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Ladybugs and Bumblebees – FINISHED!

It didn’t take me long to finish this at all! I didn’t have that much left to stitch on it. I did most of it last night, and then I added the two little bumblebees when I got home from work today and my little Karítas helped me iron it (she got to spray it with water). I love love love it!

Ladybugs and Bumblebees
Design by Nikki Leeman and Diane Williams, Country Cottage Needleworks.
Fabric: Vintage Country Mocha 32ct Belfast
Threads: DMC, CC and GAST

Ladybugs and Bumblebees

Ladybugs and Bumblebees by CCN

I also got another birthday gift in the mail today. This one is from my friend Brenda. Thanks Brenda! I hope you and yours are safe from Gustav. She and her family fled New Orleans and I just got word through a stitching friends that they are getting some wind and rain, but nothing serious. I hope it stays that way for them and everyone who is getting affected! Stay safe!

Birthdaygift from Brenda
Thread rings and January, February and March Baubles by Sam Sarah Design Studio.

I took my Neighborhood to the framers today. I found a really beautiful rough wood frame for it. Just like I had imagined. I will get it back in about 2 weeks, maybe sooner. I will off course be posting pictures once I get it back! Now I am going to start stitching on an exchange with a Halloween theme. I have always wanted to do some Halloween stitching, but since it is not celebrated here in Iceland I don’t get much of a chance to do so. So I signed up for an exchange and will get a fall themed stitched item in return 🙂 Great deal if you ask me. I have decided on what to stitch and how to finish it. Now just to find the perfect fabric to go with the design!


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