karítas from school. It has been raining a lot this week and all the pretty colored leaves are falling of the trees now.

New #crochet project. #collar #cotton #pan
I got this beautiful cotton yarn as a gift from my friend Rodrigo (check out his blog, he is incredibly talented).

Fail of the week. Realising you forgot your work computer at home after you show up at work. #epicfail
Epic fail of the week. Showing up to work and realizing you forgot your work computer at home! Thankfully that was sorted out pretty quickly. What a way to start a Friday!

Favorite #book #iceland #old #pattern #stitching
While waiting for my computer to arrive at the office, I spent the time opening the mail, cleaning up, and going through this amazing book of old Icelandic patterns. The book is huge and and so beautiful and inspiring.

Mmmm! Noodle Station!
Yesterday was spent at home starting a new crochet project with my friend Rósa. We had noodle soup from Noodle Station. A favorite dish of ours and something that we had both been craving for a while. Oh so good!

New #crochet #blanket start. #yarn
The yarn for my new crochet blanket. We are doing it as a CAL (Crochet A Long) project over at my Icelandic crochet group on Facebook.

The new #crochet #blanket now has one row of every #color #black #gray #green #purple
Here is my start of the blanket with one row of each color added to it. The project is called Vintage Crocheted Throw & Afghan by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas and you can buy the pattern for $5 on Ravelry.

Today I plan on doing more crochet, Rósa is coming over again and we are both working on our blankets. I hope your week was good and that next week is even better.

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