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Biscornu finish, another for Brenda.

I started this biscornu late Friday evening while watching (with my ears) Donnie Darko with my cousin Bjarki. Suddenly I sprang to my feet and started tearing fabrics and threads out of my stash cabinet and Bjarki probably thought that I was loosing my mind. I found out that my fabrics are probably multiplying while I sleep! It has been a while since I went through all that and my oh my! I don’t think I need to buy any fabric anytime soon (yeah, that’s what I try to tell myself every once in a while). While going through all that I found two pieces of fabric that Kirsten, the editor for TGOS, sent me some time ago. Both were blue, both were 28ct and then I found a GAST thread that I thought would look good with the fabric. And I found a pattern that I had saved on my computer and all that turned out as this little thing:

Biscornu for Brenda

Pattern: Freebie from ‘My Aunts Attic’
Thread: GAST Storm and 310 for the assembly
Fabric: 28ct ‘Midnight Clear’ Linen from Ozark Sampler and the lighter blue is not marked.


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Grateful Hearts Exchange to Joanie

This is an exchange that I completed in September last year. Something went wrong with the mail and it took its time to make it do it’s destination. But it finally did! I am so happy as I was getting more than worried.

This is my first heart shaped pinkeep and I am happy with it. It isn’t quite centered, but practice makes perfect!

Heart Shaped Pinkeep - front

Heart Shaped Pinkeep - back

Heart Shaped Pinkeep - side

The pattern was free from The Gift Of Stitching and I used 32ct Dark Blue/Green linen to stitch it one and DMC 115. I am happy with how that combination of thread/fabric worked. And I was even more happy when I found that backing fabric 🙂

Anyway, Joanie, I am so happy that the exchange finally made it to your home. I hope you will enjoy it 🙂

ps. I will probably not be blogging much for a while. As I mentioned, I am in the process of changing jobs and working a little more than usually so that doesn’t leave much time for stitching/blogging/photographing/playing in general. But I will be back! Oh yes I will!


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Scissor fob exchange for Halldóra.

I was supposed to send this away while I was in New York, but I didn’t manage to finish it completely before I left so yesterday I finished it up and today I drove it to Halldóra. I am very happy with how it turned out.

Scissor Fob

Pattern: Freebie from My Aunts Attic
Fabric: 32ct Opalescent Belfast
Thread: Vikky Clayton ‘Deep Purple’ silk
Beads: Mill Hill 03053


Today I took my girls out to play. The weather is finally getting better here. I was getting so sick of snow after having snow almost non stop for about 3 months. The days are getting longer and you can almost smell spring in the air. I say almost because I do not want to be too optimistic or it will come back and bite me in the ass or leave a frost bite on my cheek. Winter has been known to linger all through April, and even May here so even though I am craving for spring, I will not allow myself to say that it is here yet because I know better. We had a lot of fun playing outside today and off course I brought my camera with me. You can see some pictures from our day on my flickr.

And here is a picture of Sumarrós that I took this evening. Far from perfect, but I like the color in it. It is yellow since I took it in my hallway and the light there is in fact very yellow. Have a great Easter weekend everyone!



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Back home from New York.

I am back home after a wonderful week in New York City. This was my third visit to the city and I think I fall in love with it a little bit more each time I visit. I was there in 2002 for two weeks, only for a day in 2006 and now for a week. Every time, I see something new, get new feelings about places, find more things I want to do and see and eat, visit old places that I love and fall in love with them all over again. It is just the perfect place to visit if you need to get away in my opinion. Can you tell I love it there? 🙂

Linda and The Empire State Building

This time I went to the movies twice (I had never been to the movies in the States before, and yes it is different from here) and saw Juno (by accident, we went to the wrong auditorium) and then we saw Be Kind, Rewind. Very different movies but both of them were great.
I had great food, including the best sushi I have ever had! Seriously, if you like sushi, or just Japanese food in general, and are visiting Manhattan be sure to go to Hiroshi Japanese Fusion, 585 3rd Avenue (BTW 38th & 39th) for the best Japanese food ever. The service is wonderful and the food to die for. Seriously. I will never forget it and will be sure to visit the place next time I go to New York. I also had amazing Indian food at Brick Lane in East Village. Yumm, yumm, yumm!
I also went to Outback Steakhouse, twice! First I had a steak and then we went there for lunch and had pasta, and that HUGE onion and cheesecake for desert. Everything was great and I love the dark bread that they serve there. It is so sweet and soft! I went to Yaffa for lunch with my friend Aimee and her friends Kasia and Erin, and had french pancakes with fresh fruit. I went to some diners. I went to a Mexican take-a-way and lots of other places. I had a bagel. Oh how I love bagels in NY with cream cheese.

I did a bunch of shopping. First of all I bought my new sweet amazing lovable camera, Canon Digital Rebel XTi. It is a dream! I am still learning how to use it, but oh how I love it already. I have wanted that camera for a long time! I bought it at B&H and that is another place that I absolutely love. It is so much fun shopping there. Or even just to go in there and look around!
I went to Toys R Us and bought toys for my girls. I become a kid again when I visit that store and see all the things they have to offer. I bought a bunch of clothes for them also. And for myself. Oh and shoes! I need to take pictures of them, they are so pretty!
I bought a bunch of movies and Nip/Tuck series 3 and 4. And books. To make it simple, I arrived in NY with one suitcase, but I left with two 😉 And I walked. I walked and walked and walked and loved every minute of it! Just taking in the city. Enjoying it. Aaah!

The trip home was not so great. It took over an hour to get to JFK because of the weather and traffic. The flight was delayed for about 45 minutes and then we waited for another 45 minutes on the airstrip just to get cleared for take of. And it was a bumpy ride for almost 5 hours all the way back home to Iceland. I have never experienced such an uncomfortable flight. But I made it, and my mom and my daughter Sumarrós were there to pick me up at the airport. We went to my parents house for breakfast and Karítas was there and it was SO good to see my daughters again! I was doing fine until Saturday/Sunday but then I started missing them really bad! It was great to get baby kisses and hugs and see the look on their faces when I gave them all their presents 🙂

I have gone through some of the pictures and added them to my flickr. You can see them here if interested.


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Photo Heavy Post.

Sorry for the no blogging. I have been super busy lately. The biggest news are that I am changing jobs. I am quitting my job for the city and going to work in the accounting department for Iceland Express. I started there last Monday and work there in the mornings and then at my old job in the afternoon. And next Wednesday (the 12th) I am going to New York City for a week. I honestly can NOT wait to get there. I am going to eat, sleep, relax, walk, take pictures (oh, I am getting a new camera there!), meet friends, dance around the city, go to Yaffa Cafe (I need their hummus & baba ganoush dish with pita bread and salad badly) and have oooooodles of fun! YAY! I really need a little break so this will be perfect!

Despite being busy, I have been stitching. I allowed myself to start A Quaker Christmas since I got a new job (I also bought ‘I have a new job shoes’ but that is a different story) and I am so in love with the piece. I am very happy with my color changes also. I wanted a red piece, not a green one so I decided to change the colors a little. You can’t see the color of the floss very well on this picture since it was taken under my OTT lamp at night, but I promise a better picture once I have a better camera (Yes I am excited about it!).

Quaker Christmas

I am using Crescent Colours and my main color is ‘Bing Cherry’ and then I am using ‘English Ivy’ for the letters and ‘Ye Olde Gold’ for the gold that is in the original.

I got my scissor fob for the scissor fob exchange that Rósa started in my Icelandic cross stitch group. Aiste made the scissor fob for me and I love it! It goes perfectly with my pink scissors! I had been thinking about what kind of scissor fob to make for these scissors but now I don’t have to think about it anymore. I love the fob she made for me. It is so me!

Scissor Fob Exchange

Thank you so much Aiste! I love it!

I also got another gift recently. Rósa gave me a wood box that she had painted and decorated. We had been talking in the phone about how she would finish it, what paint she was using etc. and all the time I was clueless that the box was actually for me. I was so surprised when she gave it to me along with one that is raw and hasn’t been finished up so I can give it a go myself. I can’t wait to give it a try. But I love the box that Rósa made me. It is so pretty!
This is the top:

Box from Rósa

And here is the inside:

Box from Rósa

It has a magnet in the top so that you can store your needles and then the bottom part is a pincushion! So very clever! Thank you Rósa. You know I adore it 🙂

Speaking of Rósa. She came over last night (hence the pictures since I don’t have a camera at the moment) and we took pictures of stitching. Then we started taking pictures of us making faces.

Linda & Rósa

As you can see, being cross eyed is not my speciality. And Rósa likes to pick my nose. Just look at her, trying to sneak her finger there! Eeew! Hahaha! We ended up rolling on the sofa laughing so hard that our stomach hurt. It was great. Who knew new cameras were so much fun?

Anyway, I am going to make coffee and continue with my morning. I am importing lots of music to i-tunes and then to my i-pod for my trip on Wednesday. I will be a very happy girl with an i-pod full of new music and a book on my flight. And I will be even happier once I get to my destination 🙂

Thanks for reading. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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