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There was a pretty strong earthquake here in Iceland about 2 hours ago. No casualties have been reported, only some property damage and minor injuries. My house shook and I could hear the glasses and plates in the cupboards shaking, but my home and us are in one piece. The people in the south of the country, in towns called Hveragerði and Selfoss (and surrounding towns) are asked to stay outside just in case. The earth is still trembling over there. Pictures fell of the walls, stuff from shelves etc. But like I said, there have been no casualties reported.

Read about it on CNN.
Read about it on BBC.

I know Earthquakes can be pretty scary and dangerous, but I have to admit that some weird part of me enjoys them. I like feeling the power of the earth and the force that lives in it. Now I am wondering if a volcano is about to erupt also. That is not unlikely, and specialists are keeping close watch on the active volcano’s.


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Finish – Nature’s Beauty.

I finally finished LHN’s Nature’s Beauty. Took me a while didn’t it? I am very happy with it. And now, since I have finished this and cleaned up the pile of stash that was growing on the top of my stash cabinet, I can finally start Miss Mary Mack. I am going to stitch her on 32ct over one with dark blue Needlepoint silk. I think she will be wonderful and I can’t wait to start her.

Nature's Beauty

Little House Needleworks – Nature’s Beauty
Threads: DMC
Fabric: some 28ct Linen from my stash


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Good weekend coming to an end.

I wish tomorrow was Friday. LOL! I have had a great weekend with my daughters and I just don’t want it to end. I managed to get a little more work done on their room and put all the toys that were in the living room into their bedroom so now the living room is toy free apart from some books. I will move those into the bedroom when I have the shelfs for them. I have an idea on what kind of shelfs I want, but I haven’t seen them anywhere so maybe I will just have to make them myself. We will see. And I want the books to be accessible to them because kids need books. The more the better if you ask me.

Me and my girls

Today me and the girls went to my friend Rósa and our girls played together. She has two daughters, Þorbjörg Eyja who will be 4 in August, and Sóley Birta who is only 6 days younger than Karítas. Karítas will turn 3 September 14th and Sóley will turn 3 on September 22nd. Sumarrós is great around younger kids so she was put in charge of running around with them while me and Rósa chilled on a blanket in her yard. It was a sunny day and we had a lot of fun.

Kartas and Sumarrós

I took a bunch of pictures and you can see them all here if you want to 🙂 My favorite one is probably this one that Rósa took of me. I am Stephanie from Lazy Town going ghetto! Hahaha! Rósa gave me the Hedgehog pinkeep that she made for me and it is SO tiny and adorable! Thank you Rósa!

Now I am getting ready to do some late night stitching since the girls have gone to bed. I am getting very close on finishing Nature’s Beauty by LHN. I promised myself that I would finish it before starting Miss Mary Mack.


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Pinkeep exchange from Erla Björk!

Yesterday afternoon, while I was at work, my cell phone rang. It was Erla Björk and she asked if I could go outside just for a little while. I did and she handed me a package with this beautiful pinkeep. She has never made a pinkeep before, this is her first, and I am very happy to be the owner of it. It is perfect!

Pinkeep from Erla Björk

The fabric you can see is the backing fabric she used. Thank you so much Erla! I love my pinkeep!

And. Even more stash arrived yesterday!

From Down Sunshine Lane

Little House Needleworks – Home Of A Needleworker (Too!) (and the CC threads)
Little House Needleworks – Wool Needlebook and Fob
Little House Needleworks – My Needle’s Work (and the CC threads)
And two new scissors!


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More – more – MORE!

I am in stash heaven these days. I wish that you would get stash in the mail every single day! Heck, I would buy an extra house for it if I knew it would happen! LOL! Today when I got home I had a notice from the PO about a package waiting, so off I went and picked it up. Here is what I got:

Order from

Blackbird Designs – Buttons & Pins
Ewe & Eye & Friends – In The Pink
Ewe & Eye & Friends – Petite Exemplary #1
Ewe & Eye & Friends – Petite Exemplary #2
Ewe & Eye & Friends – Petite Exemplary #3
Ewe & Eye & Friends – Petite Exemplary #4
Country Cottage Needleworks – Garden Girl and Ladybugs and Bumblebees
La-D-Da – Miss Mary Mack
Thread from Crescent Colors and Gentle Art
32ct Belfast in Willow Green and Clay

Now to get stitching again! I have been so tired lately that I have hardly stitched at all! But I do plan on stitching tonight if my mom doesn’t show up to help me with the girls room 🙂


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Where do I begin?

In the order I saw them I guess. I have had great mail the last two days. Yesterday I got a package from Anna (no blog) as a part of a trade. She got some fabrics that I offered here last week, and she sent me threads, a magazine and a BUNCH of chocolate! Round is a shape right? LOL! Thanks Anna! She even included chocolate lolly pops for my girls!

From Anna

When I got home from work today, after a rather weird day at work, you know, just one of those days, I noticed not one but two packages! The first one I opened was a PIF gift from Carol! She stitched me a scissor fob from ‘Garden Alphabet’ by Prairie Schooler with my initial ‘L’ on it. It is so beautiful. I love it!

PIF from Carol

On the back she stitched our initials and the year.

PIF from Carol

She also included some extra goodies!

PIF from Carol

Thank you so much Carol! I love everything you sent, and it was a great reminder to get stitching on my own PIF gifts again. I have done two so far, but need to finish the rest 🙂
Next up is also a trade of fabrics since the other day. This is what I got from Monique:

From Monique

From Monique

32ct Linen and a design from her called ‘a little love’. Thanks Anna, Carol and Monique for making my day!


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Productive weekend!

I had a very very productive weekend. I moved my daughters into my old bedroom and painted, bought furniture, assembled furniture (I LOVE IKEA!), cleaned, threw away tons of stuff etc. I am not done, I still have to finish the smaller bedroom for myself, but until I get the chance to do so, I am sleeping with the girls in the bigger bedroom. I have lost of more stuff to go through, clothes and toys, need to re-arrange the living room also etc. So yeah, even if I did a lot this weekend, I would have needed at least 2-3 more days without the girls here and with some helping hands to finish. I am going to ask my mom to come and help me sometime this week after work so that I can at least finish the girls new bedroom and empty the smaller bedroom and make it ready for paint. I can then paint some evening after the girls have gone to bed.
I thought you might like to see some pictures and here they are.

Bedroom before paint:

Bedroom before paint

Bedroom before paint

Bedroom after paint and the assemble of furniture:

Bedroom after painting etc.

I still have to decorate the walls with pictures and stuff of theirs. I still have to hang stuff to store some toys in. I still have to buy another rug for the floor, and night lamps for them etc. But it is getting there. The girls LOVE their new room and especially the bunk bed! Sumarrós is off course sleeping in the top one and they have very strict instructions that Karítas is NOT allowed to the top bed yet. They slept in their new room for the first time tonight and they went straight to sleep, no hassle! WOOHOO!

Thanks to Aiste and Rósa Tom for helping me out and keeping me sane this weekend! Thanks girls, I LOVE YOU GUYS!

I did finish one small stitching project over the weekend.

Stitcher's Roll

Stitcher’s Roll by Shepherd’s Bush

I still have to do the finishing, but I have another needleroll that also needs finishing so I will probably just do them both at the same time.

Last but not least. Two cute pictures of my girls wearing the masks that I bought in IKEA. They just looked like so much fun that I couldn’t help myself. And the girls love them.

Sumarrós the Dragon:

Sumarrós Dragon

Karítas the Bunny:
Kartas Bunny


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