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Two more…

I finished the other two little christmas projects last week.
I gave all four of these to the ladies that I work with. They were all very happy about their little presents.

Bear in a stocking:
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Little bird:
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I am mostly ready for Christmas. I finished all my Christmas shopping over the weekend. I am so glad that is over and done with. I still have to wrap the presents though, but I have Friday off from work and then I will finish the little cleaning that is left, grocery shopping and I hope to wrap presents Friday evening with Sumarrós. She loves helping out and I enjoy having her company while I wrap the presents. Me and the girls are spending Christmas Eve at my parents house this year with my family. I can’t wait. I don’t think I have been this excited about Christmas since…. well, I am not sure since when :o) But I really can’t wait.


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Two little finishes.

I finished these two up over the last couple of days. I also painted the frames and decorated them. They were just plain wooden frames from IKEA and looked way to boring for these finishes so with a little paint, some glitter and charms they were brought to life.

Little Christmas bird:
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Christmas ornaments:
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Christmas stitching.

The holidays are fast aproaching, too fast if you ask me. I have been getting a little time in for some holiday stitching and have a few projects to share.
First, the stocking that I made for my daughter Karitas earlier this year. My mother made it into a stocking last week for me and I absolutely love it. So does the little one :o)

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I stitched Sante Globe by Bent Creek and put it on a box and used it as a Secret Santa gift at my office. I am happy with how it came out and it was a little difficult to part with but the lady that got it was really happy with it.

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Inside that box was a mitten. I tried something a little different and made a mitten out of felt and it came out really cute! Then I filled up the box with some candy :o)

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