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The secret is out!

Here is what I have been working recently. This is a set of smalls for my friend Birgitta who posted on her Facebook profile asking if someone wanted a knitted set of gloves, a scarf and a hat by her. I jumped at the offer (her knitting is beautiful!!) and she asked for a biscornu in return since she has been reading my blog and watching my stitching for quite some time. Well, I thought that a biscornu was not enough for all that I was getting in return, so I decided to add to the gift for her. And here is the result.

Set of smalls for Birgitta

Set of smalls for Birgitta

Set of smalls for Birgitta

Set of smalls for Birgitta

Pattern: Freebie from the EMS site, adapted to fit the biscornu and fob but used as is in the scissor case.
Fabric: Pale gray 32ct linen from my stash
Threads: DMC #52 and Perle Cotton #8 in 553
Chrystals: Swarovski

So that’s it! I will post pictures of the gloves, scarf and mittens once they arrive to Reykjavík from the north!

And now I have some sweaters to knit! One for my cousin and one for Ben’s sister. So I better get to it!


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Just to let you know!

Thanks to everyone who bought fabrics from me! I just wanted to let you know that I went to the PO yesterday and mailed everything. Please let me know what you get your packages!

I have a busy weekend ahead. My daughters are staying at their fathers and I am about to move them into the same room. Currently me and Karítas are in the big bedroom and Sumarrós in the smaller one. I am going to be in the smaller one, and move them to the big bedroom in bunk beds. I have to go through tons of stuff, paint, clean, arrange etc. It is going to be a lot of work, but I like doing stuff like this. Besides, they will be so happy when they come home on Monday 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Fabrics – Fabrics – Fabrics – for trade.

Late last night I went through my fabric and saw a couple of pieces that I am pretty sure I will never use so I thought I would post them here and maybe get something in return for them. I do prefer something from my wishlist but I am flexible. You can e-mail me at litlaskvis at yahoo dot co dot uk and make me an offer if you see something that you would like :o) All fabrics are from a smoke and pet free home and have been kept clean and as free from dust as possible.

Fabrics for trade

Top row from left to right:
28ct Hand Dyed Classics ‘Antique Mauve’ linen from Silkweavers 18 x 18 inches – SOLD
28ct Hand Dyed Classics ‘Cookie Dough’ linen from Silkweavers 18 x 18 inches
28ct Hand Dyed Classics ‘Sterling Silver’ linen from Silkweavers 13 x 18 inches – SOLD
Middle row from left to right:
32ct Reflections ‘Glittering Heather’ evenweave from Silkweavers 13 x 18 inches – SOLD
28ct Opalescent Cashel Linen ‘Glistening Cream’ from Silkweavers 18 x 26 inches – SOLD
32ct Hand Dyed Classics ‘Rocky Mountain’ linen from Silkweavers 18 x 18 inches (with a 9 x 9 inches square missing from one of it’s corner) – SOLD

Botton row from left to right:
28ct Permin Linen ‘Ivory’ from Silkweavers 18 x 27 inches – SOLD
32ct Belfast Linen ‘Peaceful Waters’ from Silkweavers 18 x 18 inches – SOLD

32ct Opalescent Belfast Linen ‘Precious Metals’ from Silkweavers 18 x 26 inches – SOLD

Please comment here or send me an e-mail to litlaskvis at yahoo dot co dot uk and tell me what you want etc. and I am sure we will figure something out :o)


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Scissor Fob for Nicole.

One of my favorite blogs is Nicole’s blog, Carolina Dreams. She posts often, almost always with pictures and her stitching is beautiful! Sometime last year she finished Sunflower Bellpull by The Drawn Thread. I have always loved that pattern so I asked if she was done with the chart and would be willing to trade for something. She e-mailed me and told me that the chart was mine, and that she couldn’t think of anything in return (how weird for a stitcher! LOL!). But I still wanted to send her something, and even if it took me a while, the little scissor fob finally made it safe and sound to Nicole’s house this weekend.

Fob for Nicole

Pattern: A mon Amie Pierre – a small part of Victoria’s Quaker
Fabric: 40ct Antique White Linen
Threads: DMC 310 and Waterlilies Silk ‘Cherry’


Why did you start your blog?

Honestly, I was pregnant and bored. I had to go on bed rest when I was about 5 months pregnant and if I didn’t have blogging and stitching at that time, I would have ended up crazy (ok, crazier!)

How did you come up with your blog name?

Easy, Litla Skvís is something that I have been called by a certain group (ever growing) of people for a long time. It would probably translate as ‘Little Babe’ or ‘Little Cutie’ or something like that. Someone started it, and it stuck. Many people call me only that, some call me Linda Litla Skvís.

Do your friends and family know about your blog and if so, what do they think of it?

Most of them know about it yes. And I think that all of them really like it. I have a family that really appreciates all the time and energy and love that goes into hand crafts of all kinds. My grandfather is a book binder, my mother sews, her sisters knitt, crochet, sew, draw, paint etc. My dad’s sister is in my Icelandic stitching group. A lot of my friends are very creative, be it in some hand crafts (a lot of stitchers and knitters), designing, music, acting, writing etc. So I think I am very lucky that so many people around me appreciate everything hand made.

How do you write posts?

With my keyboard. LOL! I try to update pretty regularly and show progress pictures and finishes. And I also try to share some ‘cool’ things when I come across them, or if I make a tutorial like I did with the triangle scissor case. It’s all about sharing to me 🙂

Have you ever had a troll or had someone leave unkind comments?

Yeap. One time someone was leaving me anonymous comments about my written English. I didn’t take it very personally since I try to do my best and since English is not my first language, I think I do pretty good. It was boring and uncalled for since I am pretty sure that you all understand what I am saying, despite the occasional grammar/spelling error, but I decided to delete the comments and pretend like it never happened.

Do you check your stats?


Do you care how many people read your blog?

Care? Not really care, but I find it very interesting how many people actually read it 🙂 If everyone would stop reading it, I would probably still keep blogging. I like how my blog is like my stitching journal, and I imagine that as long as I stitch, I will blog also.

What kind of blogs/posts interest you?

Stitching, knitting, crafts etc. Along with others off course. Most of the blogs in my blogroll are craft related, some are friends and family etc.

What do you like and dislike about blogging?

I like the friendship. And the sharing and encouragement that other bloggers give out to one another. The inspiration and creativity.

I dislike the trolls, who doesn’t. And, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then say nothing. There is no point in being rude to people you don’t even know.


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Biscornu finish for Brenda

Last year me and my friend Brenda made a deal that I would make her some biscornus and in trade she would send me speciality threads, fabric and stuff that is hard for me to get here in Iceland. I made her some biscornus last year, and now I am finally making her some more. I can’t let that sweet girl wait any longer 🙂

Biscornu for Brenda
Biscornu for Brenda
Pattern was a freebie from the Kreinik website
Fabric: 32ct Belfast – Amsterdam Blue
Thread: Needle Necessities #127
Beads: Mill Hill #16024 & 18002

Now to finish up the other one I have started for her 🙂


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Two finishes, WIP and more.

Yes I have been busy! December is always a busy month. A good kind of busy if you ask me.
I have been baking, cleaning, shopping, working, stitching, organizing, cooking, planning, dancing, jumping and running around like a mad woman. But I like it 🙂 It has been a good month so far. We have decorated the house a little (I never put up a lot of decorations since I don’t own that much and have don’t have a good place to store it) and the girls have put up their Christmas stockings.
I have been working on mine. There is no way I will get it done by Christmas :-/ But, there is always next year!

Stitchers Studio Stocking

I also have two small finishes, and both are Christmas Trees.

Swirly Christmas Tree

Pattern: Swirly Christmas Tree by Helga Mandl
Fabric: 36ct Opalescent White Linen
DMC Variations 4045 and silver/clear beads and a silver heart on top

Christmas Tree

Pattern: Christmas Tree by Lynda Baldauf – Scandinavian Stitches (JCS Ornament Issue 2007)
Fabric: 32ct Silkweaver Solo in a green-ish color
Threads: DMC Variations 4045

The pattern is designed with a star on top but I decided not to stitch that. It is also designed with stitched hearts in the tree but I decided to stitch just the tree and then I added these cute red jingle bells that I found while shopping for Christmas presents on Saturday.

I have also gotten some stash recently. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Amy – Down Sunshine Lane. She is wonderful to do business with and my order came here really fast.


Two Scissors, one pink ones and the gold Seaton Scissors.
From Just Nan, Autumn, Winter and Summer Spell with the Whimzi Frames.
A Quaker Christmas by ByGone Stitches.
Red Lace Sewing Case by The Drawn Thread.
Snowflakes by Little House Needleworks (with threads).
Nature’s Alphabet by Elizabeth’s Designs.

If anyone out there has the Spring Spell with frame and is willing to part with it (for either $$ or a trade or something) please, please let me know as that is the only one I am missing!

Today I spent mostly cleaning and everything is almost spotless. I have Sumarrós’s room, the kitchen and the living room left to do. I am going to clean Sumarrós’s bedroom with her. It needs a cleaning so badly and she is going to help out this time around. She is getting old enough to take care of her own room (to a point off course) so this Christmas cleaning will be done together.
I just have to share this cute picture I took of Karítas to day while she was ‘helping’ her mom clean the house. Teach them while they are young I say! ROFL!

Kartas cleaning


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Spot of Autumn – Happy Dance

Yes, another happy dance for me, can you hear my tapping feet? I finished this one up just now, started it on Saturday. It was such a joy to stitch. And another strike from my stitching goal list for 2007 🙂 Oh, I updated that page with the exchanges that I signed up for at the SBEBB. Can’t wait!

Spot Of Autumn

Spot of Autumn – The Drawn Thread
36ct Edinborough Summer Khaki
Recommended threads used (DMC, WDW and NN)

I am going to stitch all of the seasonal Spots but decided to start this one first and then I will stitch Spot of Winter. I am going to pass these two charts along to Lili since I saw in one of her posts that she only had Spot of Summer and Spring and was missing the other two seasons. So after I finish Newton’s Law Birth Sampler and a biscornu or two I will probably start on Spot of Winter.

I bought a chart (with floss!) from my wishlist from Karen V. yesterday. She was going through her stash and decided on a couple of things that she didn’t want to stitch anymore or had already stitched. One of those charts was Matter’s Choise by Carriage House Samplings and I jumped at it faster then you can say PayPal! I can’t wait to get it :o)

We have had a wonderful long weekend here. Sumarrós had a girlfriend over for a sleepover on Saturday and they had lots of fun and giggled themselves to sleep around midnight. And so it begins. I bet they will want to do sleepovers all the time from now on LOL!
I hope you have all had a great weekend.


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It has been way too long!

I haven’t blogged in way too long. I am sorry. Things have just been quite crazy around here, both at home and at my job. Nothing bad though, just very good and productive busy. I have been stitching though. Not much, but some. I also cleaned my house over the weekend and man does it feel good to be in a perfectly clean house!

I started and finished this biscornu last night. It is for my friend Robyn in Australia. Her and some other ladies from my worldwide stitching group are sending me floss in exchange for biscornus :o) I love that idea since floss (DMC) is so horribly expensive here in Iceland that I can’t afford to buy it here. And I love making biscornus so this is a wonderful trade for me!

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Robyn picked this variegated purple DMC floss for her biscornu. I stitched it on 25ct white Lugana and used Mill Hill beads for the sides. Every 5th stitch. The pattern is from one of my old Icelandic patternbooks and I love how it turned out.


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For sale/trade

I have some Magazines, patterns and other stuff that I want to get rid off. I would love something in return though. So if you see something HERE that you want and want to trade with me, drop me an e-mail at litlaskvis @ vortex . is (remove the spaces off course) and we will set up a trade :o)

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