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Denver Yarn Storming

I had such a fantastic time in Denver! I had no idea what to expect, as Denver just did not ever cross my mind as a city to visit in the States. Now I can’t wait to go back some day. The people are friendly, the city is beautiful and I had a really great time there!

Flying over Greenland today was magical ❤️Flying over Greenland was breathtaking!

My event took place in Civic Center Park, and we decorated some trees there. It was a great day in the sun and I would like to thank everyone who showed up and added to the installation! Now, pictures speak louder than words, so here are a few for you to see!

2014-09-27 18.30.54-1

2014-09-27 18.31.23

2014-09-27 18.32.27

2014-09-27 18.34.02

2014-09-27 19.28.47

2014-09-27 19.29.32

2014-09-27 19.52.03

2014-09-27 21.14.44

2014-09-27 21.21.44

2014-09-27 21.21.28

2014-09-27 21.21.08-2

2014-09-27 21.18.26-1

2014-09-27 21.17.14-1

2014-09-27 21.17.42-1

#yarnstorming for #TasteofIceland with @icelandnatural is done! Thank you all who turned up and took part today! ❤️

It really turned out so great, I am a very happy camper!

I also visited Fancy Tiger Crafts while I was there. I wanted to visit more yarn stores while there, but I did not have as much time as I would have wanted.

2014-09-26 17.55.28

2014-09-26 18.02.55-1This really caught my eye! So pretty!

2014-09-26 18.03.13If I was a spinner….

2014-09-26 18.03.24The store is big and absolutely beautiful!

2014-09-26 18.05.16-1They even have Lopi for sale! Always happy to see Icelandic Wool when I am traveling.

Hello, new friends! I visited @fancytigercrafts today and it was so nice! These new yarnies followed me back to my hotel. #madelinetosh anzulaluxuryfibers @brooklyntweed @hedgehogfibres  #sheetlandwool

This pretty lot followed me back to my hotel room. Oh so pretty!


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2012 – Finishes

Another year has ended. So weird how time speeds up year after year. Will a year feel like a week when I am 80?
It was over all a very good, but very busy year for me. New job, new challenges, new friends, new appreciations, new food, new goals. And off course, new knitting/crochet finishes. I do not have a single stitching finish though. Oh how the time change.

Knitting finishes:
Olearia by Georgie Hallam
Kalajoki by Tiina Seppälä
Cardigan for Valdi
Órói by Védís Jónsdóttir from Lopi #27
June Bunnies by Inese Andzane

Crochet finishes:
Various pieces for the Statue Yarnstorming
My Gay Pride piece.
Various pieces for the Yarn Bus.
A boob for Breast Cancer Awareness.

And a whoooooooole lot of organizing and brainstorming and other much smaller knitting or crochet projects that have not yet been published in their future form. I have some big ideas for this year, so stay tuned 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone! ⛄❄

Happy new year to you and yours. Thanks for reading in 2012 and I hope you will continue to visit in 2013.


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Shawl collar cardigan

Last year my very good and dear friend Valdi asked me to knit him a cardigan that he wanted. He had some ideas about the design and color etc so we sat down and went over those ideas and I started knitting. I didn’t really have a pattern for it so it was basically something that just came off my needles and from my head. We are both super happy with how it turned out! He wanted it to be slightly big, no tight fit and I think the colors are perfect for him. It is knit with black Plötulopi held double and brown Einband held single. Makes a really good combo!
Pardon the cigarette, I disturbed him at work to shoot these and we were in a hurry.

@valdigardars wearing the sweater i designed and knitted for him




Shawl Collar Cardigan
Double Plötulopi and single Einband
Needles 5mm and 4.5mm


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Dressy sweater for Sumarrós

Being on vacation has its privileges. One of them is all the time for knitting and crafting. I have been making stitch markers for my little side project as we are having a special this week. You can read about it here if you are interested. I also finished this sweater for Sumarrós yesterday and washed it and let it dry over night. She was sooooo happy when she was getting up this morning and getting dressed and put it on. It looks really good on her I think.

When I made myself Dressy Sweater by Pickles my daughter Sumarrós absolutely loved it and asked me to make her one. Since the free pattern is just in one size I had to wing it. And it turned out really well!


Mini Dressy Sweater


Pattern: Based on Dressy Sweater by Pickles
Yarn: Single ply unspun Icelandic wool
Needle: 5mm
On Ravelry

When did that kid grow up so much? Where is the pause button? HELP! 😉

Right now I am working on some commission knitting. A co-worker wanted a sweater and asked me to knit her one. And since I am a sucker for the traditional Icelandic lopapeys, preferably with a little twist, I said yes. And the getting paid for doing what I love helps also 😉 I have about 15cm done but it is going super fast. I can’t wait to see how it turns out and I will off course post pictures when I am done.


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Lopi dress

A friend of mine asked me sometime in February to knit a dress for her sister out of Icelandic wool, lopi, and with a traditional pattern. We did run into two problems though. The first one is that we did not find a dress that we liked in my pattern books, but found bits and pieces of this and that that we did like. This color combination, this shape for the body, this pattern for the chest piece, this but not the sleeves, this pattern for the lower part etc. The second is that the sister is located in Berlin and the dress was supposed to be a complete surprise to her. So I could not get her measurements. I took my friends measurements, and then added a bit there, took out a bit at another place, made it a bit shorter since the sister is shorter than my friend etc.

The knitting part was fun, and a bit adventurous as I did not know if all the adding this, leaving that, shortening this etc. would all work out in the end or not. The colors were great, I liked the pattern we picked and the rest was just me winging it.

Knitted dress

My friend then came over when the dress was finished and it was perfect on her. I crossed my fingers that it would be as perfect for her sister! My friend then went to Berlin to see her sister and gave her the dress. She texted me the night she gave it to her, and told me that it fit perfectly. Yesterday she sent me pictures and she was right, it fits and looks great on her!

Knitted dress

I am so glad! And proud of myself for making it work somehow. It was fun and challenging and really did teach me a lot of new tricks and stuff. That kind of knitting is always fun!


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Öskudagur and weekend knitting

I have been sick since Friday. I am feeling a lot better but still have a slight fever. Hopefully this is the last day with a fever since I have a very busy week ahead of me at work. So I have been staying home, watching movies and Seinfeld. Oh, how I love Seinfeld.

I have been working on a shawl for myself that I am absolutely in love with. I bough the yarn (Noro Kureyon Sock) while I was in England over Christmas and knew instantly that it would become a shawl. And when I saw the simple design that is the Boneyard Shawl I decided to make that my first knitted shawl. It is very simple and plain, just like I had imagined. The yarn really does the design, makes it look very pretty. I love the colour variation of this yarn, it reminds me of the traditional Icelandic sheep colours.

Boneyard Shawl
Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West
Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock S149
Needles: 4mm

I have also been working on a Lopapeysa for my daughter Sumarrós. That one is coming together great. I am mixing and matching several Lopi designs to fit her wishes. I can’t wait to start the pattern for the chest piece.

Sumarrós's Lopapeysa
Pattern is a mix of several Lopi designs. I will list them once the sweater is finished. Yarn is Létt Lopi from Ístex.

I am also working on a stitching project that is getting very close to being finished. Pictures of that later this week as it is for an exchange that is due tomorrow.

And this last week was Öskudagur, which is basically our Halloween of sorts. The kids dress up in costumes and go out to stores and sing for candy. Sumarrós decided to be a Disco Queen and Karítas was a princess, off course.

Disco Queen and Princess


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My designs.

I can now offer my two patterns for sale. Both patterns got featured in The Gift Of Stitching Magazine.
The cost is $5 pr. pattern and I accept PayPal or you can mail the money to me. Once payment is completed, I will e-mail you the PM file and a file with instructions. You need Pattern Maker Viewer to be able to view and print the patterns. Pattern Maker Viewer is free for download here. I am hoping that I will also be able to make .pdf files but that hasn’t been figured out as of yet. I will let inform you once that is possible.
You can contact me by e-mail: litlaskvis at vortex .is (remove spaces) and I will contact you with PayPal info or send you my address if you wish to mail the money to me.

Icelandic biscornu
This Is Christmas Needle Roll

Happy stitching!


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New design.

Those of you who subscribe to The Gift Of Stitching Magazine, you might have seen a familiar name in the December Issue. I got featured as a designer again in this wonderful stitching magazine and it is such an honor to be published with the wonderful and talented designers that also got featured in the issue. Among them are Blue Ribbon Designs, Jo Mason of Dinky-Dyes, Debbie Draper Designs, Olde Willow Stitchery, Giulia Punti Antichi and many more.

Here is a picture of my design. I didn’t manage to take a picture of the finished needle roll before I mailed it off to Australia, but this is the picture that was in the magazine. I hope this gives you a general idea about how it looks. It was finished off with green and off-white ribbon on top and bottom.

This Is Christmas Needleroll

This Is Christmas Needleroll

This Is Christmas Needleroll by Linda Litlaskvís
Published in TGOSM December 2007 Issue


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