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Tourist in Iceland

I consider myself a very lucky girl to have great friends from around the world. One of those friends is Aimee who lives in New York. We have known each other for about 8-9 years or so. She has lived in Iceland and visited here a couple of times and I have spent time with her in New York.


This weekend her and her boyfriend Johnny came over from Friday to Tuesday and I had the pleasure of showing them around. We drove to Þingvellir (National Park), Gullfoss (waterfall) and Geysir (a geysir – hot spring) on Saturday and on Monday we took a drive to the south of Iceland. We stopped at Seljalandfoss (waterfall) and at the black sandy beach in Vík í Mýrdal.

So, here are some shots I took over the weekend. For a bit of my beautiful country.

No stitching updates. Things have been busy and I have been reading more than stitching lately. Soon though, soon!


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And commenter number 4000 is….

Congratulations Svala!

Comment #4000

I e-mailed you and you will get a gift from me soon!

For all you English speakers, the comment says: ‘This is really beautiful. She must have been over the moon to recive such a beautiful piece’


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The draw

Just a quick post. The draw will be tomorrow. I have been going through some tough stuff over the past couple of days, so I can’t do it right now, but I will try my best to do it tomorrow. So you can still comment on my previous post to be included in the draw.

I will write more later and please do not worry, it is not me really that is going through stuff, but a close friend.

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A reminder about the Stitch Pink Draw


I would like to remind you about the draw for the Pink Ribbon Design Biscornu that will happen on the 31st of October. You have two more days to sign up for the draw. Please comment to THE right post that is located HERE.


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Where do I begin?

In the order I saw them I guess. I have had great mail the last two days. Yesterday I got a package from Anna (no blog) as a part of a trade. She got some fabrics that I offered here last week, and she sent me threads, a magazine and a BUNCH of chocolate! Round is a shape right? LOL! Thanks Anna! She even included chocolate lolly pops for my girls!

From Anna

When I got home from work today, after a rather weird day at work, you know, just one of those days, I noticed not one but two packages! The first one I opened was a PIF gift from Carol! She stitched me a scissor fob from ‘Garden Alphabet’ by Prairie Schooler with my initial ‘L’ on it. It is so beautiful. I love it!

PIF from Carol

On the back she stitched our initials and the year.

PIF from Carol

She also included some extra goodies!

PIF from Carol

Thank you so much Carol! I love everything you sent, and it was a great reminder to get stitching on my own PIF gifts again. I have done two so far, but need to finish the rest 🙂
Next up is also a trade of fabrics since the other day. This is what I got from Monique:

From Monique

From Monique

32ct Linen and a design from her called ‘a little love’. Thanks Anna, Carol and Monique for making my day!


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Gleðileg jól – Merry Christmas!

Ég, Sumarrós og Karítas Árný óskum þér og fjölskyldu þinni gleðilegra jóla og farsældar á komandi ári. Megi allir draumar ykkar rætast!
Me, Sumarrós and Karítas Árný would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true!

Christmas 2007


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Fabrics anyone?

I am selling some fabrics for a friend of mine. She asked me to do this for her since her health isn’t good enough to be doing this her self.

There is a new page on my blog that you can see pictures and prices on. All info is on that page.

Thanks so much.

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Oh it’s such a perfect day!

I am about to burst with happniess!

1) I applied for a new position at my office and today it was announced that I GOT THE JOB!
2) I went to lunch with a very good friend and celebrated.
3) My boss had a healthy baby girl this morning.
4) When I got home I had not one but two packages waiting for me with stash that I have ordered recently!

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From The Silver Needle:

1) Ladybug, Ladybug – Little House Needleworks
2) With Thread In Hand – Lavender Wings
From Kunst & Vliegwerk
1) Acessoires Quaker – A Mon Ami Pierre
2) Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler
3) Arbe Aux Oiseaux Positif – A Mon Ami Pierre.


Yes, I am a happy happy girl today!


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I feel like I have been run over by a truck!
I am so sick! On Saturday night I started throwing up. On Sunday morning I started shaking. On Sunday evening I started coughing. I have a high fever and a bad cold.
My head feels really heavy. Thank god for moms who come and take care of their grandbabies when the momma is sick. There is no way I could have taken care of them since I can hardly make it to the bathroom :-/
I hope you are all healthy and happy.


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Petal Fairy Update

Here is proof that I have actually been stitching a little. Not much, but yet a little.
I just wanted to post this picture before I turn in. I am so sleepy these days. Karitas has just started going to the daycarprovider and I will start working again on Friday. A little nervous, but not so much. A lot excited, but nervous also. It is going to be strange to be working again after staying home for more than a year.
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If there was ever…

Image hosting by Photobucket
… a time that I needed a LNS, a proper LNS around here, it would be right now. I officially have the fabric ready. The buttons. The chart. The threads. No…. every thread except ONE! Damnit! Thanks to Ágústa, she managed to get me all the threads needed for this project while she was at the The Stitch & Craft Show in London, just a couple of days prior to my trip there. Well, they didn’t have Crescent Colors so I only need one skein of Cherry Tomatoe to start this project! LOL! I will probably start it anyway and just skip that color until I get it, probably on my trip to the US in the end of May :o)

Just got home from a visit to my grandfather wich was wonderful as always. And now I am trying to decide what is for dinner. I wish there was some machine that told you what you should cook! I like cooking, but I really hate deciding what is for dinner every day!


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London Stash!

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is the stash that I managed to buy while in London. WooHoo! I must admit that this was my first trip to a REAL LNS. I wouldn’t call the stores here LNS’s as their selection is usually shameful. Just very recently the one with the best selection started to carry Mill Hill beads. And getting linen is possible, but getting many different colors or speciality fabric/threads is almost out of the question. Anywho…. I loved the store in London. In the front of the store they have beads of all kinds and shapes and colours for jewellry making. I wish I could have stayed longer because I really wanted to check them out better. In the back of the store they have fabric, threads, kits, needles, beads, some selection of charms, scissors etc. Both for embroidery and quilting. I didn’t see any loose charts though.  Also some ribbons and lace but I focused on the speciality threads as it is not often that an Icelander can see these in person! LOL! I feel so amateur!

Anyway… I just grabbed the threads I saw quickly that I needed for some projects that I had written down in my little notebook. I only found 5 skeins of Deep Sea from WDW but I needed 8 for the project in mind. I will just buy the other three some other time and use these for the actual stitching and the others for the finishing. And I fell in love with the fabric. I had seen these around on various blogs for quite some time and really wanted to try them out so I bought a meter of each color. They had more fabric that I wanted, but they were just basic Zweigart Linens so I will probably buy them online sometime.

On the stitching front. Me and Rósa decided to do Snow Fall Needleroll from Shepherd’s Bush as a SAL and I have finished mine, except for sewing it together and stuffing it. I am not feeling well enough to take the sewing machine out. But here is the stitched piece.

I have also been stitching on and off on Mini Cottages 3 by Michael Powell. This is how they look at the moment.

I am doing all 4 on one piece of fabric. The previous ones you can see in my Yahoo photo’s, located here. It feels good to be working on these again, they are such a joy to stitch! I also browsed through my JCS ornament magazines today and made a list of the ones that I want to do some day.
So yeah, I am feeling better. Still don’t have much energy, but my throath feels loads better and the fever is gone. I am going to take it very easy tonight and tomorrow.


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Image hosting by Photobucket
Here is a picture of me and Sumarros in the London Zoo in front of the tigers. We had a lot of fun at the zoo. Here is a little bit about what we did while in London. Some of the pictures are here, but they are all from Tuesday. I have to get the pictures from Sunday and Monday from Mio’s computer when I am feeling better.

We arrived at the hotel late afternoon and checked in and went to our room with our luggage. Then we headed out and walked around the area around the hotel for a while and headed up to Notting Hill. Sumarrós wanted sushi for dinner so we found a sushi resturant and had some sushi. It was really good. I don’t think I have ever had bad sushi hehe. We then walked back to the hotel, stopped at a pharmacy and got formula for Karitas and baby food. The girls had a bath and then we all went to bed early.

It was rainy and windy that day. Very rainy in fact. We took the subway to the London Aquarium and saw all kinds of fishes and even sharks. Sumarros loved it but Karitas slept through most of it. She woke up a little bit and tried to catch some fishes through their cages and she seemed to enjoy it. We then took the train to the only LNS that I could find on-line and I did some shopping there. “Thankfully” we arrived there kind of late so I didn’t spend too much money there! I could have stayed there the whole day if we would have arrived earlier. I bought some fabric, threads, beads and a charm for my Italian Ice piece.
We then tried to take the tube back to the hotel but it was durring rush hour and there was no way that we could go on the tube with the kids and the stroller so we decided to take a taxi to the hotel. We had dinner at the hotel that night. The dinner wasn’t good unfortunately. Then it was bedtime for all of us.

We got up and had breakfast at the hotel. Then got ready to go to the London Zoo. We saw the penguins being fed and then just walked around and looked at all the animals. Karitas slept through the whole thing, but Sumarros really enjoyed it. After the Zoo we took a taxi to the hotel and Mio went out and got us some Burger King for dinner while I packed and by that point I was starting to feel a little sick. I just thought I was tired so we tried to go to bed early but I think we all fell asleep around midnight.

We had to get up at 3.30 am to go to the airport. Me and Mio were sure that the girls would be grumpy when we would wake them up at the middle of the night but they were both just smiling and in a very good mood. We were lucky to not have to take the train back to the airport, but got a driver! Mio’s dad asked his friend to drive us since he didn’t want us to have to travel in the middle of the night with the girls on the trains. That was a luxury and the guy that drove us was super nice. Me and the girls managed to sleep most of the way, but I kept waking up because I was feeling cold all the time. We got to the airport, checked in to our flight and then looked at the shops a little. I bought a new perfume and a mascara. Also all of the Harry Potter movies on DVD and Pink Panther and My Little Pony for Sumarros. The flight home was ok. The girls were complete angels, but I was starting to feel really sick. My mom came and picked us up at the airport and by that point I was feeling horrible. We got home, I took a shower and then we ate and I took a nap. When I woke up I knew that I was officially sick.

Yesterday and today.
I felt horrible. The night was just awful. I had a fever, 39°c and like always when I have a fever, I had horrible nightmares. My throath is so swollen that I can hardly swallow anything and it feels raw on the inside. I went to the doctors yesterday and I have streph throath :-/ So I am on antibiotics and trying to take it easy. Sumarros is off course at school and she is going to my parents after school today to spend the night with them and tell them all about her trip to London. Mio is such a sweetheart that he took Karitas with him to work so that I could relax. And that is exactly what I am about to return to right now. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am off course waaay behind on reading and commenting on blogs. I will get back to it eventually. Right now, I am returning to the sofa with my needleroll and am going to watch some Little Britain episodes :o)


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Heima er…

… BEST! Oh hvað það er gott að koma heim. London var æði, ég er veik, svo að myndir og ferðasaga koma seinna.

Home sweet home!
Oh it is so good to be home! London was great, but I am sick, so pictures and the travel story will come later when I feel better.


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I have been…

… very quiet recently. A lot has been going on and I have been a busy little bee.

I just wanted to tell you all that I am not gone. But I will be “gone” for a while. Me and my little family are going to London tomorrow morning and staying until Wednesday. I am very excited! Getting to go on a trip with my family and to a place that I have never been to before! So ever since I knew we were going, I have been doing laundry. Lots of laundry. And a little stitching off course.

It says that our hotel room has ISDN and I am pretty sure that Mio will be bringing his laptop so I might update while in London. We will see.

I am going to get back to packing and cleaning. I like to come home to a clean house after a vacation.


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