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Bits & Pieces – November 3rd

This past week was one of the most difficult and draining weeks I have had in a long time. So this weekend has been especially well appreciated. I have done nothing but relax, cook, some laundry and both crochet and knit as much as I that’s my best outlet for stress and leaves me relaxed and content.



Pattern: Ungbarnapeysa by Tinna Þórudóttir Þorvaldar.
Yarn: Pimabomuld 8/2
Hook: 3mm

My daughter Karítas just became a big sister 3 days ago! Her father and his wife had a little baby girl that is absolutely perfect and Karítas is so proud and grew up over night, as you do when you get this great role of being the older sibling. When she was told that she was expecting a baby sister sometime this summer, she went straight to work. She went through my knitting and crochet books and found this sweater design that she asked me to make for her baby sister.
We went to our LYS and she picked out the yarn and the colours and the button and I went to work on the execution. We both really like how it turned out, and yesterday her father picked her up and she went to spend some time with her sister and gave her the sweater. It is much to big for now, but hopefully I will share pictures of her wearing it once it fits.

#knittothemusic #knitting @raggaknits @westknits congrats!Knit to the Music goodness!

I went to Ragga Eiríks (Knitting Iceland founder) and Stephen West show, Knit to the Music, of knitted goodness, music and photography (by photographer Baldur Kristjáns) at KEX hostel. I met Stephen West (yes, I did get a bit star struck, he is SO nice!) and the show was really interesting and inspiring. There is a book coming and I am definitely putting it on my Christmas Wish List!


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Bits & Pieces

I completely missed last Sunday’s update. I was sick as a dog on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Still felt a little crappy on Wednesday and Thursday. All better now though.
This has been an easy week, work wise. Sickness and then there is winter break in the girls school so I took some vacation time to stay home with them on Thursday and Friday so I only went to the office on Wednesday. We have been cooking and baking and off course I have been doing loads of crochet.

Karítas as Claudine from Monster High
Karítas as Claudine from Monster High on Ash Wednesday

Sumarrós the zombie geek
Sumarrós as a zombie geek on Ash Wednesday

Just dancing with Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, former president of #iceland #lunchbeat #unwomen #onebillionrising
Lunch Beat, One Million Rising against violence against women. This is the first female president in the world and former president of Iceland, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir and me, dancing for a good and worthy cause.

The #sky was gorgeous this morning #reykjavik #iceland #clouds #sunrise
Mornings are getting brighter and sometimes the sky is on fire.

#sonarreykjavik #gusgus #latergram
I went to a music festival last weekend. Well, on Friday I did but I missed Saturday because I woke up so sick that day. I did see Gus-Gus on Friday. I have seen them so many times, but they always, always deliver. It was a great show!

Finished! #blanket #afghan #crochet #þóraheklbók #bugða
I finished he blanket for my daughter Sumarrós! She loves it and so do I!

Trying to pick a neon color to go with the gray one for a blanket.
Off course I started a new blanket right away, this one will be for my bed. Stone gray and bright NEON colors here and there. Very excited about this project.

All wrapped up in her #crochet #blanket I made for her ❤
Wrapping your loved ones in your own creation is some kind of wonderful!

#retro #crochet #blanket is growing
Oh yes, another blanket! This will be a baby blanket though, not a full size afghan.

I did finish the Vintage Crocheted Throw & Afghan last night. No pictures yet as it is in the washer. Pictures to come when it is all dry and ready. It is SO beautiful!


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Bits & Pieces

This past week was one of the strangest ones in a while. In both a good way and a bad way. I have been very tired, yet energetic, full of ideas but not doing much to get these ideas out of my head. I am sure they will come sooner rather than later.
I finished this week by going to my grandfathers cabin in the country with my parents, daughters and my little nephew Adrían. Here are some pictures.

Happy #halloween
Karítas on Halloween. They did face paint at school.

#lunchbeat #reykjavik #iceland
On Thursday I went out for lunch and when I was going back to the office I walked by this. Lunch Beat. Once a month between 12 and 13 and you go and dance your ass off and then head back to work. I was only there for about 15 minutes, but it was wonderful! I will definitely not miss it next time!

Karítas watching her first #airwaves show. #offvenue #kaffibarinn #bedroomcommunity
Iceland Airwaves started Wednesday and finishes tonight. This is the second time since it started that I miss it. I did go to the off venue concerts at Kaffibarinn on Thursday with my daughter Karítas. Her father works for Bedroom Community so we listened to some of their music for a while and met up with some friends.

#kría #crochet #shawl #þóraheklbók
New crochet start. Shawl called Kría from Þóra, heklbók. I am using Einband from Ístex and the multi colored one is something that I dyed myself a few years ago.

#akrafjall #iceland #iphoneography #instagood #mountain #onthego
Akrafjall, a mountain on the way to the cabin. So pretty!

Made it to paradise ❤#cabin #skorradalur
My grandfathers cabin in Skorradalur. It’s like paradise!

My nephew Adrían as Spiderman
My newphew Adrían, as Spiderman.

#mom & #daughter such amazing creatures in my life ❤
My mom and my daughter Sumarrós. Love them!

Good morning #skorradalur #iceland #winter
My view this morning. Not too bad!

Relaxing can be exhausting. #sleep #kids
Relaxing can be exhausting! Karítas and Adrían taking a short nap today.

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Well Hello there!

Long long time! This summer has flown by. I went to Denmark with my girls for 3 weeks (pictures here), my office has moved and the workload has been absolutely crazy. I also went to Denmark (again) for my birthday weekend to see my favorite band, Arcade Fire, in concert on my birthday and it was just absolutely the best weekend ever! I was with my best friends in my favorite city and had a blast the whole time!

I have off course been knitting up a storm so here are some of my most recent finishes.

First of all. I was asked to test knit an Icelandic translation of Stephen West’s Akimbo for publication by Knitting Iceland. Stephen came here in July for a knitting tour and some classes and now Knitting Iceland is publishing some of his gorgeous designs in Icelandic. Here is my version of Akimbo, modeled by my beautiful daughter Sumarrós.




Pattern: Akimbo by Stephen West
Yarn: Kambgarn in 9640 (blue) and 9653 (orange/brown)
Needle: 3.5mm

While in Denmark I knitted this beautiful shawl out of some rainbow yarn. I love yarn that looks like the rainbow and I had this skein of Evilla for quite some time, just couldn’t decide on a design that I wanted to knit. But I finally found one that I really wanted to knit and started it just 2 days before leaving on my vacation and finished it in 8 days or so. It was a super fun knit!

Rainbow Tree

Rainbow Tree

Rainbow Tree

Rainbow Tree

Pattern: Tree of Light by Cordula Surmann-Schmitt
Needles: 3.5mm
Yarn: Evilla Artyarn 8/2

I also have two more finishes already, but I need to wash and block those before I can share pictures. Right now I have a sweater for a friend on the needles, and a shawl for my grandmothers 80th birthday that is coming up next month. I also have some commission stitching to get done so there will be plenty of things to share in the coming weeks/months.


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She’s a Rainbow

The song that goes with this post, click here.

My daughter Sumarrós has a very colourful personality. And she is an artist. And she loves colours. And she fell in love with this yarn that I had in my stash. I had actually started knitting a scarf from it, but figured it would have gotten extremely long and narrow, so I decided to frog it and use the yarn for something a bit more useful. Sumarrós has been asking me to knit her a shawl for some time now so I decided to grant her that wish.

I have been home since Tuesday because I had to have a small surgery (don’t worry, I am fine and healing and resting) and have just been watching movies and TV shows and off course knitting and even stitching a little also. And I finished her shawl. It is very cute, very colourful and very much HER! I can’t wait to give it to her.

She's a Rainbow - shawl

She's a Rainbow - shawl

She's a Rainbow - shawl

She's a Rainbow - shawl

Pattern: Based on Simple Things by Mary-Heather Cogar
Yarn: Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball
Needles: 3.5mm


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Lopapeysa for Inga Rún

The commission knitting sweater is done, and has been done for a few weeks. But finally today I remembered to bring my camera to work, and Inga remembered to bring the sweater so I could actually take pictures of her wearing it. I am so happy with how it turned out, I think it looks really good on her. Fits like a glove! And since I did not really have a pattern to follow I am even more happy. Inga is a co-worker who also happens to be the little sister of an old friend of mine, so I actually babysat her a couple of times with my friend. Small world eh? Well, it certainly is up here in the north 😉

Inga Rún's Lopapeysa

Inga Rún's Lopapeysa

Inga Rún's Lopapeysa

Inga Rún's Lopapeysa

Inga Rún's Lopapeysa

Yarn: Single ply unspun Icelandic wool and Einband held together in dark gray and black. Single ply unspun and glitter thread in pale gray held together
Needle: 6mm Knit Picks
Also 6mm crochet hook for finishing
Design is a mix and match of a couple of designs that I matched to her liking
On Ravelry

Since I finished this cardigan, I also finished one for my sister Fanney. I have not been able to get shots of her wearing it though because as soon as it was finished, she grabbed it from my arms (literally) and ran out the door to go camping. But pictures of that one coming soon hopefully!

Right now I am working on the Playful Stripes Cardigan for my daughter Karítas and I am using a beautiful red as the main color. I also have off white, black, green and purple. I think it is going to be really cute when I finish it. Also in the works is a cape for myself as I thought I completely deserved some selfish knitting! I am changing it just a little, adding sleeves to it, or basically just a high ribbing to cover the forearms as I can see myself wearing it a lot once fall/winter get here. Can’t believe that summer is almost over *sigh*


I spent last weekend in beautiful Snæfellsnes at a music festival. It was really fun, great music, incredible people and off course the stunning beauty of the nature.


View from mountain.

Me striking a pose


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No crafts, just music!

This weekend was dedicated to Iceland Airwaves, a music festival that has been a yearly thing here in Reykjavík for the past 11 years. It starts on Wednesday and ends on a Sunday. So 5 days full of music and events happening all over.

So, since I have no stitching or knitting to show you, but still wanted to blog (so that I do not disapear again from the blog world) here is a cute picture taken on my phone of me and my very good friend Lilja, listening and dancing to FM Belfast on Saturday night.

Linda & Lilja @ FM Belfast

And here is some FM Belfast love. Here they are playing Synthia (my favorite song) at the back yard of the legendary bar Sirkus that has now been closed.

I promise to give you a propper update on crafts very very soon. I am working very hard on finishing my secret stitching!


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