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Biscornu exchange!

I got such a wonderful surprice yesterday in the mail.
I got the biscornu pillow from Rosa Bjarna. I had no idea that she was my partner in this exchange. I was her partner so I really did not expect this. Even though I was the moderator of this exchange, I asked Mio to partner people up for it and send out the e-mails. I did this so that I wouldn’t know who was going to be sending to me. I like to be surpriced :o)

Look at this beautiful biscornu! I love it. The colors, the pattern, the fabric, all of it!
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Here is a picture of the back:

It has my name, her name and the name of our stitching group on it and then it says Biscornu exchange :o) I love this idea!
She didn’t leave it at that, she also sent me a gorgeous WDW thread and a piece of 32ct linen.

I also got the last of my birthday gifts this week. From Tracy I got 3 charts, Grace Tree Ornament and Snowflake by M-Designs and Bruce (the Spruce) & Friends by Full Circle Designs. From Sheila I got Christmas Medley by HIH and 6 WDW threads. You can see pictures of all of my wonderful birthday presents here.

Also, there are pictures of the biscornu that I made for R�sa in my Yahoo album. It is the pink/lavender one. The black one is also new, I did that for another friend.


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One more!

I got a nice surprice in the mail yesterday, yet another birthday present. This one is from Linda in Texas:
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She got me some charms, Bay Leaf 28ct evenweave, Santa 2003 chart from Heart In Hand and In search of the Perfect Snowman also by Heart in Hand! I have been lusting after that chart for quite some time now!

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Petal Fairy Update

Here is proof that I have actually been stitching a little. Not much, but yet a little.
I just wanted to post this picture before I turn in. I am so sleepy these days. Karitas has just started going to the daycarprovider and I will start working again on Friday. A little nervous, but not so much. A lot excited, but nervous also. It is going to be strange to be working again after staying home for more than a year.
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They keep coming…

More birthday presents. I think I will be able to open up a small LNS soon! LOL!
From Rannveig Lena:
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4 skeins of DMC, a baby bib with a stitching border, small frame, stitchers notebook, Country Friends from Jeremiah Junction, 22ct Hardanger fabric, 14ct Opalescent Aida – Sparkling Promise from Silkweaver, 32ct Belfast  Linen – Miracle Mint from Silkweaver.

From Gudbjorg:
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Flowers Feed the Soul – Mill Hill kit, a tablecloth with a stitching area, Permin of Copenhagen kit for a table cloth done in Hardanger.

From Brenda:
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3 pieces of fabric from Silkweaver, a pack of greething cards, Dress it Up – Autumn Leaves, Needles, 3 packs of Mill Hill beads, 3 skeins of DMC Linen floss, Celebration of Love – Mill Hill kit and my favorite; a bookmark that Brenda made for me!

From Agusta:
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3 pieces of fabric, North Pole Delivery – Mill Hill kit, Real Roses – The Drawn Thread chart and silk floss, 2 kits from The Victoria Samplers Learning series!
And last but not least, Agusta gave me this Barbapapa cup! I have loved the Barbapapa family since I was a baby so this one is extra special to me! Isn’t it cute?
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I am just speachless. Seriously.

On the stitching front; I have finished the biscornu for the exchange in september and will mail it out very soon. Then I can share some pictures with you. I love how the biscornu came out, the colors and fabric go really well together.


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