Birthday baby

It is hard to believe that my baby girl is 3 years old today. Seems like only yesterday when I had this little beautiful girl all wet and vulnerable in my arms, newborn. When I went to bed last night after cleaning and baking all day, I curled up against her and all the emotions came rushing back. She is such a special little girl, my blond little angel 🙂
So today has been spent celebrating her birthday and I will leave you with some snapshots of the day. I didn’t take as many pictures as I had hoped. You know how it is when you are having a birthday party, you run around like a headless chicken all day, lol!

Here is the birthday girl, fondling her hair like always.

I asked her to smile for me and this is the smile I got.
Birthday smile

Blowing out the candles on her Barbapapa cake
Blowing the candles

The birthday girl with her father
Mio and Karitas

The toys also celebrated with us
The toys also celebrated

Birthday girl and her big sister ❤
Karitas and Sumarrós

Hope you all had a great weekend! I am off to get the girls to bed and then sit and rest. My back is KILLING me so I hope it will not get worse. I have had back problems for years and these last two days have really been tough. I also just have to show you this weird coffee stain that was on my livingroom table the other day. I was just having coffee and when I removed my cup, this weird face was just gazing me! Creepy isn’t it?

Coffee stain face


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25 responses to “Birthday baby

  1. Creepy stain. Happy birthday to Karítas Árný & wow those girls of yours are so adorable. Love the photosmile.

  2. Creepy face 😮

    Barbapapa cake! Awesome

    Til hamingju með dömuna.

  3. Irene

    Happy Birthday to your little girl. That coffee stain sure is creepy.

  4. Happy Birthday to little Karítas!
    Time sure flies by.
    Love the photos and especially the photo smile.

    Love the stain… but it sure is creepy.

  5. Happy birthday to Karitas…. Cant believe shes getting that big already. Course in a blink of an eye my little guy will be 8 and I cant fathom that at all.

    Jaunice Minor

  6. hohla

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday to Karítas. She’s so adorable.

    Definitely a creepy stain…

  8. Happy Birthday to Karitas! Your daughters are so beautiful!

  9. Happy Birthday Karitas! She is so adorable.
    Actually, both your girls are so beautiful!
    Those marks on the table are really creepy…!

  10. Vonna

    Look at that sweetie 🙂 I didn’t realize our babies were that close in age, my Ellie just turned 3 on Aug. 5. I hope the little dolly had a special day for sure!

    And that “face” is looking at you Linda! Tread carefully :o)

  11. Happy birthday to your little sweet daughter!
    Be careful with this face, I guess it’s checking what you are stitching 😉

  12. Happy Birthday to your daughter! She is beautiful as is her big sister.

    I hope your back is better today.

    Now that is a creepy looking stain/ face!

  13. Björg

    Yndislega fallegar stelpurnar þínar 🙂 algjörar dúllur, frábært photosmile ;).
    En það er greinilega einhver að reyna að hafa samband við þig í gegnum ýmsar leiðir, fyrst að kaffiblettir verða svona…. ótrúlega duló!

  14. Björg

    Og já til hamingju með hana Karitas 🙂 finnst það líka svo stutt síðan hún kom í heiminn!

  15. Melinda

    Awww how sweet. Happy birthday to your precious baby girl. And yes that coffee stain is creepy!

  16. Happy Birthday to Karitas!!! thanks for sharing the b-day pics with us :o)

  17. Happy Birthday to Karitas! Two adorable little girls you have.
    Creepy face – hope it’s disappeared now.

  18. Happy Birthday to my fellow Virgo Karitas! Goodness she really has grown and is just so cute. Love the face in the table…rather think of it as friendly versus ominous. : )

  19. Happy birthday to your cute little Karítas.
    Wow what a weird stain!

  20. Happy Birthday to your lovely girl, Linda! She’s such a sweetie!

  21. Innilega til hamingju með stelpuna.

  22. Definitely creepy, but not enough to take the shine off a lovely birthday celebration! Happy birthday to your little angel.

  23. Happy Birthday to Karitas!
    Your dauthers are so pretty!!
    Karítas is looks princess!

  24. Your girls are beautiful! That coffee stain is really a little spooky!

  25. Happy belated birthday to Karitas – the birthday photos are great 🙂 Definitely a very strange stain, though … quite impressive and very spooky!

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