Little House Neighborhood – Framed!

I was so happy when I got a text message from my framer this morning saying that my Little House Neighborhood was ready for me to pick it up. So, as soon as I finished work I drove there and got it. I love love love it! It is now hanging on my well, next to my stitching spot 🙂

Little House Neighborhood Framed

I just love the look of this frame. The minute I saw it I just knew it would be right for the piece. I thought about some mats but when I tried them with the piece I just saw that the piece didn’t need any. It is just so pretty that it didn’t need any more ‘decoration’. I think it is perfect like this. Here is a closer look of the frame.

Close up of the frame

Well. Back to stitching I guess!


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38 responses to “Little House Neighborhood – Framed!

  1. WOW!! Just beautiful!! I am still looking for a birdhouse I can use like you did!

  2. Wow it´s absoulutely amazing and the frame is just perfect. I bet you can´t take your eyes of it! I know I can´t!!!

  3. Kathy K

    Gorgeous. It is simply gorgeous. And the frame is perfect!

  4. Irene

    Absolutely beautiful and the frame looks good.

  5. icelandmom

    This piece is just stunning Linda. And the frame suits it so well. You can be real proud of it. 🙂

  6. Totally stunning! You should be very proud!

  7. It’s beautiful and the frame is perfect for it!

  8. Monique

    That looks great! Nice finish 🙂

  9. It looks perfect with the frame you have chosen Linda! Great choice and beautiful stitching!

  10. That’s a lovely frame and it complements your stitching perfectly.

  11. Lítur vel út. Hlakka til að sjá myndina (og þig í leiðinni) þegar ég kem til landsins 🙂

  12. Valda

    It’s gorgeous! The frame is perfect!

  13. I agree! No mats are needed with this one! It turned out beautiful and I loved how you changed the wording to reflect what was special to you. :0)

  14. Frame is just perfect! Your work looks amazing 🙂

  15. It’s gorgeous! Great job!

  16. KarenV

    Beautiful! The frame is perfect for the design.

  17. Great choice! The result is spectacular! I agree, no mat with this piece is needed…

  18. This frame is spectacular! Great choice!

  19. Ohhpss…sorry… I have just realized that I left a double comment …it’s a mistake of mine! The first one did not show immediately and I thought that it was not sent successfully and then I left another one…sorry again for the confusion!

  20. Great frame, congratulations on this lovely piece!

  21. Svenja

    Beautiful! The frame is perfect for this piece!

  22. Berglind

    Mikið rosalega er þetta fallegt hjá þér!
    Skil vel að þú ert ánægð með þetta fallega verk. Ramminn passar alveg perfekt!!!

  23. wow your little house neighborhood is soooooooooooo beautiful!!! Congrats!

  24. Great finish! Beautiful work and beautiful frame!

  25. A perfect framing for amazing work! I’m almost jealous – you have a stunning piece to look at!

  26. Wonderful frame choice! Looks beautiful sweetie.

  27. That looks gorgeous Linda!

  28. Beautiful Linda! You inspire me to get my LHN framed! 🙂

  29. Beatrice

    I just received the link to your blog from a stitching friend of mine, She spoke highly of your blog[ She doesn’t blog or comment] .
    I see why she enjoys it, it is lovely.
    Your frame and stitching is beautiful. I know I’ll be back, I’ve put you in my Google reader.

  30. Sandy Borjes

    You did a wonderful job. I love it.



  31. Your neighbourhood looks absolutely exquisite all framed up – just beautiful 😀

  32. It’s gorgeous, the frame is perfect!!

  33. Hi Linda,
    I just found your blog and am so happy that I did!!
    Your works are so beautiful, I love your blog so much!
    And congratulation on your lovely finish of LHN!
    It is looking so beautifully stitched!

    Yuko from Japan

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