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Haruni for my mother

Ok. I caved. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my mother, but since I love giving gifts I couldn’t wait! I tried, and managed to do so for about 2 weeks. But then I just couldn’t wait any longer, so when she came to my house on Sunday, I dug it out and handed it over. I wish I had taken a picture of the look on her face. She knew I was making it for her, she picked out the yarn and agreed on the pattern, but she didn’t know I had finished it. I hope it keeps her warm, and that she feels all the love that was poured into every stitch. It was a pure joy to knit, and an even more joy to give.









Pattern: Haruni by Emily Ross
Yarn: Urban GypZ Merino Lace
Needle: 3mm
Project on Ravelry

The name Haruni means Grandmother in Quenya, Tolkien’s elven language.

Haruni in construction

Since this was my first lace project ever, I was a bit nervous and insecure about it. I used the stitch markers that me and Rósa make under the name Little Lillies and Roses. It really helped to put them between pattern repeats! I had tried knitting the lace without them but I kept frogging over and over again!

Now, let’s hope I do not cave and give away any more Christmas presents before Christmas!


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Dressy sweater for Sumarrós

Being on vacation has its privileges. One of them is all the time for knitting and crafting. I have been making stitch markers for my little side project as we are having a special this week. You can read about it here if you are interested. I also finished this sweater for Sumarrós yesterday and washed it and let it dry over night. She was sooooo happy when she was getting up this morning and getting dressed and put it on. It looks really good on her I think.

When I made myself Dressy Sweater by Pickles my daughter Sumarrós absolutely loved it and asked me to make her one. Since the free pattern is just in one size I had to wing it. And it turned out really well!


Mini Dressy Sweater


Pattern: Based on Dressy Sweater by Pickles
Yarn: Single ply unspun Icelandic wool
Needle: 5mm
On Ravelry

When did that kid grow up so much? Where is the pause button? HELP! 😉

Right now I am working on some commission knitting. A co-worker wanted a sweater and asked me to knit her one. And since I am a sucker for the traditional Icelandic lopapeys, preferably with a little twist, I said yes. And the getting paid for doing what I love helps also 😉 I have about 15cm done but it is going super fast. I can’t wait to see how it turns out and I will off course post pictures when I am done.


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For the best cousin in the world.

If you have read me for some time, you have probably noticed me mentioning cousin Bjarki, the best cousin in the world. If you haven’t, read back some entries and I am sure he will come up soon. Our mothers are sisters, and I am the first grandchild in the family, and after me comes him. So we are practically like brother and sister. We have always been very close, best friends and soulmates. He is there for me, I am there for him. We have been through some rough times and have had each other to lean on more often than I care to remember. He adores my cooking, I adore his taste in music. He likes my company, I like his company. So we hang out, a lot. If we do not hear from each other for more than 2-3 days we call each other and he comes over for dinner or a movie or just talks. He means the world to me. And my girls, you should really see them when he is around. He is called Bjarki Besti in my house, Bjarki the best. And for good reason!

So when he showed interest in my knitting I jumped at it. We looked at patterns and found the perfect one for him and we went to Álafoss to buy wool. He picked out the colors himself and I love how they turned out with the pattern.

So I present to you, Bjarki Besti, wearing the sweater I knitted with 27 years worth of love 🙂

Hlekkur for cousin Bjarki

Hlekkur for cousin Bjarki

Hlekkur for cousin Bjarki
Pattern: Hlekkur from Lopi 28
Yarn: Létt Lopi from Ístex
Needles: 3.5mm and 4.5mm

I took the girls to the movies to see ‘How to Tame your Dragon’ yesterday. The movie was great! Much better than I expected and the girls loved it. Now the discussion at my house is mostly about what kind of a dragon we want, what color it should be and what we would name it. And what is it with kids and glasses. My kids love theirs!

Geeky kids
Sumarrós, Stephanie from Lazy Town and Karítas.

Oh, and the stitch markers that me and Rósa are doing now have a page on Facebook. Become a fan if you are interested.


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Heart Exchange

Finally, I was able to give the Heart Exchange to Björg. I was supposed to deliver about a month ago but Karítas got sick, then I got sick, then work was busy, then Björg was out of town etc. My parents were going to her house for dinner last night (Björg is my dad’s sister) so I seized the chance and asked my mom to deliver it to her for me. Word of mouth says she loved it, so now I can happily share pictures.

Heart Exchange

Heart Exchange

Heart Exchange
Pattern: ‘Heart Stitcher’ freebie from A mon ami Pierre
Fabric 32ct white Lugana
Thread: NN

I really like how it turned out. And yes, I can still stitch, haha! I have been fondling some of my stitching stash recently and I do miss it, but there is something that is keeping me away, not sure what. Oh well, I am sure the bug will bite me again pretty soon! It is not like the stash is going anywhere really, and I am quite happy knitting at the moment.

Speaking of knitting, I am knitting wool sweater (lopapeysa) for my cousin Bjarki. I have just attached the sleeves to the body and will be working on the chest pattern today. Getting very close to getting it done! I got many, many other projects lined up so I better get to it. Stitch Markers are selling pretty well, least through etsy though. I have sold some at work, my mom at her office, some in Denmark and yet others through Facebook. I made a whole bunch last night and posted them on the Little Lillies and Roses page on Facebook. Become a fan if you want 🙂


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We decided to just go for it. We as in me and Rósa. We have been making some knitting stitch markers and setting up the store over the past few days and now it is open for business.

Feel free to check it out!

Etsy banner
Little Lillies and Roses.


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Odessa hat, haircut and more stitch markers

I survived the nasty flu! Ugh, at one point I seriously thought that this was it. I have not been this sick for a very long time. I was finally fever free on Saturday. Late on Friday afternoon I remembered that I had an appointment to get my hair cut. Since there is a very long waiting list I dragged myself up and out and went to get it cut, wrapped up in my new oh so warm shawl. I like how it turned out. I let the hair dresser do his job and said that I did not care what he did.

Hair cut
After hair cut. Yes, I have a lot of hair!

This weekend has been quiet. I have very little energy still so I have been taking things slowly. Went to one art exhibition yesterday and spent the rest of the time knitting, watching movies, playing with the kids and making stitch markers. I finished one very quick project, the Odessa hat (Ravelry link)

Odessa top

Pattern: Odessa by Grumperina
Yarn: Mirasol Yarn K’acha
Needles: 3.5mm and 4mm
The pattern was supposed to have beads, but I did not care for them.

I also spend some time last night making more stitch markers and watching Beetlejuice. I love that movie.
Here are some examples of the stitch markers, more can be found here. These will be sent to my mom’s sister who lives in Denmark. She called me all excited after seeing the first batch on facebook and wanted me to make her to send to her so that she could see if she could sell them for me. If that goes well, I am even considering opening up a little etsy store for them. We shall see. Would you be interested? Just curious! :o)


Blue and pink

Pink and silver

I hope you all had a great weekend! I for one am excited to get back to work tomorrow after almost an entire week away!


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