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We found her! And, birthday!

Lísa is home, safe and sound!

She showed up at our old house late on Thursday night so I got a call to tell me she was there so I off course rushed to pick her up! We are all so very glad that she is home, happy, safe, unharmed! Thank you all so much for your thoughts and well wishes. I just got my internet at my new place today and was off from work all weekend so I could not inform you that she was here. Sorry about that!

But thanks again, we could not be happier.

Also, it is my older daughter, Sumarrós’s birthday today. Can you believe she is 11 years old? I bought her a desk and a chair for her new bedroom for her birthday and she has been organizing stuff in there ever since we got home today. I am sharing with you on of my favorite pictures of me and her. She is just over one years old there. This was taken in July 2000.

Linda and Sumarrós
Happy birthday sweet girl. You have given me more than you can ever imagine.

Sumarrós in her Lopapeysa


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Me and the girls have moved. We moved out of the place that we have lived in since I was pregnant with Karítas two days ago. While moving, our wonderful cat Lísa went missing. She has always been an indoors cat but managed to escape and we have not seen her since 😦 We are heartbroken and have been looking for her every single day. We have hung posters and called the animal shelter, the police, contacted all the vets in town etc. But as of yet there is no sign of her. Please hope with us that she returns home safe and sound! Even IF something happened to her, if she got hit by a car or something I would like to know, the uncertainty is really hard. Here is a recent picture of her.

So my address has changed and if you for any reason need my new one, you can e-mail me at


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