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Bits & Pieces – January 7th

It’s a new year! And, it’s my mother’s birthday today!

My mom braiding my hair ❤

Happy birthday, mom! And thanks for still braiding my hair, even though I am all grown up!

The first gift is wrapped and ready
Christmas gifts

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Karítas and Adrían assist with the gift opening
Christmas kids

Christmas me
Christmas me

New headband, so warm! #knitting #cascade220 #malabrigo
I made myself a new headband for the cold.
Pattern: Parisian Twist Headband Ear Warmer by Elisa McLaughlin
Yarn: 1 strand Cascade 220 and 1 strand Malabrigo Twist
Needles: 6mm

2014-01-06 18.48.11

2014-01-06 18.49.03-1

2014-01-06 18.49.44-1
I gave my sister the Safety Scarf as that pink looks so good on her!
Pattern: Safety Scarf by Stephen West
Yarn: BC Garn Semilla Fino in grey and Koigu Premium Merino (KPM) in neon pink
Needles: 3.5mm

This scarf is supposed to be knit on much bigger needles with much thicker yarn, but I wanted a more delicate look and I really wanted to use the Koigu yarn that I got while visiting New York in September. I am very happy with how it turned out with my changes. It still wrappes twice around the neck but is not too tight. It was a very fun knit! Stephen’s patterns are just incredible.

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2013 – Finishes

It’s been a wonderful year.
Like the years before, I am doing a list of my finished projects.


Freebie from TraLaLa – finished as a pin cushion
Total: 1 finished project

Cardigan for Pálmi
Curry cardigan for myself
Camomille shawl for myself
Turn a square hat for the man
Grettir for Óli Sindri
Total: 5 finished projects

Wave blanket for Karítas
Bugða blanket for Sumarrós
Vintage blanket for my sister, Gyða
Electric Ripple blanket for a friends baby
Granny Stripe blanket for my nephew, Adrían
Viktoría collar for me
Viktoría necklace for Aimee
Viktoría necklace for Karítas
Viktoría necklaces for Þóra and Freyja
Viktoría necklace for Erla, Sumarrós’s sister
Viktoría necklace for Helga Soffía
Viktoría necklace for Steinunn Lóa
Bow Tie for my nephew, Adrían
Bow Tie for Starri, Sumarrós’s brother
Slaufa, for a friends baby
Slaufa, for Karítas’s baby sister
Cardigan for Karítas’s baby sister
Washcloths for me and the man
Washcloth for Karítas
Washcloth for Sumarrós
Mittens for Sumarrós
Mittens for Karítas
Hat for Karítas
Light green jar cover
White jar cover
Purple jar cover
Orange jar cover #1
Orange jar cover #2
Dark green jar cover
Red jar cover
Gray jar cover
White and black jar covers
Crochet stone #1
Crochet stone #2
Lægð, cowl
6 hair elastics for Sóley
Wash cloth
Súld, hat for my cousin Bjarki (here modeled by Karítas)
Lægð, wrapped scarf for Karítas
Bow Tie for my friend Einar. No photo, but one is hopefully coming soon.
Total: 40 finished projects

Hlemmur – bus stop in Reykjavík
The sign that marks my grandfathers summer house
Laxá í Kjós
By Hespuhúsið
In a car
Womens Rights
Gay Pride
Total: 7 finished projects

Me and my girls.

We wish you a very happy 2014 and I hope that you continue to drop by to my little blog.


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Bits & Pieces

First bits & pieces post of the new year. It is going to be a bit of the best from since I last posted a bits & pieces post since there are so many pictures I have taken since then. If you want to see them all, you can always check out my Instagram set og Flickr.

#crochet #jar
Some crochet covered jars that I gave away for Christmas. They look really good with candles in them, or you can store your knitting needles, crochet hooks, cookies, straws or whatever in them!

#jólavættir #santa #light #reykjavik #iceland #christmas
One of the Christmas spirits around Reykjavík. Find them all!

New and enviroment friendly #shopping #bag at #geysirstore #reykjavik #iceland I love mine!
Our environmental friendly shopping bags. I love mine and use it all the time!

#christmas #tree is up with #hama #beaded #snowflakes
Our Christmas tree, decorated with home made HAMA beaded snow flakes.

Gift wrapping. My favorite part of the holidays
I love wrapping gifts. I do something different each year and I love the wrapping I did this year. Simple, but beautiful.

The Christmas Tree at my parents house is always so beautiful.

Mmmm, smoothie!
I got a mixer from my parents. Smoothies for everyone!

Mom, dad & me! How cute are we?
My parents and me in 1982 or 1983. I love this photo!

They are baking chocolate chip cookies
My man and Karítas baked chocolate chip cookies. So good!

Grandfather and nephew watching the fireworks
My grandfather and my nephew watching the fireworks on New Years Eve.

Lunch pick nick durring inventory @svelgur @emmnielsen
Back to work after a great and much needed Christmas vacation. Inventory lunch break!

Sumarrós was drawing
Some of Sumarrós’s drawing. She is so talented!

Ready for a wedding.
I went to a wedding yesterday. This is a before shot of my hair and make up.

After wedding hair
After the wedding hair. Brushing my teeth, ready for bed.


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Bits & Pieces

Ah. Finally a week that is not absolutely hectic. Busy sure, but not crazy. The re-organizing of the house is still ongoing but getting close to being done. I still have not done any shopping for Christmas though, but I will finish it next week for sure. I have decided what to get for almost everyone, so it is just a matter of getting out there and pick up the gifts.

Here are some snaps from the week.

The first Santa put mittens in her sock.
The first Santa came, Karítas got new mittens.

Holtagarðar #busstop
My view each morning at the bus stop.

My #orchid is blooming again #flowers #white
The orchid at the office is blooming again.

We got a visit at work! #novasveinar #nova #discosanta #jóló
These Santas came to the office giving us chocolate.

New/old furniture love
New/old furniture love for my living room. A part of a larger ser that will come hopefully in the beginning of 2013.

Karítas at the Yule Ball at Kaffibarinn today.

#yolo #kaffibarinn
Santas at Kaffibarinn

Santas give the little people gifts #santa #kids #kaffibarinn
The Santas gave the little people gifts and were very funny and friendly, singing songs and playing the guitar.


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Bits ‘n Pieces, on a Wednesday

The past week was spent almost completely in bed. I got sick on Monday at work and when I got home around five, I had a temp of 39°C. My fever went up to 40,6°C on Tuesday so I went to the doctor. Strep throat, again. I got my meds and was finally feeling slightly human again on Friday.
My cousin Bjarki, who has rented a room in my flat for the past 2 and a half years moved out this weekend so I spent the weekend moving the girls into new bedrooms and myself from the living room (where I used to sleep for the past year) to my own bedroom. Thanks to my parents for their endless, amazing help! I can’t thank them enough. Pictures will come when the rooms are ready. The living room is also getting a slight make over.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the sick week.

Sickness, #crochet and Boardwalk Empire
When I wasn’t passed out due to the fever, I was doing crochet and watching Boardwalk Empire. I love those shows!

It now measures 114 cm wide and 100 cm long. #crochet #blanket #brown #pink #white #gray
The blanket for Karítas now measures about 100cm in length. Woo!

Skype happiness❤i miss her!
Karítas is currently traveling with her dad and his girlfriend. We do talk on Skype. I miss her terribly, she will thankfully be home on Sunday.

#christmas #wreath from my mom
My mom gave me this pretty wreath and I hung it on my front door.

I stitched this piece years ago by my daughters request. #crossstitch #fairy #beads #dmc
Stitched this one years ago for Sumarrós. Petal Fairy by Mirabilia.

#mom ❤
Mom! She is the best!

Crazy #sun
Sunday was very dark and gloomy, until the sun broke out for about an hour or so. It was very low so the brightness was breathtaking.

So how was your week?


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Bits & Pieces, 2 in 1

I didn’t get to update last week. So busy! So here you get two weeks worth of photos and short stories.
I am currently working through yet another busy season at work, and then the Christmas madness starts, then the end of a year and beginning of a new one. Fun fun!

More #handknitted #homemade #woolsocks

Is there anything better than #homemade #handknitted #socks ? I think not!
Home made wool socks! Is there anything better in the cold weather? I think not. These pairs are both gifts from my very talented friend Ágústa. I have had them for 4 years and they are still like new!

Half #white half #black #esja #reykjavik #iceland #mountain
Mountain Esja. Half covered in snow.

My pretty store in #haukadalur #geysirstore #iceland
My very pretty Geysir store in Haukadalur. So many beautiful things to buy!

Cuteness! #flowers in #old #shoes
I love this! Flowers in old shoes. Genius!

Must haves for #winter #geysirstore #fjallraven #backpack #scarf #yellow #gray
Pretty things from my store. Fjallraven computer backpack and a warm wool scarf. Winter must haves!

Thank you, Joe, for a wonderful evening ❤
My wonderful friend Joe from the US was here and had dinner at my house.

Oh so nice! #yarnbombing #yarngraffiti #crochet #crochetgraffiti #reykjavik #iceland #atmo
Yarnstorm made by my talented friend Tinna. I love it!

My daughter is pretty good at beading! #mario #supermario #beads
Sumarrós is pretty good at beading! Super Mario!

I love making these! Such a quick and cute project #crochet #jarcover #jar #red
Crochet Jar finish. I am making a few of these for Christmas gifts this year. Such a fast and cute project.


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2011 – Finishes

Happy New Year! I can’t believe another year is here. 2011 was in many ways a very good year and in other ways a pretty crappy one for me. Probably the biggest roller coaster year ever for me. It ended well though and 2012 started out well too so here is hoping for a good one!

Like always I do a list of finishes so here we go.

Knitting finishes:
1) She’s a Rainbow shawl. Pattern based on Simple Things by Mary-Heather Cogar.
2) Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann
3) The Whitney Headband by Jennifer DiMaria
4) Basic Four Needle Mittens – Super Fine by Patons
5) Stockholm Scarf by knittedblissJC
6) Basic Child’s Gradiance Sock in Foot Prints by Laura Lough
7) Pretty basic socks – no real pattern
8) Barnapeysa með hettu by Astrid Ellingsen
9) Still Light by Veera Välimäki
10) Brownstone by Jared Flood
11) Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Välimäki
12) Terra by Jared Flood – finished but need to wash and block it and take new pictures.
13) Butternut Scarf by Anne Hanson – finished but need to take better pictures.
14) Tree of Light by Cordula Surmann-Schmitt
15) Akimbo by Stephen West
16) I Heart Lace by Inese Andzane
17) Parisian Twist Headband Ear Warmer by Elisa McLaughlin
18) Bow Headband by Beth Postelwait
19) Honey Hat by Hannah Fettig
20) Classic Mittens by Bernhard Ulmann
21) Socks for Bjarki – my own design short row heel

Stitching finishes:
1) Antique Hearts Needleroll – Shepherd’s Bush
2) Heart Pinkeep – freebie
3) Strawberry Emery – Blackbird Designs
4) Winter Pinkeep – Just Nan freebie

So happy new year dear friends and readers!

Me and Karítas


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