Snow Scissor Fob.

I finished the scissor fob I have been working on lately. It took me a lot longer since I was working on many other things at the same time, including a Fall themed exchange that I finished on Friday and mailed off to Australia today. I hope it makes it over there in good time, I am always worried about sending things such a far distance.

Anyway, here is the scissor fob all finished up:

Snow Scissor Fob

And the back:

Snow Scissor Fob back

Sumarrós stayed home from school today. She had a fever yesterday and has a slight cold. I think she will be able to go to school tomorrow though. We have spent the day watching movies and I have been stitching. I asked her if she didn’t want to stitch but she didn’t feel like it. I understand her perfectly, usually when I am sick myself, I don’t feel like stitching at all.

Well I am off to make some banana bread!


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13 responses to “Snow Scissor Fob.

  1. Lovely finish! It matches the scissors as well.

  2. Erla Björk

    Jeminn hvað hann er sætur.

  3. Berglind


  4. It’s lovely 🙂 I just love it 🙂 Great job 🙂

  5. Jeddúdda mía hann er svo sætur.

  6. Cute fob!!!
    I hope Sumarrós feel better soon.

  7. I love that fob !!!Beautiful finish and pretty letters back.

  8. So cute! I like the design.

  9. Hi Linda, I just got home from a very long day at work, and read your comment on my most recent blog post. Lovely to hear from you as always.

    Firstly, a belated but very heartful Happy Birthday!! It sounds as though you had a fun day with all your company. And such fantastic presents from all your friends. Lady Scarlets Secret Garden is so pretty, and that Lady Bug is incredible. What a treasure to recieve. And all those beautiful, bright and colourful socks! You must model them for us!! Lol!

    Hope you are enjoying your vacation, and I hope that the weather improved for you. Vacations go by too fast though, don’t they???

    Looking forward to seeing what you’re stitching next. Cheers!!! Judy

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