My designs

I can now offer my two patterns for sale. Both patterns got featured in The Gift Of Stitching Magazine.
The cost is $5 pr. pattern and I accept PayPal or you can mail the money to me. Once payment is completed, I will e-mail you the PM file and a file with instructions. You need Pattern Maker Viewer to be able to view and print the patterns. Pattern Maker Viewer is free for download here. I am hoping that I will also be able to make .pdf files but that hasn’t been figured out as of yet. I will let inform you once that is possible.
You can contact me by e-mail: litlaskvis at vortex .is (remove spaces) and I will contact you with PayPal info or send you my address if you wish to mail the money to me.

This Is Christmas Needleroll

This Is Christmas Needle Roll – design by Linda Litlaskvis

Model stitched by Linda Litlaskvis

The Gift Of Stitching - Icelandic Biscor

Icelandic biscornu – design by Linda Litlaskvís

Model stitched by Linda Litlaskvís and Erla Björk.

Happy stitching!


My design - front

My design - back

Icelandic biscornu – Stitched by Bea Lies in Osceola, Indiana.

Icelandic Biscornu - front

Icelandic Biscornu - back

Stitched by Tracy Hall

This Is Christmas Needle Roll

Stitched by Tracy Hall

9 responses to “My designs

  1. Vania

    Dear Litla,
    I am Vânia.
    I knew yours wokrs today. I am brasilian. I live in Brazil. I have a question: The biscournus are ornaments? they are wonderful. I bag your pardon for my not good inglish.Thank you. Vânia

  2. Bea Lies

    Thanks for including my pictures. I had a lot of fun stitching your design. Looking forward to seeing what else you will come up with in the future.

  3. I get the magazine and didn’t realize these were your designs. Great work.

  4. Sandy Borjes

    I love the new pictures of you and your girls. Y’all are so cute.

  5. Lewen

    I love your Icelandic Biscornu. It’s great to find your blog here. I still enjoy the Icelandic Folk and Fairytale book you sent me. I hope we can keep in touch again! I enjoyed our chats in the past!


  6. Hi Litla,
    Your patterns are gorgeous and beautifully stitched.
    Fiona x

  7. Jennifer Janney

    Which issue of the Gift of Stitching Magazine is your needle roll in?

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