Freebie exchange!

I was just reading trough blogs when I noticed that Dawn had receaved the Freebie Exchange that I made for her.

Freebie Exchange

Pattern: Quaker heart by Janice Woods.
Fabric: 32ct Raw Belfast Linen from Zweigart
Thread: Stranded by the Sea #125 Flame Scallop

I also included some buttons, fabric and a chart by With My Needle called Words To Live By.


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14 responses to “Freebie exchange!

  1. Erla Björk

    Þetta er æðislega flott. Skil ekki hvernig þú ferð að því að búa til svona fallega hluti.

  2. Fanny Rosa

    Æðislegt. Ég væri alveg til í að læra að gera svona box. til lukku með þetta. 🙂

  3. Lovely exchange!! Great job on the finishing the heart shaped box looks pretty 🙂

  4. Another stunning exchange! Really, really beautiful!!! The two ladies that have received your exchanges recently are LUCKY!!

  5. Linda, first of all, my apologies for getting the link wrong on my blog. I am so sorry and I am headed to fix it right now!

    Secondly, I LOVE the box! It is stunning:) You are such a sweet person to such a lovely exchange. I will always treasure the button box.

  6. This is just stunning!!!
    I love it!!

  7. Absolutely stunning!! What a great exchange!

  8. KarenV

    It’s beautiful! I love this design and you did a beautiful job of the stitching and finishing 🙂

  9. totallyinstitches

    Very pretty! You did a great job with the finishing.

  10. Kristen

    Oh, it’s beautiful. I have seen this freebie pattern stitched before, but what a clever way to finish it!

  11. Lovely! What a great job !

  12. Wow that’s just awesome!!!!

  13. What a beautiful exchange, great job!!

  14. Lovely stitching and finishing.

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